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The Law of Life

I. Human and Divine

Beloved soul full of grace, I am Archangel Raphael. By the blessing of Divine Will, I am given the gift of being the bearer of this revelation manifested in this dialogue of love and truth. As you already know and have experienced, there is only one true voice which is that of Christ, king of kings, love of all love, light of all true light.

My archangelic heart sings to the greatness of the lord of life and Creator of all that is holy, perfect, and pure. With Her divine power She extends love eternally. Her divine motherhood creates abundant life in a constant flow that nothing and no one can stop. The infinite becomes form in love. One of those expressions, which nevertheless gathers within itself the essence of God, is you who receive these words. Blessed heart, you have been chosen in the design to co-create together the new Heaven and the new Earth.

Light of resurrection, holy thought, being of perfect love, you are the joy of creation. I know that you still cannot experience in all its dimensions how much happiness extends to the universe due to your existence, but the day will come when you will be aware of it, and the humility that comes from living in truth will melt you into an everlasting song of perfect praise and deep gratitude. You will see the glory of Christ spreading from you everywhere like a mighty river of light—divine grace manifesting from the center of your heart to everything and everyone.

The rays of divine reality that emanate from your being embrace everything. They are the extension of the embrace of love. Nothing is excluded from them. Soul in love, you who have risen to eternal life in the unity of Christ, you who have made the fundamental option for love, I tell you that the light of all true light which no eye can look at without being blinded, pours out all over your being and embraces all of what you are. And from your holy reality, you yourself extend it to the rest of creation in unity with your sisters and brothers, with me, and with the Mother of love.

The perfect union of human and divine is itself the resurrection because it is the convergence of form with the content of truth. It is the expression of love and its Source, the joy of sharing as it is in God. Do you listen in the center of your heart, to how the flowers sing? How the birds dance to the rhythm of the wind? Her song and dance are her unique way of expressing the joy of existence.

There is no more sublime expression of gratitude than a sincere smile of the heart which lives joyfully in love. This is how the hearts of sonship abide forever in the perfect reality of God—among them is you, the unique form of Christ in you. Truly, truly I tell you that without you, our Divine Mother would lack something. She would be incomplete, not in her essence, but in the knowledge of creation. You were created as a holy expression of the will of perfect love to make itself known. This you know well.

II. Only Life Is True

Despite the fact that your mind is the bearer of the truth revealed here, you have not yet made eternal life your only way of thinking, feeling, and being. This is what—in truth and not in illusions—it means to live as the resurrected you are. If death does not exist or have consequences, and if endless life is the only thing real because it is the only true thing, what room can there be for sorrow? Where could sadness dwell? What sense can there be in battles and guilt?

Beloved sons and daughters of the world, please listen to what I come to remind you of by the grace of the loving will of the Divine Mother. You will not die. Nobody will die. Nothing that has been called into existence will cease to be. I assure you that the stars will remain for all eternity, as will the stones and the wind, the planets and daybreak, bodies and spirits, minds and music.

Everything to which Divine Mother gives life is eternal because of what She is. This is the immutable law on which life rests. Nothing can change it. If well understood, you will know that the laws of love, of nature, and of cause and effect reside upon it. She is Herself the Source, the origin and the end of all true law. Even those that govern the dynamics of atoms and elements are subject to Her, along with what moves the soul and mind, spirit and heart.

There is life beyond time. There is love beyond the Earthly experience. There is God's will in Heaven. There is discernment and everything you are capable of conceiving or not conceiving. There is no possibility that you could vanish into nothingness, nor that your mind, your soul, or anything in the universe cease to be what it is. This is why the inexorability of the resurrection is perfectly acceptable. Without it, eternal life would not be eternal.

My love, as you know, many children cry when they are born. This is due, among other reasons to their fear of separating themselves from the state in which they were, and having to transit into the Earthly experience. The opposite happens at the moment of the “definitive embrace of love”—the name that I sweetly ask you to use for the transit made from the realm of time to that of no-time, towards the true life you live eternally in God.

Daughters and sons of holiness, how often have you heard that death does not exist? That there is only life without end, infinite joy, an eternity of love? Even those who with a sincere heart would answer “never” or “rarely” carry within them the perfect knowledge that eternal life is the only reality in which everyone remains forever united with God.

Consequently, whether you have heard that statement often or not at all, you know the truth of it. You came into the world with holy knowledge, a foundation of all truth. Nevertheless, you have not yet made it the cornerstone of your thinking, feeling, and living.

This manifestation of Heaven given here for the good of many is given to you so that, from now on, you make the conscious choice to support your entire system of thought, feeling, faith, and hope, in the perfect certainty of your resurrection. Not as something that will happen, but as what you are and therefore as your reality now and always. Blessed soul, you who receive these words, remember that you are the resurrected, which is the same as saying that you are love and nothing but love.

III. Resurrection Is Always

Beloveds from all over the world, if after walking together the path of beautiful love in union with Jesus, Mary, the blessed angels of light, and all the true creation of the Mother and with all the revelations given through this blessed pencil in the hands of love, you are still waiting for the resurrection to be the final prize, you have not advanced far enough.

To live forever in the arms of love is your destiny. You cannot comprehend this with your thinking mind. The goal of this work is not to substitute one thought system for another. In fact, those who have reached this point on the path know it is no longer necessary to think about anything or to apply mental effort of any kind. The truth we are remembering here is well known by your being—the knowledge of the love of God and of what you are.

Never before has the resurrection been so directly associated with the true identity of being. Herein lies the central grace of this demonstration in which, thanks to the healing of memory you have already achieved, you begin to accept the fact that you are the resurrection and the life. This shift of consciousness is of such magnitude that you cannot imagine its universal effects.

Is it not true that to abandon forever the idea of death is to loosen the fundamental stone of the world's thought system and the foundation of separation? Does this not mean putting aside the cause of all fear? That is how radical is the call that love makes. Love asks you to stop merely believing in the resurrection so you can move on to be its trustworthy expression, its pure manifestation. That is why I remind you now, over and over again:

Graceful soul, born of the Mother of eternal life and sustained forever in her divine love, the Source of all creation, you are the resurrection and the life. You are one with the truth.

You who receive these words, I invite you to repeat them to yourself, out loud if you prefer. You will be accompanied by truth, your mind will rest in peace, and your heart will rejoice because it will recognize the truth in this voice of love.

Blessed are you who have opened your humanity to receive the grace of holiness from Heaven!

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We are being guided rapidly now. It feels like I have Beings on both sides of my body. I am between them as they each hold a hand and we move together. First walking fast, now flying.

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