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Mysticism and Humanity, received by Sebastián Blaksley

Mysticism and Humanity

Sons and daughters of light, holy beings, here we are, united in the glory of beautiful love, established in the truth. Our direct relationship is the greatest treasure of the soul. In it the light of holiness expands and manifests. Its divine reality becomes visible. Its realization makes itself known.

O beloved humanity! If only you knew the value of the gift that enables you to have conversations with nothing less than the Creator God Himself, He who is pure infinite love and from whom everything that exists springs forth in the magnificence of His creative power! If you became more and more aware of this gift of grace, of the capacity of the human soul to remain in unity with the Source of beautiful love, Creator of all that is holy, beautiful and perfect, you would grow in endless happiness.

You, humankind, most holy daughters and sons of the Father-Mother of holiness, have the ability to live in united with your humanity and divinity. Do you have any idea ​​what this means? I invite you to reflect on this, not with a separated mind that seeks to rationalize or explain from an intellectual perspective, but rather with a happy and joyful heart, with a serene mind that rests in the certainty of truth and the quietness of holy love, and from its rest opens to receive the wisdom of Christ.

Let Heaven pour over you today. Allow new life to flow from the Source of holy creation into your souls. Open yourselves to a new experience of beautiful love,

always eternal, always new. I assure you, this will be unlike any experience you have had so far in the world. Worldly experiences dependent on changing emotions fail to reach the being you really are because they do not come from Heaven. Rather, they belong to the realm of separation. But the experience of which I am speaking here, that of living in holy love and rapture, to the point of making it the food of your hearts and the happiness of your souls, does imbue the deepest reality of what you are. It comes from Christ and is poured out over you. It comes from the light and manifests itself in you.

Sisters and brothers from all over the world, what you are being called to in this revelation is a new way of seeing and living. It is an invitation to leave behind the attachment to the experience itself, very common in the extremes of human life, and to move to a new dimension in this aspect of your humanness. Seeking experiences for the experience itself is what happens when the mind is identified with the ego, which happens when the soul is not anchored to its true identity. In a way, we can say this happens when you do not have an identity. Remember, although it is impossible not to have one, it is possible to deny it and to live as if you did not. This option makes the mind create a false identity in order to exist. At this point in our dialogue of love and truth it is important you also remember that nothing can exist without an identity because without one, it would be nothingness itself.

Perhaps you are beginning to wonder why we are talking about the ego again and reviewing some of its old mechanisms, given the fact you are no longer identified with it? This question is actually very important and will be answered.

It is true that those who have come this far have been freed from false identification with that which has been called ego or false being. Even so, it is appropriate for the purpose of this revelation to review the egocentric mechanism that searches for experiences per se and then release it in a definitive way.

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