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Song of holiness, received by Sebastián Blaksley

I. In the eternity of my love

Beloved soul, Holy creature, I thank you for opening your heart to receive my love. Love spreads from heart to heart, like a spring of pure water that flows from its source, overflowing and poured into beautiful vessels of pure crystal. That is why I thank you, and all those who receive me in the beauty of their holy abode—hearts that seek peace and love.

Every time you come to meet me, my heart overflows with joy. I look for you in every corner of the universe. I speak to you every moment of the day. I look at you with all my tenderness. And I am looking to create new ways to give you love, love, and more love. That is why I protect you. I take care of you as if it were a matter of honor. And I rejoice to hold you in the palm of my hand, or hug you against my most sacred chest to feel the beating of my heart.

Truly, truly, my beloved, I cannot yet give you an idea of ​​how much joy my heart feels for the love you profess for me, so much love that you direct to me who am your source, your being, and your life. As well as the love you extend to your sisters and brothers in Christ and all creation.

There is only one love, and that is God. That is why all the love you give, you give to me. I am the source of all love and the receiver too. This is what was meant when I said that I am the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end. Love comes from me and extends from my divine being to loving hearts that seek peace, truth, and the sanctity of beautiful love, and from them returns to Me, who lives in each heart.

There is not a single being who does not live because of my love. I am love made beauty in the petals of a rose. Made true in the beauty of the dew that refreshes and nourishes the grass. I manifest myself in the magnanimity of brotherly love and in the greatness of the stars and the sun. Everything is born from me, extends into infinity, and returns to my arms—as do you too, since you were created for infinity, that is, for perfect love. To know that you were created for love is to know your purpose.

My sons and daughters, you who receive these words know how to recognize the language of love. You know, and because of this your soul in love with Christ only feels comfortable in the presence of your beloved, peacefully resting in the arms of pure love. That is why you are only happy when you know that you are loved and lover. What happiness can be greater than giving and receiving holy love? Whoever has love has everything because love is everything. Whoever lives in the presence of love abides in truth because the two go hand in hand. You can't have one without the other. Where truth dwells there also dwells certainty and the unbreakable peace of a God who is infinite love, creator of life, and savior of the world.

II. Live in love

Oh, convulsed humanity! Many times you are agitated by things that make no sense, and by things that you neither really need nor want. I remind you again that only one thing is necessary for the soul: love and being loved with purity. The rest is of no value because her essence, destiny, and reason for being is love. From love, you have been made, in love you live, and through love, you exist forever. Life is love.

Today, as always, I invite you to come to me to feel my embrace as the unconditional lover of souls. I call you to grow in our direct relationship. You and me. United in love, whose expression is unique. I wish with all my divinity that you come to my most sacred heart so that you can experience the beauty, strength, and holiness of a love that has no beginning and no end. A love that has created you out of itself and that has given you a face with which you became unique and unrepeatable.

I assure you that in my love you will find everything that your heart yearns for. Everything that your mind seeks to know. And everything your soul may need. My love will fill you to the extent of your capacity. Not a single space in your heart and soul will be left unfilled with the purity and holiness of my divine essence. And once filled, your divinity will shine through your humanity. All of you—body, mind, and spirit—will be one integrated unit in the light of love.

I call you to cultivate loving thoughts and pure feelings so that the world's habitual thinking, so based on the attack-defense system, will be replaced by a new pattern of thought and emotional response, one that will make a new Heaven and new Earth present in your lives.

There is no need to wait in time for what is not born of time. The reality of God remains unchanged even on Earth. A veil may have been drawn over this truth, and that has clouded your understanding, but that doesn't make the truth untrue. God, who is infinite love and limitless power, cannot be devoid of souls or of anything that is true.

III. There will be faith in the land

I tell you truthfully that you are living in times of a resurgence of faith. The day will come when you can see this resurgence as something visible and easily recognized in the world. You are witnessing an era where souls are directed more than ever towards the God within. This does not need the communal aspect of your humanity to be removed. You are relationship because you are love. Therefore, I invite you to integrate your individuality with your universality. You are one and all at the same time. You are the one who needs times and spaces of solitude, and also the one who needs to go out to meet to know herself and to extend herself in the love that is a union of holiness.

I call you to grow in your framework of relationships, in a way that allows you to include everyone within the embrace of love. This inclusion is different from what the world has long considered as union. The inclusion that comes from perfect love is one in which you don't lose yourself in the relationship; rather, you can manifest yourself in it, within the truth of what you are.

You are all valuable because you are extensions of divine love. You are all part of the concert of creation. You have been created by love to live in it. This means that the goal of your being is not isolation, but totality in the freedom of union that has no beginning and no end. If you have lost sight of this truth in your minds and hearts, it was because you had conceived of relationships as something that only served the purpose of survival, both materially and mentally. But that stage is behind us already.

For those who live in love, encounters are opportunities to extend their union with Christ. That is, to go out to meet the inner Christ that shines immensely in the hearts of others, even if the other cannot fully perceive it. No soul that walks the Earth does not have—or has not had—at least a glimpse of her relationship with God, and knows the living Christ who lives within. You cannot completely drown out the call of love.

The heart cannot be silenced. The power of love that dwells within is incomparably greater than that of any thought that seeks to nullify it. Just as love cannot be obliterated, the voice of truth cannot be removed from consciousness. You all know what love is and what truth is. And because you enjoy this knowledge, you are bearers of a moral consciousness which does not come from the learning of the world but is connected to the innate knowledge with which you were created.

Doing good is proper to love. Living in holiness is the way of being with truth. You know this very well. Your souls know how to do it. They respond with disgust and often with sadness when you do not walk the path of the light of Christ, because you are light emanating from the Father of lights.

My daughters and sons! Do not become scattered with things that cause concern in your hearts. Simply remain in me, and everything else will be added. Put aside your fears of the future, or how you lived in the past. Enjoy now and always in the eternal present of my divine love, and your lives will be a hymn of holiness.

I bless you in peace that has no opposite.

Thank you for listening to my voice and following it.

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