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Canticle of holiness, light and truth. Recived by Sebastián Blaksley

I. Love is here

Beloved of Heaven. My firefly of love. How much joy it gives me to stay united with you. Our dialogues are an unimaginable Grace. Our divine relationship makes love-thirsty hearts vibrate and longing minds for truth sing. How much light do we throw together into the world. How many droplets of purity come down from the Heaven of our unity. Together, we are as a source that gives the world pomps of light, carrying within itself a beauty and magnificence, which not even the most exquisite of poets can even put into words. We are an ecstasy of love and truth. We are puzzled by those who explain everything. And delight of the simple of heart. Our love moves mountains. Our relationship transforms the world into an earthly Heaven joined to the kingdom of the eternal. It gathers within itself what was scattered and makes souls sing.

Listen everyone. Resplendent love has come into the world, clothed in glory and holiness. Life without end is contemplated on His face. Rays of light of multiple colors emanate from His heart, giving life to every living being. The stars take their light from Him. The moon its beauty. And human spirits their art. Enjoy this truth that is revealed to you: the beloved is here next to the beloved.

Blessed soul. Truly, truly, I tell you that no one will ever be able to tell the wonders that our relationship of divine love creates at every moment. The time you give me brings together the eternal with the temporary. It is in our union where the miracle of Unity manifests itself. In each instant we spend together, a new Heavenly light descends to earth and spreads to universes beyond the human imagination. There are no limits to the extent of the divine. In our relationship, that extension is realized.

Come all to contemplate the wonders of holy love. Do not exclude yourselves from Heaven of our divine union. Come now and stay with me every day of your lives. Talk to me. Sing me a song Listen to my melodies. Let yourself be reached by the whisper of my voice. Enjoy my presence and allow me to enjoy yours. I give you my divine friendship. I offer you a love that has no beginning or end. A love that will make your lives transcendent meaning and plunge into endless happiness. I call you to live our love story from now and forever. A story always new, always eternal. A song of holiness, light and truth. A reality as immeasurable as at the same time palpable by your humanity.

My little children. Beloved of my most sacred heart. Here is what your hearts long for, what your minds tirelessly seek. Here is love. Here is the truth. Heaven resides in our union. I assure you that our love will heal every wound, will illuminate every thought, will restore what seems to need to be restored. And it will rain upon your existence a deluge of blessings without equal.

Give yourself Heaven of holy love. Be generous with yourself, giving yourself the opportunity to live in the truth that is always true. The one that you know very well, although sometimes you have left it forgotten. Don't worry about any of those things. Love has no memory. Love is simply calling you once more. And it will do it anytime and anywhere.

Nothing can stop me. I am the tireless lover of souls. My love is like the wind. No one knows where it comes from or where it is going, but the wind blows, the wind of my love for souls always blows. I will look for you all over the world if necessary. I will cross mountains and cross seas to meet you, if you so choose. I will do that and much more if necessary. However, beloved of my being. What is the point of continuing to postpone the urgent? Your hearts belong to me. Your souls are my glory. Yours to be my realization, as your creator. My love belongs to you and with it all that I am.

A time like no other has come. A time when our union reaches new realities never before seen in the history of humanity. A God embraced by the human. An eternity attached to the temporal. A son melted in the heart of the Universal Mother. A light creating new life, where there was previously darkness. A joy born from the deepest sorrow, which engenders endless new bliss. A new creation, born from the perfect restoration of the old land where the seed of the new tree of life was planted.

II. New life. New light

Oh, how much joy! Contemplate reality as it is. Observe; a Heavenly earth is being born. The silhouettes of what will one day be recognized as a reality as perfect as it is loving are beginning to be glimpsed. As holy as joyful. As true as the reality of love is. The new earthly kingdom is already here. Its seeds were plants in the sensitive hearts that inhabited, inhabit and will inhabit the world. In those who are more called to love. In them she found the fertile soil in which she could grow until she reached where she is today. A point of no return at which the small stem of a tiny little plant of light, which was once growing, has become so strong that it has become like a leafy tree, which nothing can prevent it from reaching its fullness.

The winds do not make a dent in the new tree of life, rather they are enveloping caresses, as if it were a hug of holiness. Winters are a renewal of its beauty. The springs, new expressions of his eternal beauty, abundance of a manifested love. Summers can no longer create any harm on themselves, they are now a grace from Heaven through which more holiness extends, by being able to give fresh shade so that hearts seeking rest in the freshness of love rest. Its branches, increasingly stronger and more vigorous, are a temporary home for the birds that will rest on them for a time, and then continue on with their flight. Everything is majesty in this new Heavenly land that is already here. Everything is holiness, because it is united to the source of beautiful love, beginning and end of all true life.

Oh holy perfection! O mighty divinized souls! Oh, power of holy love! How good of God. How many wonders in the heart of Christ. A new earth is created, born from the bowels of infinite Mercy. Created by the saving love of a God who is limitless purity and holiness. What was lost has been found and brought to you in the benevolent hands of love. What was meaningless has been fused into the vastness of the perfect meaning of truth. What once caused pain has been vanished by the light of eternal wisdom. Now everything grows in the sanctity of the heart of a humanized God, united to the deified humanity. Everything, including the earth, the plants, the cosmos and the lives of the men and women who inhabit the earth and of all their living beings. Everything is being transformed by love like never before. Everything is bathed in the light of truth.

A new reality is here. The reality of humanity reborn from the resurrection of the One who brought Heaven and Earth together, making both realities a single holy reality. O living beings that you inhabit on earth! You do not give yourself an idea of ​​what you are living. You are seeing the birth of what the prophets have prophesied for so long. You are witnessing a new humanity. Born of the perfect love that was planted in the hearts and minds of those who have gone before you, and in you too. I tell you in spirit and truth that together we are the Heavenly earth. Our consciences, united with the truth, create the new world that is already here. We do it, not on the basis of an effort, but because of the divine union that we are. Born from the silence of our unity. Well, our love creates a new love.

Just as one day a genesis has been written to tell what the wonders of the Creator had done in the first creation and thus try to explain things. Likewise, I assure you that at this time a new genesis is being written for subsequent generations. It is not being written in words and on paper, as it is no longer necessary. It is being engraved in the consciousness of those who once inhabited the earth, those who inhabit it and those who will come to continue building the eternal kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

III. Come, co-creators of love

The universe of form has been transformed by love. Soon everyone will recognize him. Yes. You have understood correctly. A new creation - born from the previous creation - with a particular tint and color, added by the beauty that human freedom has given it. In other words, the power of the union of human and divine nature is painting a new picture with the color palette that emerges from their relationship of holy love. Doesn't it make sense what is revealed here? Isn't it true that the power to create that emanates from the bowels of the Creator, when it is united with the creative power of the human spirit and fused in unity, can give birth to a new reality; a little bit different from what it would be if human nature did not exist, and equally divine and holy as everything that comes from union with Christ?

Do you think that nothing comes out of our union? Do you think love is inactive? Of course not. There is no infertile relationship. Every relationship creates something on some level. Doesn't it change the lives of those who decide to start a relationship and create a family, or a business, or whatever they decide to create together? If this is the case in the world, the more fruitful the all-inclusive union will be in the embrace of holiness.

What a joy it is to know that we are already creating a new world. That the forces that arise from the unity between Heaven and earth are in motion and nothing can stop them. How happy it is to know the truth. How much joy the soul feels, now that its divine beloved is present without any limitation. How not to sing songs of gratitude to life, after knowing such a revelation. How to live undaunted by such a message. No. I assure you that every fiber of your being trembles when listening to this song of holiness, light and truth. Feel the beating of your hearts. Let yourself be embraced by Heaven now. Merge into the eternal present. Consciously become one with your being of pure love, with the truth of who you are.

Rejoice in knowing that you are already part of the co-creators of the new reality. United to my divine heart, in union with the Immaculate Heart of Mary, mother of the living, we have blown over what was once a wasteland. It is no longer God speaking to the Holy Spirit and his Divine Son, and thus giving life to things. Now he is Christ in Jesus, Christ in Mary and Christ in the divinized Man, by whose union a new universal dialogue is established; out of which the new arises, created in the same holiness in which the Most Holy Trinity creates everything. Emerged from original creation and extended into eternity.

These are the times of a new kingdom. Times when time is no longer what it once was. Times when space has given rise to the truth that is beyond all limitations. In which what is one is also different, without ceasing to be unity. Where what is eternal is also temporary. And what is Heavenly is also earthly without thereby ceasing to be what they are. Put your thoughts at the service of the truth. Give your hearts to the embrace of love. Unlimited trust in the power of our divine union. I assure you that this trust will not be disappointed.

There are really no limitations. So there is no point in believing that the reality that emerges from our union may be small or meaningless. Together we are the pure potential of love. We are the infinity of being, in whose reality all unimagined reality is created in holiness, wisdom and truth. I invite you once again to fearlessly launch into God's adventure. To cross the thresholds of your thoughts, directing your divinized humanity to where no human eye has ever set its gaze, nor will it be able to do so. There where everything is seen with the eyes of Christ, that is to say with the eyes of love that has no beginning or end.

I invite you to cross the portal that is located where the known ends, and go deeper and deeper each day into the unfathomable mystery of the heart of God. In the unknown and forever loved. In the unmanifested, but is nevertheless waiting for you to accept his invitation to become one with it, so that a new loving explosion of holy creation arises from the silence of the pure potentiality of being. Remain in Me, co-creators of the new creation. It is the love that is calling you incessantly. It is life that invites you to locate your place within the choir of creation. And begin to realize that you are called to be the co-creators of a new reality in union with Christ.

Do not stay out of this call. Live in unity with the love that you really are and everything will be added to you. This call of mine is not to make an effort or to build majestic things that time, sooner or later, will end up devouring and dragging into nothingness from where they have arisen. No. My invitation is, to live life as what you are; the well-loved children of God. Created to co-participate in their divine reality. And therefore, to co-create with Him, as He has been arranged from all eternity. And thus enjoy now and always the joy of Heaven. That is, from the joy of eternally extending a new holy love. The love that you really are. The reality of your being.

In the name of truth, I thank you for answering my call. And for occupying your rightful place in the majestic choir of the co-creators of the new creation.

I bless you in peace that has no opposite.

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Mike Franzwa
Mike Franzwa
Feb 18

Oh, come let us adore beautiful love!

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