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Angels by your side, received by Sebastián Blaksley

I. You are not alone

Beloved of Heaven. Holy divine creation. I am your guardian angel. I am one and many at the same time. I am the voice carrying the angelic love that surrounds you everywhere. I have come wrapped in a joy that has no end. A joy so great that it cannot be expressed in human words, but that the heart knows how to feel and enjoy in the fullness of the sanctity of being. My joy comes from being able to be present in your life here, now and always. To be able to be part of the miracle of what your existence is. I know, with the perfect certainty that comes from God, that you are holy, pure, immaculate. I know this because I have known you forever, since I know everything that belongs to the Father. Here I am, by the will of the Creator and your loving acceptance, being part of this blessed work that extends to the entire world and far beyond, through the undivided union of your being and its source of eternal life.

I thank you for accepting me into your life consciously. And for allowing me the honor of occupying a space in your life, and in this masterpiece that the source of beautiful love has conceived in Thought from all eternity. I am your protective angel. I am the one that Heaven has honored by having a function of pure love with you and a holy relationship in which together we walk hand in hand. Your beauty is incomparable. Your greatness too. I am honored to be your angel. I am honored to be a part of your life. It fills me with joy that with love and holiness you allow me a space to grow in the loving knowledge of our direct relationship.

Like your angel, I stay by your side every day of your life. I am at the gates of your heart and your life. Once you call me, I enter calmly as a loving response to your invitation. If you do not invite me to pass, I remain as tireless and insurmountable custodian of your soul. This means that, regardless of whether man accepts his guardian angels or not, he always receives their assistance and service.

Undoubtedly, if you open the doors of our hearts we can give you much more than if you did not, but in any case, the love of our hearts always extends to your human reality while you remain in time. And once outside of it, our relationship takes the form it should take, according to the designs of the soul and God. I am an eternal servant of beautiful love. I am a perfect extension of the source of all true life. I am pure love, just as my being is and who has given me existence. Before God I bow down in constant adoration. And my joy comes from doing in all the will of the Father of lights, in whose holiness there is perfect happiness.

I have come to invite you to make your angels consciously and increasingly part of your lives. Give us your dreams, your rests and tiredness, your worries, your longings, everything that you would have liked otherwise and it makes you bleed your heart. Give me with confidence your mornings and your presents. Your relationships and your fears. Your unhealed wounds and your longings. I assure you that when you do that, we take it with love and carry it in our angelic hands at the feet of the Immaculate Mother of all creation. And once there, I truly tell you, that everything is transformed into incense of holiness.

I truly tell you that in the Immaculate Heart of Mary, your tears are transformed into diamonds of wisdom, your needs are filled with love and diligence, your families will be blessed and your nations too. You will go through the trials of life serenely and in peace and you will get great benefits for your souls from each one of them. The fruit of your labors will be holy. And you will have no more reason to cry with sadness, but your tears will be of happiness and contentment. There will be no more reproaches in your consciences, because in the holy embrace of Mary always pure, your reality is transformed into divine light.

There being no longer anything to worry about, nor anything to feel guilty or unworthy, because of the miracle of the transmutation of your humanity, blessed fruit of the infinite Mercy of the Father, your lives will take a new turn for the better. You will be happier and your longings will be fulfilled far beyond your ability to desire, imagine and understand. Take the test and you will see it.

II. Living water from Heaven

Do not worry about making efforts to achieve a life in fullness that you certainly deserve but do not know how to achieve on your own. Rather, put everything in the hands of your angels. They will guide you. They will give you the answers they need. And they will move the stones that may be in your way, even before you put your feet on it.

Children of God and loved by Heaven. Your souls always go forward. They precede you in everything. Your spirits have already gone where the mind thinks it will be tomorrow or in the next few minutes. Let them be united with the angels of God, for they desire to live united with them, being of the same nature of holy love.

Man, like any creature of God, has been created in relation to his creator. Because of this, he is a being in relation to everything that emanates from his divine heart. There is not a single being that is not completely dependent on love. Therefore, it is not possible - nor necessary - to achieve happiness in solitude and isolation. This is because love is union and therefore is relationship.

This message will be scandal to some and joy to others. Those who have made "independence" or "autonomy" a true idol whom they venerate with great devotion, will find resistance to this truth. Those who have already advanced enough to realize and accept the fact that no one can completely do without others, nature, and "destiny" will be able to make use of it a little more easily. Also those who have already realized that everything you do to your sisters and brothers you do to yourself a hundredfold. Still, beloved ones, whether you consider yourself on one side or the other, I ask you not to skip this dialogue.

In the universal human mind, that is to say in the collective patterns of the thinking mind, there is a system of thought and emotional response that often makes you lean towards individualism. Perhaps not so much as a solitary and hermit way of life. But still - and this applies to practically all of you who have not yet fully surrendered to love - there is a tendency to try to solve your problems without allowing Heaven to be part of the solution.

I am calling you to change your mental habit before what you consider "the way to solve your lives". You may think that this is not so important, since you may not be very aware that this is what you do at every moment. Your lives, or what you call as such, despite the fact that it is actually your history reviewed, is nothing other than a script lived for what you think is adequate to achieve fullness. You are always in search of happiness. In other words, of salvation.

Living in a state where you feel free from needs, lacks and fullness is what you all long for. This has been called, reaching the state of completion, a state of knowing that you are fully complete in everything. Although you have the full right to live in such a state, it is important to remember that there is no way to achieve this by your own means, whether individually or collectively. That state, which is nothing other than the kingdom of Heaven, can only be achieved in union with Christ because he is Heaven. By saying this, I am not saying that you are limited or incapable. On the contrary. I am lovingly reminding you that you have far greater capacities than you are accustomed to recognizing. You have the ability to unite your lives to God, now and always. You have the power to remain united to love and thus allow your lives to be a perfect reflection of divine reality. In other words, you have the power to make a Heaven.

What is the use of getting tired trying to draw water from an empty well, if you have with you those who will gladly give you the living water that comes down from Heaven, because they have the function of being those who serve you in love and holiness for full joy of your souls?

Learn to let yourself love each day more. You were created to be loved by God. That is to say, to live in its happiness and fullness, and for nothing else. Do not hold on to the belief that the things you get for yourself may be more valuable than those given freely to you out of love. Efforts are not part of God. He gives you life without demanding anything in return. It does not even require love or fidelity. It allows you to be truly free so that you choose the path that you want, although certainly the path of love is the only one that will lead you to endless happiness and therefore to completion. There is no happiness outside of love. There is no fulfillment outside of holiness. There is no certainty outside the truth. You know it well; a life full of love is a life full of meaning.

III. Creative peace

Beloved of the three-time saint. You are the children of God. You are little souls, tiny beings created in the likeness of the Father, just as everything that exists is. Spiritual childhood is the condition of those who live in the wisdom of love and therefore in the light of Glory. For this reason, your Jesus, whose love for you cannot be compared to anything or anyone, being the very love of God, has told you to become like children. I invite you to return to the spontaneity of the little ones. To enjoy a look full of wonder at the wonders of life. Looking at things through the eyes of love, that is to say from the heart, one can contemplate at every step the miracle of life. Every day you can let yourself be inundated by the mystery of light and wind, and embrace the beauty of a flower or the song of birds. You have at your side the beauty of the gaze of the pure and the joy of contemplating the smile of the innocent. Enjoy life at every moment, in the sanctity of your being. Give thanks to love for having been called to sit at the banquet table of life.

Life belongs to God. Do not take it away by denying it its beauty. The beauty of creation is a gift from the Heavenly Father for all, since it is an extension of himself. Enjoy her kindly. Delight in their contemplation. And let it continue to spread in the purity of love. Extend the beautiful and the holy. And in this way you will be expanding your true being. Each one of you perfectly knows the joy that comes from holiness. Being kind, remaining innocent, having a pure soul makes the heart sing. This is something that everyone has ever experienced. Perhaps for some it is a distant memory, since the bustle of life has led you to focus your mind and heart on things not so crystalline. But still, the memory remains unchanged in your memory. That memory is not a remembrance that comes from the physical or psychological body. Rather it finds its origin in the divine memories of your being.

The joy of holiness is imprinted on your soul. The face of Christ is sculpted in your hearts. In your minds the light of truth stands radiant. Appeal to it. Remain in memory of it. Do not disconnect from its beauty. And I assure you that Heaven will return effortlessly to your consciences. I remind you in spirit and truth that one day you had a pure, confident look at life, and amazement was your faithful companion along with enthusiasm and unwavering hope. And I also invite you to remember that in those days, trust in love was your food. Everything glowed in the light of life. That state of perfect innocence is unchanged in you. Return to him now and stay in him with us, the angels of Heaven. And together we will sing again a hymn of gratitude to God the father and creator for having given us life.

Be docile to love. Trust in the benevolence of the Universe. I assure you that there has not been a single moment in your lives when your Heavenly Father has not been by your side and in you. Not a single hair falls from your heads without their consent. Raise your heads, straighten your backs, raise your eyes to Heaven and open your arms wide. Heaven is here. He has come down before you to shower you with graces and blessings. Angels surround you everywhere and whisper in your ear the most beautiful melodies of holy love. His wings cover your soul and his charity feeds your heart. Every night you sleep they look at you and stay at the foot of your blanket to take care of your rest. Every morning they accompany you and thank God for a new awakening. A new opportunity to continue extending the beauty of your being to the entire world, in union and relationship.

My love. I thank you for allowing me to be part of your relationships, of your life. I thank you for your yes to love. In truth, in truth I tell you that you have chosen the best part and it will not be taken from you. Those who listen to the voice of love and follow it with a humble and willing heart are the Heaven of the world. Those who put peace as sovereign of their life create a new earthly kingdom in peace whose foundation is truth.

I bless you in Christ, the eternal reality of love.

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