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The Divine Throne

I. The Plans of Love

As has been revealed, the desire to make the separation a reality created a whole world of opposites and experiences alien to love. It was not the original will of the soul or of God that something contrary to truth should exist. In fact, it can only exist in the plane of unconsciousness or illusion, never in eternal reality.

What is said here must be expanded upon so as not to fall into the error of believing that you committed a sin of universal magnitude by choosing the option of the experience of separation, and that your Divine Mother, oblivious to all of this, had to come to your rescue as if you were "wayward." Such thoughts about yourself, a light-filled soul, or about God's creation, is so unloving that there is no point in dwelling on it.

When the option for opposite was exercised as a means to reach knowledge, it was also known that resurrection was its final outcome. Neither you, nor Christ, nor your Divine Mother, from whose holy heart these words flow, nor any aspect of true creation, wanted to create an option of irrevocable separation. They did not.

The fact that everything part of the dual experience would come to an end was always contemplated, as well as the event of the Christic incarnation. These were never subject to the choice for separation or duality.

Whatever the son or daughter of God freely chose, Christ would join human nature because it was part of the unchangeable divine plan. Everything converges and will forever converge in Christ because everything has been created for him, with him and in him. Remember, my beloved, that creation belongs to love and nothing but love—that is, to Christ.

In the past, both individually and universally, emphasis has been placed primarily, almost exclusively, on the guilt and pain that the experience of separation cause, even if always temporary. This, as has already been said, was part of a pattern of individual and collective thought. Somehow, the whole story was missed. When identified with the ego, the thinking mind focused practically all its capacities on dealing with the belief in ceasing to be, that is, death.

The world was perceived as hostile and challenging, in which every day there seemed to be the need to fight to stay alive a while longer, until the last day arrived in which the fight would no longer make sense and finally the battle for survival would be lost, since everything comes to an end. Faced with such a perceived reality, the mind was stunned. It felt that it had come to a combat field and saw no other options. The deafening noises of perceived warfare had prevented it from looking beyond the seemingly obvious to the sweet, serene face of Christ, in whose reality it happily dwelt forever. So it was for many millennia until it was ready to glimpse—to remember—that there was something beyond what the eyes saw or bodily senses perceived.

II. To the Light of the Father

As the memory of truth began to dawn in universal consciousness, humanity—and with it the rest of the physical universe—began to rise. Its mind and heart, along with every aspect of creation, began to live consciously united with Heaven. It was no longer a humanity that only fought to cling to life in the exhausting battle for survival and the supremacy of the “fittest.” Instead, it began to remember its divine origin, and that this origin, although nameless, was perfect love. It was ready to receive Christ in its own flesh. Not only did God begin to remember Himself, but with that memory He became one with everything created, as He has always been. It ceased to be a remembrance, becoming one with everything and everyone in a close, direct, real, integral reality.

When Christ manifested as a man a new creation arose. Or rather, his incarnation became the source of the new creation. A new reality springs from it, which began to manifest immediately after that "universal consciousness event" manifested in form. By becoming one with a human body, the creative power of Christ was set in motion through his divine spirit to create the new Heaven and the new Earth, the convergence of God's holy creation. Naturally, this concerns not only the physical aspect, but also the mind, heart, soul, and everything part of human reality, as well as the material universal.

Perhaps the question still exists in your mind as to why the human soul was given the option of following a path of the opposite of love that would entail pain and suffering. For what purpose would such a path be created, even if it finally led to the bliss of divine knowledge and perpetual happiness? To understand, it is necessary to be sufficiently stripped of ideas of the apprentice mind, and go to the memory that dwells in the center of being—a remembrance so ancient that time cannot embrace it.

Be silent inside. Close your eyes if necessary. Allow the sweet memory of your Divine Mother to shine with greater luminescence in your holy mind. Let the softness of truth show itself to you joyfully without judgments, preconceived ideas, or interpretations. Just be silent, watch, and remember.

In that memory of the moment of the creation of the idea of separation, you will recognize that it is not that the soul was given a choice among many, which would include some that cause damage, suffering, and lack of love. None of those things are an option in God or in you. Love does not propose destructive things, nor the truth foolish things. The option for separation was not, as such, an option. It was an effect of the desire to create a reality of self-awareness apart from union with the whole. It is a way of creation of the soul not in harmony with the creative Source.

III. The Urge to Be

The soul never creates anything contrary to love. What happens is that when she decides to create in her own way, without remaining united to her Source, she manufactures things the effects of which, due to her ignorance, she does not know. Does hearing this—or living it—come as a surprise? Or are you surprised by what happens so often that surprise seems to be a natural aspect of existence? Do you not decide things that you think will be a blessing, and they are not? How much pain is created by not being aware of the consequences of actions!

The soul did not want to suffer. It was not receiving a punishment for sin. Give up those beliefs forever, for they will prevent you from living fully in the consciousness of resurrection. Rather, the soul sought a unique identity with separation. But it tried to achieve this without involving its Source. It is as if it had said: “I want to know myself. For this I will create an identity that allows me to be unique, unrepeatable, and also knowable. I myself will determine what I am.” This stemmed from the notion that no one could know itself more than itself—the germ of egoism, a consequential state in which the soul is its own source of knowledge and action.

The soul knew that God is infinite mercy, but did not know what that consisted of. Therefore, the idea of being her own creator, in the sense of defining for herself what she is, did not engender fear or rejection, since she knew that her Divine Mother would if necessary correct that creation together with her. The audacity to create in the manner of a soul separated from God is not so great if one understands that the knowledge of the soul included the knowledge that whatever it created could be re-signified in love and reunited with truth. Have no doubt that this knowledge is part of you from all eternity.

You know that you are not alone, that you will always be loved, that Heaven exists, and that it is your home. You know this very well. You also know the infinite goodness of the One who not only created you, but also sustains you in existence with Her infinite sweetness and eternal holiness.

When you chose separation, you also saw that Christ would incarnate, and that the resurrection would recreate everything in holiness and justice. You also knew that walking this path would have you reach a degree of union with love that no other path would achieve. That, also, was an effect of your choice. You saw, you observed, and you chose the perfect path to become like God in God, which is the will of your soul and that of your Divine Mother.

In your own way you created an authentic universe of experiences. Every aspect of that creation was brought together in Christ so that, while continuing to honor your creations, they may be benevolent, harmless, holy, and filled with the true beauty of your being, just as you have always wanted. In other words, everything you created and believed in will always be respected and loved. And if it is not grounded in the truth, my divine love will gently take it into my hands, show it to you, and together we will re-signify it, bring it to the throne of light, where everything given to love is sanctified because of what the child of God is.

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