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Mary: sweetness from Heaven, received by Sebastián Blaksley

I. Living in the light

Beloved of Heaven. Holy creature. Son born from the bowels of my divine love. I am Jesus of Nazareth. The same as yesterday, today and forever. I am the perfect love made humanity. In my divinity resides your holiness and the truth about what you are. You must know that there is still a way to go to complete your function of gathering in the light of Glory my daughters and sons, your sisters and brothers. You are in the world to remember who you are and help others to remember who they really are. You do that by spreading the truth of who you are. For this we have traveled the path that we have walked together until now. To achieve this goal, we continue to manifest the beauty of our hearts, in such a way that we make God known.

You who receive these words and have thrown yourself with confidence into the abysses of my infinite mercy, into the unfathomable ocean of compassionate love that flows eternally from my divine heart, you receive the treasures of the kingdom, the effects of our holy love. Don't be afraid of anything. There are no forces capable of intimidating your soul ever again. There is no power in the universe with the ability to darken your soul. Only light is your reality. Shadows are a thing of the past. Now you live your midday always growing in luminosity and beauty.

Sometimes seems to be hard to leave behind the habit of thinking about the shadows and the things that one day made you suffer. It seems difficult to move in a world that was once seen as cruel and ruthless. However, it is that world that awaits you with open arms and a happy heart so that you fill it with love and give it the opportunity to express its love to you. The Father, who orders everything with perfect wisdom, has arranged for it to be in the world where his infinite love is given to you, so that in this way you heal the way of ever things and you can begin to enjoy holy perception.

Believe me, my son, when I tell you that there is no reason for fear. What you think will happen is not going to happen. All fears are fantasies and therefore are unreal. Again I tell you; don't be afraid of anything or anyone. Your life belongs to me like the child in your womb belongs to its mother. And your soul is for me a matter of honor. There are no more enemies to overcome, for I have overcome them all in union with you. They are all under my footstool. There is no reason to think that one day they will return stronger. This is impossible because those resurrected to eternal life no longer die and their elevation is so great that where they live they cannot be reached by the creeping things. Can a small speck of dust from the road touch the beauty of the souls of an eagle in full flight above? Can a water droplet from a small pond touch the sun or the stars?

In truth, in truth I tell you that the height you have reached is much higher than you can even imagine. The world can never teach you how to fly the flight of the saints, nor sing the song of the angels. You can only learn that - or rather remember it - through the Christ in you. In other words, only in our direct relationship, as divine as it is human and holy at the same time, can you know yourself in the light of truth. This is because it is not the world that created you, nor you, but love. I know you know this very well, but we repeat it once again because the soul sings, vibrates and shudders when hearing this truth. Your heart knows who is speaking. So it is that it bubbles in the depths of its reality and sings a love song towards the creator of all that is holy, good, perfect.

You are the light of glory spreading in the world and far beyond. You are that ray of sun that emanates from the perpetual sun of perfect charity and that only you can be. You are the beauty of Christ spreading on earth and all creation. Just because you do not see with the eyes of the body the immeasurable immensity of what you are, does not mean that it does not exist. You know well how to contemplate things with the eyes of the spirit. Let your feelings live freely in your humanity, and also the thoughts. There is nothing in you that has to be denied or hidden. Everything in you is holy because you are my life, my being and my love. And I am humanized holiness. Love made man and woman, wind and dew, star and ocean, flower, song and movement. I am the whole of life in its pure expression.

II. Blessed of my Father

Together we are like a reality that knows itself in the mirror where it is contemplated. On one side I am, on the other is the mirror of your crystalline soul, pure as the most beautiful crystal. In it I contemplate myself in the glory of the infinite. In the same way, on one side you are, in front of you I am the mirror where your soul contemplates itself in all its magnificence. Our souls show us the truth. Our hearts shine the same light of purity and holiness, but each one with a very personal tint that makes it unique. In the continuous reflection of our light we become more and more wrapped and reunited in a hug of light. And we melt into a new light. Your light. My light. Our light. All dressed in a beauty that is beyond all words. Of a wisdom that surpasses all reasoning and of a purity whose greatness cannot be said. This is how one light calls another light and both merge creating new lights constantly.

There is no longer a sun there and lightning here. Now the sun melts in the ray of its own light and this in that from which it flows. The ray of light and the sun are one unit, made up of the same substance. There is no distance between one and the other. Both are the sun, both are the ray of light. Both are different forms of the same holy reality. Both illuminate the world with the only true light, the source of all luminescence. Origin of the stars and planets. Cause of the seas and the rains. Longing for hearts thirsty for love and beauty. I wake up of the minds that look for the certainty of the truth. Motive of life for souls in love and inspiration for poets and artists.

Everything in creation sings a hymn of praise and gratitude to the light that life gives. In that song we become one in love. We are the light, the cause of holy praise, and praise itself. We are the totality of being. There is nothing whose origin we are not, united forever in the light of truth. We are the relationship and the related. We are one with what makes creation exist and sustain itself in existence. We are one with the source of life and life manifesting itself. Everything is born from life and remains in it. Everything is manifested in the body of God and extends from him to everything. The universe expands because love is expansion. In the same way that happens with your being.

Oh beauty of my well-loved son! Who can paint you in all your reality, who can describe you? Can someone draw the face of love? Yes, yes it can. Well, a good artist can paint your face. And with it give shape to the amorphousness of Christ, to love that has no beginning or end.

Remember that you are love and nothing but love because you are an extension of God. Being one with me, everything that is part of you is divine and human at the same time. Your body is the body of Christ and your gaze is the gaze of love. Your arms are arms that embrace and your hands, hands that open to give and receive in a single act of love. Remember also that I have created you to enjoy eternally the glory of my reality. There is no reason for you to have to settle for what is little, because everything that is mine belongs to you. Heaven is yours. Yours are the earth and the sun. Oceans and lakes. The flowers and the songs. My daughters and sons. The angels of Heaven and the Mother of God. And my divine heart is also yours.

Everything belongs to you by birthright. Well I have arranged it from all eternity. So I have come again to tell you:

Come, blessed of my Father. Come enjoy the wonders that love has created for you. Now enter the sacred temple of your pure hearts. There where sweetness dwells, where the wisdom of Heaven shines. And where the joy of being is eternal. Rest in my arms. Stay with me. Together we will extend our holiness for ever and ever. And happiness will be perfect.

III. Sweetness of Heaven

Now I ask you to close your eyes for a moment and feel the warmth of my love. Stay with me, just as I stay with you. In our loving intimacy resides everything that your soul longs for and what your mind wants to know. In our embrace dwells the tenderness of God. Become one with it so you can spread it to the whole world and fill your life with joy. Truly, truly, I tell you, the world will not rest in peace until it returns to the sweetness of love. It is in him where the escape to everything that does not come from love resides. It is in the tenderness of God that compassion reaches its maximum splendor. Without it, the world would be eternally cruel and creation would lack harmony. But in her everything becomes beauty. Tenderness is the essence of love.

Just as you have been told that, walking the path of the heart, you unite yourself more closely to the truth of your being and you are in better conditions to live in the integrity of being; In the same way now I tell you that remaining in the sweetness of love is how your flight will rise like never before. Bring sweetness to your lives and to the lives of others. Treat creation tenderly, including yourselves. Behold how tender a snowflake is, a little chick just born to its mother the hen, the wail of a baby begging for love, the gaze of children, the smooth skin of a newborn, the simplicity of a dewdrop and the freshness of a stem that is being born. So much fragility, so much softness, so much sweetness surrounds you everywhere! So much humility! Oh holy creation! So full of tenderness, so vast in your softness! Who knows how to contemplate has found the hidden treasure, the lost dragma. In you resides the secret of love and the keys to Heaven and the kingdom itself.

Loved ones of all times and places. Daughters and sons from all over the world. I ask you to receive this message with an open heart. I invite you to meditate deeply on it. I assure you that it is not a hyperbolic use of language that is being said here. You can never exaggerate the importance, greatness and magnificence of the tenderness of love. I tell you that in this new era of humanity - new because they are the times of a new spirituality, a new consciousness - the distinctive feature will be the sweetness of love. Remember that these are the times of Mary, the ever sweet maiden of Israel. The ever tender purity of God's love made humanity. In it reside the treasures of the new era. The gifts from Heaven that God has prepared for each of you, her well-loved daughters and sons.

It is in the Immaculate Heart of Mary where you can drink from the source of beautiful love. And become one with the tenderness of Heaven. It is in her being that you can absorb the delights of the softness of the love of the Mother of God. Her heart is the perfect alliance between Heaven and earth. The ark where creation can enter to protect itself from the flood and remain within its refuge; safe, fed, full of the heat of a home that protects, while it rains outside temporarily.

I invite you to remain in the Immaculate Heart of Mary every day of your lives. I assure you that if you do what I tell you, you will never suffer a single scratch. Live hugs to Mary and the world will have no power over you. Let the Mother of divine reality cradle you, fill you with her maternal love, nourish your soul, and fill your hearts with a love that is not of the world, but that the world cries out in a thousand different ways. She knows how to do what love wants to be done in you and through you. Never separate us from her love. In it resides the light of glory and your sure joy.

Just as you have been invited to allow the angels of Heaven to be part of your lives, in the same way I ask again with love that you grow more and more in the love of Mary. May you place your trust as daughters and young sons in it. Not only for spiritual matters, but for everything that is part of your experience, including what you may consider unimportant. I tell you that there is nothing insignificant in your lives. Everything is part of a continuum of eternity. Extension of the spirit that animates your bodies, minds and hearts. I am calling you from all corners of the world to invoke Mary Immaculate, your Heavenly mother, in any of the many ways that you know how to do it. And that you do it every day of your lives.

Trust in your divine mother. I assure you that you will have many more thanks and blessings from your heart than you can imagine. Remember that where the Mother is the Son is there and where the Son is the Mother is. Together we are the unity of triune love. The unity of the sacred heart of Jesus and the Immaculate heart of Mary. That is why I call you to rest in her arms and in mine. Because in our union the totality of love resides. In our embrace you will receive everything that your souls long for. We can spin the sun and separate the waters. We can create universes of new universes, full of love and truth. We can heal the wounds and create a new life in your existence. There is nothing impossible for us.

In truth in truth I tell you that when you remain in us, nothing is impossible for you either. The divine nature united to the human forms in our union a unity that makes the pure potentiality of being can manifest without any limitation. I tell you that whoever makes the sun shine can make your lives take a new turn and you can live in the fullness of love from now on and forever. I assure you that our divine love can do that and much more. Look up at the sun. Walk a new path from now on. The path of the eternal novelty of beautiful love. I have come to make you something new at every moment.

I have come to give you new life, a new heart, a new holy being. And to continue walking together the eternal path of perfect love. A path where only abundant life exists. Where there is only the light, the beauty and the purity of Christ. A new and eternal way at the same time, the way of God. Lived from now on earth and extended to eternity in Heaven. As an effect, your life will take on a new dimension. Your horizons will expand. You will draw to yourself the forces of Heaven and all the benevolent things in the universe. The floodgates of your heart will open. And all the good things of creation will come out of it. Which live in you from all eternity, because you are a perfect extension of the tenderness of love. You are the sweetness of Heaven personified. United to us you are the light of the world.

Blessed are all my children.

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