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I. Light of Unity

Children of holy love. Perfect extension of the light of the father of lights. I am present in you; that you are growing in the consciousness of the union of the three hearts, in whose holiness you remain the love that you really are. I come once again - clothed in the glory of Heaven - to continue to remember together the truth that shines in your minds, and the love that makes your hearts vibrate and gives life to your being. We are a holy unit. We are a single perfect reality. We are the union of eternal life in the beauty of the peace of Christ, the foundation of creation.

Soul in love. Son, you dedicate yourself to giving the world the beauty of your heart united to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and my sacred heart. You who receive these words from Heaven and are generous in sharing them, not only through symbols but through a life lived in harmony with what is revealed here. In other words, living in union with who you really are. You must know that a great light - full of colors and radiant luminescence - emanates from the center of your being, and extends to the entire universe. Rays that illuminate and give life extend from who you are to the entire world. Everyone benefits from his light, power and holiness.

Everything that is touched by the light of your holiness is beautified. Due to its reality, it heals wounds in its path, sowing love in hearts. Making the mouths that had gone silent speak. And see the eyes that had been blinded by the flashing flashes of the world of illusions. His holiness resurrects what was dead. Somewhere in the world, a mind receives its love and beauty. From a dry stream a spring of crystalline water begins to sprout. A bird soars a new flight. And a sad heart begins to sing and vibrate again to the beat of life. All this and much more is given to the world by virtue of the beauty of your being united to the truth.

What is being said to you, my beloved, is that when the mind consciously remains attached to the heart; the integrity of being creates the effects of its nature, that is, of unity. This statement is of vital importance. It contains the truth about the purpose of the spiritual path and of life. This is something you are already in a position to understand with the totality of who you are. You know, because you have experienced it - and you can observe it - that a mind that is disconnected from the heart is something that creates pain for itself and for others. This is because, when the link with the heart is cut, what ends up happening is that the connection with the consciousness of the love that you really are is cut, or in other words, you disconnect from love. That being the case, it is no wonder that what emerges from it is cruel and ruthless. This is why it is so important to remain attached to the heart. To avoid living in impiety.

Be glad that you can feel whatever it is you feel. Be glad that you can feel sadness, joy, compassion, or shame. I assure you that those feelings, along with all the others, are what take you safely on the path of love. Indeed, they are there to guide you. Not only for what they are, but because they allow you to hold the bond of the heart. I know - because I know you even more than you know yourself - that deep inside your mind there are certain questions about acts without love. To answer them in the light of holiness is what I have come before you today in this particular way.

You wonder, with tears in your soul, how is it possible that certain acts are committed, so far from love? How is it possible that the human heart can harbor certain feelings? How is it possible that sometimes there is so much mercy? How is it possible? Very simple, disconnecting from the heart. In truth, in truth I tell you that if you cut the link with the heart, those things that horrify you and many other similar things can be committed. All the madness in the world has its foundation in a mind disconnected from the heart.

When you disconnect from the sensitive aspect of your being, you anesthetize feelings. And what remains is a mind in which the power of integrity has been drained. A mind that will still have power, but not the same as it has in its entire state, since it loses the part of its potentiality that comes from the heart. Remember that separation can never be as powerful as union. That mind - with some power still - will do the only thing it can do, that is, think and create. And he will think and create without love because he has no feelings.

II. Integrity of love

Whoever disconnects from the heart can get to the point of temporarily nullifying - and this temporality can be very extensive - their ability to feel. That can take you to the point where the limiting mechanisms of love are no longer active. We'll talk about it later. You may think here that this is not so true, since it still seems that the most ruthless may feel anger or anger. But that is not so true. What happens in these cases is that the mind can perform a sentimental action. In other words, show yourself as if you are feeling things that you don't feel. He does this for the sole purpose of dressing up to accomplish his plans. This is how a mind disconnected from the heart can commit certain acts that a sensitive heart would never commit. In other words, doing things that love would never do.

Now let's look at this matter from another perspective. If the heart is the throne of my Glory, and the mind that lives in the integrity of the truth, the temple of my divine Reality, then the reason why the mind can make the decision to want to disassociate itself from the heart has to be the dethrone love. If there is no heart, the mind thought of their separation plans, there will be no love. He did this to strip himself of the limits that love imposes on the powers of the soul. In other words, not to submit to God.

Love places limits on everything in creation, in the sense that it acts as a force that contains the reality of being and whose purpose is that everything be submitted to it. As if it were the bed of a river that allows water to flow within its limits and thus gives cause. In other words, love is like a containing maya that makes everything converge in itself and serve its purpose of extending holiness eternally. If love did not exist - beyond the fact that this would be impossible and that nothing would exist - what would happen is that all that could come to exist would be chaos that would constantly self-annihilate. All of which would make life and therefore existence impossible. Can you begin to understand to a greater degree, why love is the reason for your life, that is, that you cannot exist without it? Can you see more clearly why welcoming love is wise while fighting against it is foolish?

The submission of love gives freedom. It seems that this is nonsense. But I assure you, that is not true. As you already know, love is freedom because it is infinite extension. And what extends throughout eternity can be nothing other than free. Its opposite, fear or lack of love, is slavery because it is contraction, and finally annihilation. In order to understand this with a whole mind - that is, a mind attached to the heart - it is necessary to recognize that freedom does not mean living without rules. That is chaos. Nor is it living under the rules of satisfying needs, that leads to the slavery of desire.

The true freedom of the children of God consists in being as they were created to be, that is to say, love. Simply put, only by being what you are will you be free. Therefore, if you do not remain in the union of your mind and heart, you cannot experience true spiritual freedom. Which allows you to be the ruler of your soul and not the powers that dictate what you should do, stop doing, think or feel. As if they were subjects telling the king what to do.

You can remain in the truth simply by embracing all that you are. That will lead you to stay in unity. In doing so, what you are will do in you, through you and through you what God has ordained you to do or not do. This is how you live in the will of God. Well, as you already know, his will is for you to be the one you were created to be. And since you are love, only being love is how you can live in the truth.

Everything that has been revealed to you up to now in relation to the bond of the heart and the union with love, also applies to the truth. If you disconnect from reason, it will produce the same effect that occurs when disconnecting from the heart. In this case, sooner rather than later, you will disconnect from the truth, whose throne she is. Remember that love and reason are one. That is, a love without reason is the same madness as a reason without love.

III. Free in love

When you cannot feel yourself, others or the world, what happens is that you have disconnected from the heart and that leads to indifference. When you cannot see the truth, what has happened is that you have disassociated yourself from it by denying reason. Whether you do one thing or the other, what you do is disassociate yourself from the Christ in you, because He is love and truth. He is the reason for your life. In such a way, remaining in the integrity of what you are is how you can enjoy the fullness of love. Being full means being the totality of what you are. If you leave something of what you are outside your consciousness, that is, if you deny part of what you are, you cannot enjoy a full life.

Perhaps at this point you are wondering, why do we return to this matter of the union of the mind and the heart, or of truth and reason. The reason is because fear always has its origin in fear of oneself. And if you still believe that the impiety committed by humanity at some point in the evolution of its history as a species, or of those whom you call relatives, friends or known enemies, is something that has to do with the nature of your redeemed new humanity, then you need to be released from the last layers of the illusory thought patterns. And you will be.

If it were true that you are guilty to some degree for the evil that others have done or do, and that it has some power over you, then I am also guilty of it, or at least I must have been when I walked the Earth .

Seeking you in me is knowing you in truth. That's because all I am is what you are. Reason will tell you that it cannot be true that because others deny the truth, you have to deny it, or pay the consequences of it, or carry your evils on your shoulders. I did not die for the sins of the world. I never died. I am eternal life. What I carried on my shoulders was everything that was contrary to love as a reality alien to God and had entered the mind of the Son of Man, and dissolved it in the light of the resurrection. In this way I went through the human experience, just as you do when living earthly reality. I was fully man and fully God, and I am forever.

My earthly life - and particularly my path of passion and death on the cross - had nothing to do with the idea that you are or were a miserable sinner or because some of my brothers acted in this or that way. I was not sent to be punished to bear the punishments of my sisters and brothers. That is something that makes no sense for love. In order to fully understand this, you need to remember that we are one. I am the Christ consciousness in you. I am your true consciousness. I am the reality of your being. In other words, I am what you are, expressing yourself to know yourself in truth.

What it means Christ bore the sins of the world is that the collective human consciousness and the space-time reality was healed of that which was meaningless. In other words, it was resignified by the love that you are and that creation is. As you know, suffering is meaningless because it has no source in God. But in order not to leave the physical universe desolate in the face of pain, I went through it and transmuted it. This means that it was integrated by the Christ consciousness. In this way it was transformed into something that can be given to love. And in doing so, that which had separated from being can return to it, in the light of holiness. In other words, it means that I performed the metanoia of everything that, not being loving, nested in the separate mind, and redirected it. From the moment of the resurrection; the path of suffering, which would remain an option, could also be a means by which the Holy Spirit could obtain benefits for souls. And it could also be abolished. In other words, the path of resurrection opened a new path. The path of beautiful love fully lived in earthly reality.

III. Complete Being

Beloved of my divine heart. This message is an invitation to stop believing that you can be guilty for other people's mistakes, or that you have to suffer the consequences of ancestral sins. You are a complete being in yourself. Every creature is. You can only be responsible for what you create. Remember that true responsibility has to do with the ability to respond and not with carrying a duty on your shoulders. Certainly the way of responding to life and its circumstances is a matter of everyone's choice. But that doesn't mean you have to take the blame for something. It simply means that you respond in one way and you can do it in another way, if you so choose.

Pretending to carry on your shoulders the alleged sins of others is a concept that has no meaning for divine truth. It is a misplaced idea from the kingdom of Heaven, for the simple reason that if it were true it would be an injustice and nonsense. Your role is not to change the world, or others. Your role is to live in the truth of who you are. The rest will take care of the one who has life and existence in his hands. I mean, God.

Here you may run into the difficulty of believing that, being one mind, one heart and one holy being, what a mind does is done by everyone or affects everyone. To make such an association is to associate parts that do not fit together, creating an amorphous unity. What is one is love. What is unity is the sanctity of being. Therefore, we are one mind, one heart, and one being in the unity of Christ. Outside of unity everything is separation and for it to be such there can be no union. Where there is no union there can be no such thing as what one does all do, for precisely if that happened there would be no separation. Doesn't this make sense? What is separate is not united. Therefore it cannot create effects in that which has no connection with it. What is united creates in unity and therefore has an effect on the whole, because of what it is. And this is only possible in God, because only He is union. He alone is the source of love and love itself.

If you focus on living in harmony with the love that you truly are and trust that what you are will extend divine holiness by reason of its reality, then you will understand more clearly the way of Jesus and that of Mary. Both paths are one. At no time did they want to show a model of beliefs, although it was certainly necessary, just as it is now, to integrate them. There is no question about the power that beliefs have to shape your life experience on earth. On the basis of them you structure your days. That's true. But still, despite the importance of these, the essential is still love.

The problem does not lie in beliefs but in their connection or disconnection with love. Unite any belief to love and you will have a loving life, and therefore in harmony with the will of God. Disconnect a belief from love and what will result will be cruelty. This is because beliefs belong to the realm of the mind; and as you already know, your intelligence without love makes you cruel. In the same way, disconnect your mind from the heart and a life of impiety will emerge. Likewise, allow everything you are to remain united with your consciousness - and thus embraced with love - and you will see how your life is filled with light and extends beauty, joy and fulfillment. And you will also see how a new Heaven and a new earth are created, born of the love of our union. And those who feel called to live in the light will join us because of their free choice.

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Mike Franzwa
Mike Franzwa
Mar 29

Happy Easter of the Resurrection dear souls of piety!

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