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Subject to love, recevied by Sebastián Blaksley

Pure soul. Full of the grace of God. Light that you spread My light. Today I have come again to dwell with you in this particular way. I do it for the pure joy of staying by your side and in you. And to continue our work of sharing a wisdom that is not of the world, and a love that is born from the source of all holy love.

My beloved ones. If you knew the gift that it means to receive these words, you would remain in adoration before the majesty of a love that has no beginning and no end, which is the source from which they spring. All of them are clothed with the glory of heaven, since they proceed from it. And they spread over the earth, as if it were a delicious perfume full of fragrances of holiness. Its aroma beautifies creation. Its beauty makes life more and more beautiful, because its beauty is ever increasing.

The truth resides in my word because they are born of love and in it they spread. Holiness dwells in her. Through it life is created. Each of the things that have been called into existence, including your souls and all that you are, has been born from the movement of my divine word. Love travels in them. The light is shed above all through your reality. Nothing is out of reach. No one is excluded from my voice. In it there is everything that the purity of your hearts yearns for.

My daughters and sons. You must remember that when your souls hear my sweet voice they rejoice, to the point of lovingly surrendering to the will of the One who is not only the source of their being, but the purpose of their existence and the joy of their reality. Love is everything to the soul. Those who have attained the wisdom of heaven know this to be true, because they have remembered with a memory that is beyond learning, that their essence is holy in nature. Innocence and holiness are one and the same. Both are a constitutive part of love as divine purity is its essence and reality.

Oh pure and innocent thoughts! Oh holy feelings! What can be more sublime than you? You are for creation, like breezes and serene wind, light that illuminates life with ineffable sweetness and beauty. For you, everything that has been created exists. By eternal extension of your divine reality is that life has been given life. You bring to the world the boundless compassion, the mercy of a God who is infinite love. Go throughout the land sowing your delights. Spread to the ends of the universe. Go where hearts seek the beauty of divine knowledge and the joy of peace.

My beloved ones. Do not let yourself be overwhelmed by the attachment to beliefs. Always be aware of the fact that through this a rigid thought system is created that tends to create separation, and even enmity. I invite you to reflect on this. And I give you a simple way not to fall into that temptation. Unite with love everything that is part of your lives, both thoughts, feelings, beliefs and way of being. I have said unid so that you remember that it is from the union that one lives in the light of love and truth. But I can also tell you, submit everything to love. This would also be an appropriate mode of expression, because submission to love has no relation to those submissions that do not come from it. The submission of love is subjection. Who, in their right mind, would not want to be subject to a love that is truth, life, holiness, endless bliss and their own identity?

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