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Holy Doing

My sons and daughters, there is not a single feeling or heartbeat of Jesus that does not have an echo in me. Everything the Son feels and thinks, the Mother feels and thinks. Mother and Son are a unit, a single heart, a single mind, a single holy love. For a union of this nature to exist, even though it is the only real one, there must be a conscious unity with the Source of being. Every being emanates from the same reality, the love of God. Those who consciously accept this truth as their only condition remain within the trinitarian reality of life.

Love is the condition of your reality because there is no other reality than that of love emanating from the Creator. When you remain silent and let yourself be embraced by the dilection of your being, you allow your human consciousness to be impregnated with the flow of truth about what you are and what life is. Only in this union can you become aware of the treasures of the kingdom. When you worry about things that have nothing to do with divine love you create a condition alien to the nature of what you are. That is why you lose the awareness of peace, but not peace itself. You lose sight of your inner harmony, although not the source of that harmony.

Just as the heartbeat of my divine son Jesus is one with my Immaculate Heart, so are your thoughts one with my most pure mind when you align with me and with Christ. In love everything is as God created it to be. In truth everything is a holy unity.

I invite you to desire more and more to become one with me. This means that you think as the Mother thinks, feel as the Mother feels, and be as Christ is in essence and truth. This does not mean that you are called to lose your uniqueness. Rather it is a call for everything that arises as an expression of your being to be born and extended from the sanctity of your only reality. Thus the works you do will be holy. They will contain the seal of your uniqueness and the beauty of the totality that love is.

Listen to me carefully my dear children. Just as the relationships you establish in the world may not be holy because of their purpose, the same happens with your actions. Not every human doing is based on the source of beautiful love. Not all the works that come from you are a reflection of the perfect innocence of what you are. When a relationship is not based on the purpose of the Holy Spirit it becomes an unnatural relationship because it based on what is alien to the being. When our desires, thoughts and feelings are not in harmony with the purpose of the Holy Spirit, which is perfect love, they become something that can cause pain. In other words, when a heart is not in harmony with Love, it creates suffering.

When you remain united to the truth of what you are, that you are love and nothing but love, the natural extension of that love will bring forth works based on the spirit. If you listen carefully you will realize that I am calling you to the experience of the holy work, replacing the works that are not. I am calling you to works of the spirit as opposed to those that are not.

You are very accustomed to valuing human actions on criteria that have no relation whatsoever with the truth. Only one thing is important and that is God. The rest has no value because it is not eternal. When you are told this many of you resist believing that it is true because of the false associations you make in relation to the symbols themselves. However, in the world of perceptions it is necessary to use words even with their limitations. I ask you for a small collaborative effort in order to take you to the love that is beyond every word and limitation.

Do not dwell on words such as God, love, father, mother, or son. Rather let your heart experience the flow of the vital energy of these messages. Your soul knows for sure who is its Divine Creator. Once again, I remind you that it is not appropriate to endow God with any tribute that you can understand since nothing that the human mind understands is part of Him. The same goes for love and being. However, you are being asked for a small dose of good will to allow your minds to fly the flight of freedom towards the sanctity of being.

Do not oppress your hearts. Do not set limits to the truth. Let your souls fly joyfully to the sun of eternal wisdom. Allow your hearts to rejoice in the knowledge of God. They know Him well because they reside in Christ, their king and lord. If when you think, you think of love, you are being channels of Heaven. If when you plan your works, you think about the purpose for which you are in the world, you are literally transforming into means perfect for the source of beautiful love to pour out its Grace in the world and far beyond. This is what God has conceived for each one of you, and this is always associated with the extension of holiness into the world.

Do holy works. Go around the world building a new kingdom. Put your ability to do at the service of creation, for this has been given to you. See that no other creature on earth has the gift of doing as humans can. That should lead you to discern about the holy value of your power. Everything you are is by the work of God. Everything that can arise from you can be so embedded in God as if it were He himself who exhales the vital spirit of your breath. Let yourselves transform into the makers of heaven. In this union of doing and being you will find the meaning of your earthly lives. And you will be immensely happy thinking of God.

Thank you for receiving my messages.

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