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Spiritual accompaniment is part of our way of serving others in Christ, as an expression of love for God. Serving is, ultimately, the fullness of being, as the revelations received in the Movement of Beautiful Love teach us.

We have two ways of spiritual accompaniment

1. Personal accompaniment: One-on-one meetings with the spiritual companion.

Personal spiritual companions: Rosa Riubo, Lorena Boggero, Sonia Sosa, and Cristina Moragas


Note: To find out the costs for each session and the modalities of the accompaniment, please contact the spiritual accompanist at the e-mails listed below.


2. Accompaniment program "Journey of the soul":  A path that is traveled hand in hand with the writings received by Sebastian Blaksley to facilitate the understanding of the choice for love that your soul has already made, and that you are here to express that Truth.

We make the journey with you from book 1 to 7

and with the recipient of this work, Sebastián Blaksley.

As pilgrims of Peace accompanying Journey of the Soul: Lorena Boggero, Sonia Sosa, and Cristina Moragas.



9-month journey of transformation from September to May.

The spiritual accompaniment program called "The journey of the soul" includes individual sessions, in addition to 14 live and group meetings with Sebastián Blaksley, receiver of "Choose only love" and "My dialogue with Jesus and Mary: a return to love", among other works. In them, you can ask questions and share your process in total group privacy. 

Each book is part of the journey, with individual and confidential sessions with a peace pilgrim assigned to you. Includes mindfulness focuses and audio meditations drawn from the texts.

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Lorraine Boggero

Pilgrim of Peace

"Trusting that love will do with us what we long for with all our hearts, is to let ourselves be loved. It is to live life from now on in unlimited trust in the love of God"


Sonia Sosa

Pilgrim of Peace

"It is from the recognition of my true identity that the need to share arises, which becomes clearer and more alive as I allow myself to leave the old behind, again and again, sharing myself from the nameless"


Christina Moragas

Pilgrim of Peace

"Choosing only love is to completely immerse yourself in the new, it is to leave behind a meaningless life, to start walking with joy and peace, and with the absolute certainty that in every step we take, wonderful gifts await us. My wish more profound is to accompany you so that together we can discover them"


Victor Miguel Bini

peace pilgrim

"In our intimacy with God, it is where we recognize ourselves as he created us. To take and illuminate with the light of the living Christ that dwells and speaks in our hearts, to any part of the world, is the fundamental purpose of this work that we carry out. carried out with joy and gratitude"


Rosa Riubo

Peace pilgrim and personal spiritual companion

"Service to Love has made my existence a Joy for which I have no words to describe it. Nothing I knew of this world can even come close to it. Only with the new vision and peace of mind, which occurred with my surrender to God, this Joy can be conceived.  My only purpose here now is to accompany you on your journey where it will be revealed to you."

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