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The Joy of Resurrection

I. Love In Freedom

Sons and daughters of God, you have been searching for truth and have found it, even in a world that seems to have denied it. You received the gift of this revelation by the grace of divine will and yours. You seek to love as Christ loves, and think that you have not achieved it yet.

I have said that you are called to live in the joy of resurrection. This is not a new commandment, nor an imposition, but an invitation. If accepted, happiness without opposite and a peace that encompasses all of God's creation will sprout.

You have been told in the various revelations received, of which this is an integral part, that everything exists within the embrace of love, and that a house of cards—for that is what the guilty state is—was erected within the universe of truth. You are reminded of this so you understand that resurrection is the bridge that unites the Kingdom of Heaven with all states foreign to love. Without it you could not escape the illusory reality of guilt.

Any state of consciousness that the son or daughter of God wants to create without love must be allowed, although it must also have an escape, a way to return to divine consciousness. I will clarify this important matter but first remind you how much I love you, how precious you are to my divine being, how full of beauty, grace, and goodness you are, soul of my soul, being of my being.

Beloved of my heart, allow me to reveal something about creations that do not have their foundation in the divine will, that is, in perfect love. When something like that occurs, it is because of what it believes to be its right to create in a way different from God's way, as free will demands.

When the soul fabricated for itself the state of guilt, or separation, it made a choice. Love respects everyone's decisions. This is why it allows the soul to create dimensions alien to its divine reality. This is not an irresponsible respect for the freedom of God's children, like a father allowing his very young son to fly a passenger plane. Rather, it is because he knows that there will be a "vortex," a "bridge," or "channel" that will allow him to return to the Father's House, to the virgin soul as it was created. In short, love knows that it will never be separated from the soul, nor she from him.

I said before that every state of consciousness foreign to the divine will, foreign to love, carries within itself what allows it to be abandoned, so the soul can always return to truth. The resurrection is what embraces in the sanctity of the divine being everything that does not proceed from love, and transmutes it into a state of perfect unity with Christ. Then what was dispersed is reunited, what had been lost is found, and what had been denied precisely because of its truth is once again recognized as the foundation of everything in God.

II. In the Abodes of Heaven

There is one consideration of great importance that needs remembrance here. Although it is true that any foreign state of consciousness can be abandoned forever to the divine will and the return to Heaven accomplished, it is also true that the reverse path cannot be made. You who are the resurrected of love, know that you cannot go back. One cannot go backwards in consciousness, for once reached, you never lose a degree of consciousness.

Perhaps somewhere in your mind you hear the following question: If all that is true, how is it possible that the soul ever fell? What can guarantee it will not happen again?

This question is the result of a deeply rooted thought pattern in the thinking mind, one that we must put aside forever since it belongs to the old world, which is not here. What fell was never the consciousness that you are. Your being remains forever in the Heaven of holy love. What happened is that the mind began to believe a childish fantasy as if it were true, which fabricated an unreal reality.

Can you forever abandon a false belief in the reality of an illusion? Of course you can, because of your will to live in truth. Remember, my love, that believing in fantasies is not a property of consciousness but a minuscule aspect of the mind.

No one is resurrected to die again. If so, it would not be a true resurrection. You may wonder then: Why were there some who were resurrected by me in the time when I testified to truth in the form of Jesus, who later tasted death? That is because, beloved of my heart, the leap of consciousness from true resurrection to eternal life had not yet occurred. That jump happened a little later in time, after my death on the cross. Until then, no one could experience the resurrection state perfectly because the mind of the son of God was not ready to accept it. But finally it was. First, the ego had to be abandoned on the cross in order to transcend it and reunite everything with Christ. Did I not say: "Father, why have you forsaken me?"

It is evident that the abandonment of which I spoke could not refer to that of my being. What love abandoned was not me, who am its reality, but what many call ego, or false identity. Abandoning it, the ego vanished forever for it had no meaning; it dissipated because of its own insubstantiality.

III. Love Never Leaves

Is it not true, beloved soul, that you have sometimes felt as if God abandoned you? Let me tell you what that means in the light of love. When the ego withdraws from the soul that was identified with it, it feels as if its own being is leaving, or as if it is passing through the death of its identity. In a certain sense that is real, since after believing that you are what you are not, when you put aside the false self, you feel that you are the one who is vanishing. This sense of loss of self persists until the beauty of the Christ who truly is begins to shine forth in your heart. In other words, until Christ rises in you, reborn into the love that you truly are.

Can you realize the absolute impossibility of being abandoned by love? What dies, never lived. What ceases to be, never was. In this truth lies your escape from the world of illusion, birth, death, and from the whole world.

I never let myself be carried away by illusions. I always knew the truth. I walked the roads of the world being fully aware of that knowledge. The same happens with you. Perhaps you have believed that for some years of your Earthly life this knowledge was veiled from your consciousness, or that you did not have the ability to live in harmony with that divine knowledge, but to think like that is to keep thinking about an unreal, untrue past. Remember, the past is meaningless. There is no point in looking there for answers only the truth can reveal, which is the eternal presence of God.

When I said that my father had abandoned me, I wanted to testify to my perfect and total union with all creation's experience of suffering. I know, because I know every beat of your heart, that everyone experiences a sense of being abandoned by God before their enlightenment or union with Christ. This happens not only on an individual level, but also collectively. Indeed, it is what the world is experiencing now.

God has not died, nor will He ever die, for He is eternal life. However, what does die is the identification with the false god that would replace love—what we call the ego, or the illusion of your identity, not because it has a name but so that you can distance yourself from its insignificant reality and release the false belief that it is what you are.

Naturally, for a being who believes it is what it is not, when its false self is brought before the light of truth to be seen for what it is and then abandoned, what usually happens is that it believes that it was God who abandoned it, despite the fact that it is actually the mind that always abandons what is not true and never was true. When that happens, the light of Christ shines again in all its glory in that small part of the mind that had denied love as the only Source of its reality. In other words, once the choice to abandon illusion is made, the soul is resurrected to eternal life.

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