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Heirs of love, received by Sebastián Blaksley

I. Eternally in Me

Soul in love. Daughter born from the entrails of beautiful love. If you knew the totality of the beauty of your being, you would live your life singing and praising the love of loves. There is no beauty greater than that of the pure soul. There is nothing in all creation that resembles the greatness of the souls that live immersed in love. They are the radiance of My glory. Expanse of light from heaven. Light that has created life and continues to create it for all eternity. Because life belongs to me, you belong to Me.

Oh, divine love. Creative love. Salvific love! Is there a human mind capable of measuring your width and length? Is there a poet who can describe you in all your perfection and beauty? Love. You are a mystery to the thinking mind. Delusion for those who explain everything. Certainty for humble and simple hearts that know how to keep quiet in order to listen to their soundless melodies. Ecstasy of the seraphim. And I enjoy the souls in love with Christ and therefore with life.

Love is the most precious gift ever given to you, not only because it is who you are, but because it is the divine essence. And therefore, of life and all its magnificence. Can you understand the magnitude of what it means to be heir to love? You may think not, but that is not true. Yes you can. And because you can is that you yearn for it or seek it with tireless persistence. And when you find it you rest in the serene abode of peace. You know, because your heart tells you, that its agitations only calm down in the presence of love. That her fears disappear when you contemplate her holy face or hear her sweet voice.

Just as the sun melts snow, so love dissolves fear. In his abode, there is only the peace of the blessed, who are those who recognize and follow his call. And because they know that love calls them from all corners of the universe, showing their beauty in each created thing, they live to love and be loved. They shed tears at the idea that love is absent. They sing for joy when they feel his presence. And they surrender to her design without delay. They are everything for love. For it, they live, exist, move, and are. They are eternally mine. The suckers of beautiful love. Daughters and sons of holiness.

How can you not be happy, daughter of my heart, most pure soul who receives these words, if you have been given eternal life so that together we can enjoy the delights of holy love, starting right now? How not to celebrate life when you have been recognized as holiness personified and the perfect extension of God's love? Can there be greater grace? Is anything more needed? What else can be given to you, once you have reached the perfect knowledge of the love that you truly are and abide in it? Can you be given more than Heaven? No, it can not be done. But it is not necessary either, because the being that you are, is the totality of divine perfection. It is the beauty of God made a human person.

II. Feeling and life

Be glad to know that when your heart feels rejection for what is not in harmony with love, it is because you have recognized what you really are. Only those who don't know what they are can think, feel and act in a way that love would never act. Those who live in My divine presence clearly feel the difference between the light and what does not come from it. This is the reason why they do not feel comfortable with the things of darkness, nor the disharmony of a way of being that has nothing to do with the eternal truth. Truly, truly, I tell you that your feelings carry within their reality, a wisdom that is much more powerful and accurate than that of the thoughts of the thinking mind. That is to say, of the intellect. That is why time and time again we appeal to the heart. If the world was carried away by him, it would stop being a ruthless world to become a paradise.

It may still surprise you to believe that the heart can be the sure guide to the truth. This is because in the past you confused the heart with what it is not. But that confusion has already been left behind. Remember that the heart is the throne of love, just as the mind is the throne of truth. In such a way that, all feeling and thinking that is not love and truth, does not come from the true heart or the true mind. Your heart abides in peace in the heart of God, of which it is a part. It is an abode of her kingdom. Your mind shines in the mind of Christ with its light and holiness. In such a way that your feelings and thoughts, born of your true being, are like the ray of the sun to the sun, in relation to the perpetual sun of the holy wisdom that has created you.

The heart calms before love. The mind is serene before the truth. That is why it is necessary to accept who you really are with all your mind, with all your body, and with all your soul. So that you can embrace your humanity and divinity in the love that you are. And thus live in peace. In truth, in truth, I tell you that there is no other refuge for your being that is not love, whose source I am.

Those who remain united to My Most Sacred Heart, always united to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, savor from now on the delights of beautiful love. They do not lose their way, nor are they overwhelmed by the lack of love for a world that is no longer here, even if it seems to be. They live in the truth of what they feel and experience in their souls. They are connected to all that they are; mind, body, spirit. And rejoice in it, because you know that by joining the truth of who you are, you show your oneness with God. And how can one not be at peace, with such panoramas coming from the revelation of Christ in the soul that loves the truth?

All humanity. I have come to make hearts sing and vibrate. To invite them to begin the celebration of the feast of the holidays. The wedding of the beloved of souls with you. Come, I am the faithful husband of being. The one who promised you that he would never abandon you. I am love made word. I am the fullness of time and the fulfillment of promises. Do not tire yourself thinking about things that do not give you peace and take away your true joy. You know my sweet voice. You know who it is that is speaking to you. You know it because you are souls very called to love. And because your desire to live in peace and harmony has brought you together with the truth.

III. A new heavenly choir

Sing with love a new song. Make hear your song of joy. Rejoice in Him who is the promise and fulfillment of your eternal fulfillment. I am the one who will come because he has never left. I am the one who gives life to everything that lives. I am the joy of hearts and the serenity of spirits. I am present in the wind that blows on a beautiful spring afternoon. I manifest myself in the song of the birds. And in the serene flow of the waters of a stream. I am the beauty of creation spreading. My face can be seen in every brother and sister in Christ. And my love too.

Immerse yourselves daily in the depths of my most sacred heart. In it, you will be able to drink from the fountain of eternal life and savor the delights of holy love. There is no need to wait to enjoy it. I am the eternal present. I am the unbreakable and inviolable reality of truth. Nothing, and no one is so powerful as to silence my voice, or cloud the vision of my face. Nothing and nobody can make the light of my divine being stop shining. And much less can it make me stop loving you, that you receive these words and keep them in the silence of your heart.

Beloved soul, you are the delight of my being, the joy of my life, and the cause for which I have created everything. Come now and receive your inheritance. The inheritance of eternal love. And together we will continue walking the paths of beautiful love. United with the angels of Heaven and our Immaculate Mother, in whose presence everything is illuminated because of the radiance that shines from the purity of her heart.

From our union will flow hymns of joy, heavenly melodies. Those who walk the world seeking peace, love, and truth will hear our song. And they will unite with their voices, first timid and then sovereign until they form a new celestial choir. Which will join other choirs that are sung, to form the major choir, sung by all creation with the voice of the Lamb of God. The voice of love that has no beginning or end.

Live now your heaven here on earth, being as God created you to be. With all your humanity. Be love and together we will create a new heaven and a new earth. A new life, based on the light of truth.

Blessed are the pure souls.

Praise love.

I thank you for your yes to the truth.

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