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From Fear to Resurrection

I. Peace Will Reign

My beloved, I have said that peace would reign in the nations and it will be so. And once she is the sovereign of the world, the new Earthly Kingdom, and with it the new humanity, will shine forth in divine sweetness and grace.

At the very moment in which the mind of the son of God created the idea of separation as an effect the experience of duality and the opposite of love, the incarnation of Christ was created as an inseparable part, in the form of Jesus, conceived of a woman, who would bring to consciousness the resurrection of creation and with it, the recreation of the entire universe.

Typical of the past state of consciousness was the belief that Heaven was located in a material firmament where galaxies, stars, comets, and beautiful planets dwell. Perhaps today it does not seem to you that going from conceiving God as a phenomenon of nature or an element of the environment, to recognizing Him as an abstract, Supreme Being was a quantum leap in knowledge or an awakening of universal consciousness.

We have already spoken in a work that precedes these writings, The Age of the Heart: The Birth of a New Heaven and a New Earth, about this matter. Therefore, we will not expand on it beyond these words. The expression "a new Heaven and a new Earth" speaks not of two realities or aspects of existence. It means that the new creation, which was created forever and was fully manifested at the moment of separation, is one in which the physical and the spiritual are lived and known as the unity that they are—a single undivided reality, just as it really is.

The new Heaven is a new consciousness in the sense that in the new creation, the created—including you and all humanity—knows divine creation face to face just as God knows it, without distortion or intermediaries. No interpretation is involved, only pure knowledge. The body is not denied, since being transmuted into the light of Christ consciousness it need not be abolished but integrated into the spirit of love.

The resurrection of Jesus unequivocally and eloquently demonstrated that his body and his spirit shine forever in the purity of holiness and eternal life: human nature united forever with the divine. It is the same way with you who receive these words, who you are the light of my eyes, a channel of wisdom, a pencil in the hands of love. And also the same with all creation. Ultimately, the filiation must return to the Father's house, because that is what it was created for, and so will it happen. Does this mean the abolition of free will and the power to choose? Of course not.

Choosing has always been a matter of knowledge. They go hand-in-hand. In effect, they are a unit. What true thing can you choose if you do not know the truth and cannot identify it? What kind of real choice can be made from illusion, and between illusory options? Are you really free when you choose between insubstantial images, or between the ghosts of a feverish mind entertaining fantasies of terror? You know the answer. We need not express it here; it dwells in your holy heart.

II. One Holy Reality

The resurrection event was the visible manifestation of something far beyond what the eyes can see or the intellectual mind conceive. In this work we will unfold the wings of knowledge. We will allow universal consciousness to delve into the deep and benevolent meaning of that which was an act above all acts— or that event, if you prefer—that can only be compared to the origin of creation, if the mind continues to need to compare.

Believing that the resurrection is something that concerns only the historical figure of Jesus of Nazareth, or more precisely, the human aspect of my incarnation as his figure, is to put a limit on God and naturally cannot be anchored in truth. After the episode, if you allow me to use that word, of the reincarnation of Christ, that is to say, of his return to true life after death to illusion, a divine power was set in motion. I will explain.

I have deliberately used the word reincarnation. I do it for love, and for you to understand that peoples who have shared ancestral wisdom of the idea of cycles of beings that incarnate over and over again to fulfill their purpose, revealed something with a true and holy core. To a certain extent, they were the first to speak of the resurrection power that exists in God, although their teachings have not always been understood that way.

How could ideas of reincarnation have been interpreted in the way being revealed here when the universal consciousness was not ready to fully understand? It was understood to the extent that it could be understood. Remember, creation is traveling from a maximum allowed state of unconsciousness toward full awareness of love. In that journey without distance the consciousness widens more and more, and comes to know the truth, that is, God, to a greater degree.

III. In the Abode of Love

My beloved, humanity is prepared to know the resurrection to a degree never before achieved. She will know, by knowing her being, that in her humanity is the perfect justification that the new Earthly Kingdom, and with it the new Heaven on which she stands impeccably, is possible, real, and also realized.

Never was there a time when the resurrection was not active. The fact that the universal consciousness or the consciousness of the created had to wait a while on its way to return to love does not mean that it did not previously exist. Does the sun stop shining because you close your eyes? Does the cosmos disappear when you sleep? Obviously not. Something similar happens with the recognition of the resurrecting power of God.

The being beyond all names and which is the creative Source of life, is unity. There are no parts to what is, no separations, no seams. In divinity nothing ends and something else begins. It is infinite holy reality. Therefore, re-creative capacity must have existed in power and action forever, like everything in God.

Perhaps you have often wondered why love is undaunted by so much nonsense in the world of separation. Why is there so much serenity despite the fact that so much foolishness manifests itself in Earthly experience? In this work you will find the answer that your heart is looking for, and it will give you peace because you will recognize it as truth and love.

God—and also your being—does not get impatient with anyone or anything concerning the choice for separation. This is due, among other things, to the fact that He knows that when the pure soul created the idea of separation, and the totally fearful or egoic state of consciousness manifested itself along with the whole spectrum of manifestations of its insubstantial reality, the resurrection also manifested.

Daughters and sons of Heaven and holy Earth, you have been very focused on the fearful effects that the belief in separation seems to have caused. As a result, you have not stopped to think about what is revealed next. But now is the time, and you are ready both individually and collectively to move beyond observing the manifestations of fear, towards those of resurrection.

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