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Light, life, truth, recevied by Sebastián Blaksley

I remind you that the root of the problem does not lie in beliefs, but in its source and therefore in its purpose. They can come from love, in which case they will be like signposts gently pointing the way to uncreated truth. For this, they must be subject to love in everything. It is useless to believe something that results in a lack of love, if one yearns to walk the path of beautiful love that heaven has given you. The beliefs that lead to things that love would never think or do do not come from love but from fear. This premise is invariant.

Put fear aside and you will see how the way you see things changes. Conceive everything through the eyes of love and you will see how your way of thinking, saying, omitting or being, adjusts to it, spreading peace, wisdom, softness in treatment and a firmness always linked to its sweetness. You will smile more. You will be much happier. Your happiness will be light for the world. You will wear the smile of love on your faces. Whoever contemplates you will know that a love that is not of the world resides in you. And he will say, perhaps in sonorous words or perhaps in the silence of his heart:

"Love has come into the world. Christ has come. Christ is here. "

I invite you to smile more every day in the presence of beautiful love. May joy be your food. There are plenty of reasons for this. Have you not found me? Is not knowing the purity and holiness of who you really are a reason for celebration? It is the voice of your true self that is speaking to you. I am the most holy reality of your divine essence, created from all eternity as an always pure soul, the one that now makes an appearance in your days. Here. Through these words. In this present moment; in which you and I, united in the light of truth and the beauty of holy love, merge more and more in a union that has no beginning and no end.

I am the Heaven in you. The love that you are. The purity of your reality. Truly, truly, I tell you that it is you who creates these words. You give it life with your yes. By joining them we create together a space through which the creative power of heaven is extended in all its power, thus creating a new heaven and a new earth. Every moment in which we remain together in these dialogues, the light of life shines with greater intensity on earth. New panoramas open up for humanity. Panoramas of love and truth.

My daughters and sons. My heart overflows with love for each one of you and for each living being. Do not deprive yourself of knowing and living the beauty of holy love. Your reality is present here. Together with you and in you. Do not settle for the little. You have been created for the infinite. Why be content with the crumbs of a reality that is not true, if you have at your fingertips the ineffable reality of your holy being, from which a beauty extends beyond all words?

In you there is the power of heaven. Blow it up into thousands and millions of beautiful bits of endless creation. Just as God has created everything. Make your totality become part of so many and varied manifestations that cannot be counted. Make all things new at every moment. Be reborn in the holiness of the spirit of love. Be every day, every hour and every second a new being, a new soul, a new holy heart. Renewed by the living water that descends from the sky towards what you are.

I assure you that the creative power of your souls is capable of creating new forms of holy love, in a number even greater than the stars in the sky, and grains of sand that embellish the beaches and seas. Come to Me and I will make you creators of endless life. Your love creations will be so many that no one can count them. So beautiful that no painter will be able to paint them. They will be full of holiness. Steeped in light. Wrapped in the beauty of the living Christ who lives in your being.

Perhaps you think that what is said here exceeds your potentiality. But it is not like that. The power of your souls is far greater than you can even imagine. I remind you out of love that often it is not the events of your lives that need to change, and neither do you. Rather, what often needs to be modified is your understanding in relation to it. It is impossible that there is something in creation that can do real harm to my well-loved children. Although it is possible not to believe in it, and consider things from a perspective far from the truth. I invite you to remain in Me. Our union will give you a new understanding. It will give you new light. You will see everything through the eyes of love. You will be; not only bearers of the wisdom of Christ, but you will become one with it.

Remember that, united we are the light of the world.

Remain in the peace that comes from knowing that your lives belong to love.

I thank you for answering my call.

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