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Beyond All Experience, recceived by Sebastián Blaksley

Updated: Feb 25

When the mind was identified with the ego it would jump from one experience to another without resting on any one in particular. That was because false identity, or ‘wearing a mask’, lacks meaning. It is simply not capable of integrating anything for meaning to be found in it. For the ego, experience is simply a means of stirring up emotions. It does it so you can "feel." This way of making yourself feel is a substitute for your soul's ability to know yourself in the light of truth. Ultimately this was, as it always is with the ego, a distraction mechanism, an avoidance of contemplating one’s inner emptiness. But when you decided to stop listening to the voice of the ego you made the decision to join me who am the source of beautiful love and your true being. Having done that, united in the serene light of truth, we began to contemplate together the panoramas of the inner life. We fill them with holy love and because of the love with which we contemplate them, we heal the mind and the heart. This was accomplished because of who we are.

Beloveds of the world, truly, truly I tell you that everything on which you rest your true consciousness is transmuted into love because of your holy light, for your consciousness is but divine consciousness made form in your oneness. There is no real consciousness outside of me because I am the consciousness of love. Trying to create a consciousness separate from the love that you are is trying to achieve what does not make sense, yet it has been a long time since humanity decided to try this path. But here we are, you and me, joined in the unity of pure consciousness which some of you call Christ consciousness. In this way we are bearing witness to the truth, the truth of our union.

I am calling you to become aware of a mystical dimension in you that allows you to establish a sensitive and direct relationship with Heaven and simultaneously makes you more present in your humanity, more real so to speak. This is what it means to live with your feet on the ground and your eyes on Heaven, elevated in your inner and outer posture, standing before the truth of who you are, fully human and fully divine.

The true mystical experience does not annul the human dimension. Quite the contrary. It elevates it, integrating it into the truth of who you are. To be totally human in the fullness of holiness and totally divine in the truth of love is the fulfillment of man and woman. I tell you these things so you are forewarned that changing your attachment from attachment to human experience to attachment to mystical experience is simply to continue in the same mistake. God knows nothing of experiences. Love is not an experience, love is what you are.

If you listen with attention and openness of heart to what is said here, you will realize that the Holy Spirit, the perfect guide of love, also leads souls who have chosen only love along the path of detachment from faith and then of the senses. This is not necessarily sequential or linear. It is presented here as two separate aspects so that you can understand better but both are part of a single purification mechanism for the soul united with Christ. I tell you in wisdom and in love that God Himself takes charge of that soul and cleanses it, so to speak, of the patterns of thought and emotional responses that may still remain in the memory and are not grounded in truth. He does it until the soul is radiant, pure, and covered with light.

In this dialogue we are bringing to consciousness the pattern of thought and emotional responses of believing that experience has intrinsic value, when in reality it is merely a means to an end. And since the means and the end are one and the same, what happens when you give the Holy Spirit the ability to experience is that it gives you a new experience, an experience perfectly adjusted to fulfill the purpose of your existence, to extend the love and fullness of God in and through you. This is so you may be fully happy in the love of God, with all that you are, with your humanity, with your divinity, and with your time and your dreams.

I invite you to love your humanness and to accept yourself as you are. In this way, from that sincere love in which you embrace what you are being now and always, a new experience arises, the experience of being fully happy, being what you really are without any need to pretend to be something else nor of looking for others, even creation and God, to be different from what they are. Love what you are and love your circumstances. Love everything that arises in your lives so that the light of Christ shines in your souls with greater strength and beauty every day. Do not cling to anything or anyone except the love you are eternally. Remain united to truth so you can be free.

Remember, there is no need to escape the reality of who you are, for what you are is benevolent, holy, pure, full of beauty and magnificence, bliss and humanity, grandeur and serenity. Stay in the truth and you will be happy. It will show you the divine panoramas of your humanity and constantly make you new men and women renewed in the grace of holy love and reborn of the spirit of God. Because of this you will live as the children of the light you really are. With your lives you will bear witness to the fullness of love.

I bless you in the holiness of your being.

Thank you for answering my call.

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I am grateful for this reminder not to dismiss but embrace my humanness and to view experiences for what they are: a means.

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