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Live the Love You Are, received by Sebastián Blaksley

Your call into the way of being involves not being different from others. What makes you unique is that you are an unrepeatable expression of love, but the desire to express uniqueness is disengaged from truth. To love your way is to be yourself. Not loving is not being at all. Expressions that would differentiate themselves by being “original” or “extraordinary” do not have their source in being.

Love does not seek to be different from anything, because only love is real and there is no way to separate or to differentiate. Love is nothing extraordinary although it can certainly seem so in a world based on fear.

You have expressed your fears in multiple ways from time to time. This was necessary to see them and thus free yourself from them through your choice. You had the means necessary for carrying out your choice.

When you chose only love you were not fully aware of what you were choosing, but you were aware that you no longer wanted to live a life of fear and insecurity that restricted your freedom, happiness, and fulfillment. Living with fear has been the way of life in the world. Living in love is the way of being, a path that you can begin to travel here and now, daily. You do not need to go anywhere; you simply need the willingness to live within your love relationship with God, the source of your being.

The mind wanted to disconnect from its source and perceive itself as the primary source of its own reality. By denying your relationship with love, the mind caused the experience of pain. Think not that you can express yourself in spirit and truth as God created you to be without uniting with God.

Your abilities cannot have their original source in yourself because your being is an effect and not a cause of your creation. You did not create yourself. To reflect the truth of your identity, any expression that arises from you must be linked to the Divine Love that you really are.

The history of humankind will now be marked by a growth in the expression of freedom which will increasingly be reflected in the world. Expressions of identity will appear in an increasingly free way. This free expression of identity originates in the desire of being to live in the authenticity of this path.

One can understand why Heaven has brought this work to Earth. My divine son Jesus and with him my Immaculate Heart as an echo of his Sacred Heart, will not abandon humankind.

In times like these, with such an explosion of the desire for free expression of identity manifesting itself in great diversity at all levels and realities of human life, a guide is needed to show how to let that desire for breadth remain united to love, so that on Earth you can enjoy freedom as the children of God.

It is one thing to recognize that you are love; another to live it. Acceptance of your true identity can only be accomplished by a unified self—that is, by a mind that joins the heart and allows love to rule. The thinking mind cannot make that distinction. So we appeal to this union to remain in the truth of who you are and not to turn to places that seem true but are not. Differentiations based on form are not true expressions of the being you really are, because they are not derived from the cause of form but from its effect.

Form serves expression, not vice versa. Once you understand and accept this with all your soul, your mind, and your heart, you can see the holiness of the form we have spoken of and understand that the world of form need not be separate from Heaven.

Form serves expression and is the means by which being is known. Therefore, form must exist for knowledge to exist. God has form: He expresses Himself in creation. Being takes on form to make itself known. Form is the reflection of being. This applies to God, to you, and to every being. To become aware of the relationship of a creator and a creator’s work is to become aware of the whole.

You are a unique expression, an unrepeatable form of God's love, as is every being in existence. The relationship of all these expressions to each other and with their Creator is the meaning of the whole of God. A problem arises when you consider a form of expression to be a totality, when in fact, for true vision, it is necessary not to exclude anything and be aware of the whole.

Failing to look beyond a form of expression, failing to go beyond it to what it arises from, causes form to be perceived as devoid of meaning. This is the fundamental error. In the same way, seeing your expressions as the extensions of who you truly are, that is, seeing yourself as their cause, returns you to truth. That return will lead you to the perfect expression of the love you are, because your love of truth will be reflected in your manifestations. And you will love them as much as you love your Creator for giving you life.

A question of great importance is this: what is the relationship you have with your works? Do you love them so much that you can recognize in them, and in your relationship with them, recognize that you love yourself?

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