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Only One Body. Only One Love, recevied by Sebastián Blaksley

I. Loving What You Are

Beloved children of Heaven.

How much joy floods my heart, spending time together in our intimacy of divine love! What great happiness there is here, between you and me. Beloved soul! In our direct relationship resides the light that illuminates every man and every woman. In it dwells the sweetness of love. How could you not want everyone to know the beauty of holiness,-. Because once you savor it you know that giving and receiving are a unity! And even more. How could you not to want to extend what you are, once you know that you cannot stop doing so since you are perpetual extension!

My daughters and sons. When you know yourselves in the light of truth, you also know that there is nothing else to give other than what you are. And that you are always expanding, in one way or another. You have been created as an act of extension. For that reason you are love extended. There is nothing at the source that is not in your being. Cause and effect are one.

Perhaps you wonder, why is it necessary for my sacred heart to continue expressing itself in written words, always in unity with the Immaculate Heart of Mary, since many works have already been given to the whole world, serving as precedents from the same source of eternal wisdom? I would answer.

For centuries and centuries, you have had a relationship with your humanity that has not been completely based on beautiful love. This has led you to despise—or treat with scant dignity, and sometimes no dignity at all—your physical bodies, your minds, and that which comes from your human reality. That is not what was intended in relation to growth in the spiritual life.

The time has come when humanity is ready to integrate everything that comes from it into perfect love. Only in this way can you live in peace. If you still believe that something about you as a human being, or the physical creation as you see it, is inadequate, then you have not yet reached the truth. Perhaps you have at least reached a state where the lack of love for your humanity is no longer so dissociative. Or you have applied a good dose of forgiveness to it, and in that way you can feel a little more serene. But that's not the goal of truth for you. In this revelation that comes from Heaven, the foundations will be laid so that the integration of the human and the divine is a harmonious reality in your life here and now.

Everything that exists in the creation of the physical universe is holy by reason of its divine origin. This naturally includes human bodies and minds. In this affirmation resides the answer to the human conflict, since all dispute is the effect of a heart that does not love itself with unconditional love. In fact, if you understand well what is being revealed to you, this rejection or lack of love for your humanity is nothing other than the source of fear, or the opposite of love. Not loving what you are, and making sure that this lack of love is justified, has been the watchword of humanity since the beginning of time. Reversing that is the watchword of the Holy Spirit, who has come to you to tell you to return to the virginal state, in which you remain forever united to the truth. In other words, that you love yourself with the same love that I love you.

II. The Body of Christ in You

To believe that the body is something unworthy, is to believe that something of yourself is also. And if you believe that something about you is not worthy of being divinely loved, you cannot help but believe that everything you are, falls into that same category. For you know deep down in your heart that you are a unit. Your body and all the things you see in the world of form are not what they seem. When you see perfectly, this is with the vision of Christ, you will know that your body is of great beauty, glory, and holiness. Having a glorified body, as an essential part of who you are, is God's plan for you and for every human being. I have demonstrated this clearly and simply in the historical episode of the transfiguration of my divine body. And yet, despite the incalculable significance of this fact, it has been overlooked too many times. This work has come to reverse that.

We could say, soul in love, that these written and spoken words are the culmination of everything that has been revealed to you. We have traveled together on the paths of love, into the depths of your being. Towards the center of your heart where the light of truth shines eternally. At some point along that path, we have said that the body is not real and nothing that is of the form is. And here it may seem that there is a contradiction. And yet there is not.

In order to understand the message of a work, it is necessary to receive it in full. When you take a part of it and try to make a whole of it, things are taken out of context, and confusion is created. It is necessary to have patience on the spiritual path. The truth is revealed step by step, as if it were a question of unraveling a skein of a precious thread of the softest and most beautiful silk, to be able to weave a new garment full of beauty and light. And I assure you, my beloved, that this is not just a metaphor. Weaving a new garment for your soul, a new seamless dress woven with threads of light is what we are talking about. Because your body is a beauty, created and shaped by the light that comes from the Father of Lights. You were not created from clay, you were created from love. God took a beam of His light of pure divine love and thereby created his well-beloved child. Giving His child a body of love, a loving mind, a heart full of love, and a pure soul with which to extend the purity of holiness.

Before reaching the point where you are ready to see your humanity from a new light, which integrates all that you are in pure love, it was first necessary to disengage the fixed ideas that exist in relation to the body. Moving from a state of valuing the body as a whole, as if it were the only part of you, or as if it were your center rather than an aspect of your humanity, is what needed addressing. . By way of removing the hinges, which trapped your heart and mind in fixed ideas, that kept you from the truth.

Whether you decide to dedicate your life to exalting the body or to despising it, in both cases you are focusing your attention on an idea that does not make sense. What was meant, when it was said not to focus your gaze on the body, was to not pay attention to passing things as if they were the only important or essential thing. This is the same as saying don't make an idol of self. Living to meet the needs of the body is what humanity has been doing for centuries and centuries. And this is what has held humankind trapped in a skein. No longer of threads of light but of shadows and fears.

III. Body of Light and Truth

The body can be imbued with love just as much as the mind and the heart. Indeed, love embraces all that you are. Therefore, there are no reasons for the body to be left out of that embrace. Exalting does not mean loving. Those who live for the body forget the soul and those who live only for the soul neglecting the body, forget the integrity of the being that they really are. You are mind-body-spirit. That is the unit that has been lost from sight rather than valuing it as if it were the center. Or sometimes, viewing it as the only thing that makes up your reality. To return to the loving acceptance of the perfect equality of these parts, as the totality that is, is to return to balance. A lack of balance is born from the loss of the sense of integrity of the being that you really are. That is, of the totality that makes up your humanity.

The spirit is not superior to the body, nor inferior because there are no superiorities or inferiorities in the totality. What is a unit has no parts. You have no parts. All that you are is clothed with the totality of your being. In your body, there is everything that you are, as well as in your being that you call “non-physical”. Both are a unit. If you separate one of them, you stop being as God created you to be, because God has created you with a body of light and truth. As physical and as spiritual as my body, my blood and my spirit of love are.

I am the Man-God. Fully human and fully divine. And yet this reality has not been fully understood and accepted. Little is thought about it. This is because it is a fact the mind cannot easily digest, due to its fixation on previous ideas in relation to the body. Remember that it depends on what the mind thinks it is.

The awareness of the realization of your divinized humanity is what this work is about, and everything that you have received from Heaven to be shared with your sisters and brothers. Little by little, from this starting point in time, you will emerge as a human family from the duality that has been created unnecessarily. A duality that has set the body against the spirit and vice versa. Causing disintegration and separation, instead of knowing in the light of the truth that says: everything that comes from God is whole, therefore you have to be too. In the integrity of all that you are resides the truth about you.

In truth, I tell you, sisters and brothers, every dispute that manifests itself in the world, from the smallest fight between children to the most horrible of wars, is born first in a heart that is in conflict with itself. And in this way, it creates an inner dispute, born of a lack of acceptance of oneself, and therefore of a lack of love for what you are.. A heart that is in this state is a heart that suffers. That is the reason why it makes others suffer; so as to immerse them in unity with yourself. You can't stop living in union. Even if you try to do so in a contrary way to love.

My dear ones. I invite you to genuinely love each other. To love your bodies, your minds, and your being in the sanctity of chastity. This is nothing other than loving oneself with pure love. I assure you, that if you bring perfect love to what you are being at every moment of your lives, you will bring Heaven to Earth. Start now, loving your humanity in the way I love you. And you will see how you spread the light of Christ, and the happiness of Heaven in which you were created to all.

You may wonder how you will be able to so radically change your way of seeing things in relation to the body and your humanity? Do not worry about it, you are ready. Simply take care of the one essential thing, which is to remain united to my sacred heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, in whose unity resides the source of beautiful love. And the rest will be given to you in addition.

Truly, truly, I tell you that when you remain in love, you return to the integrity of the being you truly are, divine humanity.

Thank you for listening to my voice and following it.

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What a beautiful message to not reject any part of the truth of being! Sorry I could join the call today, but I am with you!

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