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The Light has Come, received by Sebastián Blaksley

I. Love and Fulfillment

My dear sons and daughters

Do not forget that staying united to love is what—in the end—will not only give you total healing of your hearts, and the light your minds yearn for but also the certainty of living in the truth , that also brings Heaven to Earth. I am love. I am the source of endless life. I am what your hearts seek when it seeks the bliss of fulfillment.

The souls that inhabit Earth have come to heal—or awaken—from Adam's dream. This is something that goes beyond the events of everyday life. However, each of them leads you in one way or another towards that healing. This great truth is revealed to you so that you may be at peace with yourself and with life.

Your souls have come to this world to heal from the separation or disconnection of the consciousness of the holy love that you are. When you entered the physical creation, as you now conceive it, you did so for a divine purpose, in perfect accord with God's will. Your souls know this, for in them dwells the knowledge of life. Nothing that is true is hidden from the minds of the children of God. Nothing that is not perfect love is denied them.

The wound of the soul with which it enters the world, is healed through the path of life in union with the Holy Spirit, the source of all true healing. To do this, the events of the life of the world make you aware of your spiritual pain. Indeed, the pains that are experienced in human life are nothing more than echoes of the pain of the soul that has been wounded by the loss of consciousness of the truth that it is. That state of unconsciousness of what you are hurts the heart, the mind and everything that you are. That is the wound you are healing.

The spiritual or other exercises that you do to heal what you perceive as the wounded self have great value. This is because through it you become aware of the need for healing, and you open yourself to the humility of asking to be healed. And not only that, but also by these means you consciously set yourself on the path towards the search for spiritual and physical health. This enables the particular consciousness to integrate into its light that which was beyond its reach. Even so, it is the Holy Spirit who illuminates consciousnesses embracing with divine light all that remains in it and fuseing it in the fullness of holiness.

Don't worry about how this is done. Love is the source of wholeness. Rest serenely in this truth. And try to bring everything to your consciousness. Especially those things that plague your hearts. And place it in the hands of the love that shines in your being. I assure you that in this way the metanoia of the self is produced. A process, which is not a process, causing that which is united to the sanctity of your consciousness to be transmuted into pure love. I tell you in spirit and truth that there is not a single healing effort that does not bear abundant fruits in healing and fullness. You can consider the healing of your souls as a path towards the integration of the truth about who you are, that is, of love.

To be real is the goal of every divine creature. This is because God is the source of reality and reality itself. You, who have been created in His likeness, are as real as God. To be fully yourself, without the need for masks, clothes and armor is what we are talking about. Only in this state of authenticity of the heart is where you can feel happy and fulilled. All suffering comes from not living in the fullness of the truth about who you are. And all the joy, of living being as God created you to be. This affirmation is the essence of the truth that sets you free. Your hearts know it very well. I simply remind you so that you do not forget, as we continue to travel the roads of the world together.

II. Beauty of Knowledge

I invite you to be calm, patient and merciful with yourself. If you remain united to my most sacred heart, always in unity with the Immaculate Heart of Mary, you will become more and more meek and humble of heart. Because of this, you will inherit the Earth and Heaven. Peace will be your only truth, and harmony the only delight that you will long to keep in your souls. In my heart you will find the abundance of Heaven. I give it to you without any limitation. Everything that is part of me is yours, because of my willingness to give myself entirely to you who are my well-loved sisters and brothers.

I assure you that no one will ever love you as I love you. Truly, truly, I tell you that my love surpasses all measure. And it not only embraces you and extends to everything created but is also a source of love. That is, my love, united with your hearts, is capable of creating new love. When you remain in prayer, you emit a new shining light from your souls full of diverse and beautiful colors, which brightens life and extends from within towards all creation.

Love renews souls, recreates existence and makes everything reborn in the beauty of the holiness that it is. That is why I constantly urge you to remain in love. So that you may be happy living in the knowledge of the beauty that you really are. And this knowledge becomes the only certainty of your identity, because in effect it is.

You have been created perfect. Not according to the standards of the world, but according to divine wisdom. Discovering your perfection, being as you truly are, and accepting your humanity as it is, is a source of joy. I tell you there is not a single soul that walks the Earth that does not feel inferior to what they really are. It is this feeling of incompleteness that makes you think of yourself as inadequate. This does not come from love. It doesn't matter whether this feeling is used to present yourself as superior or inferior to your sisters or brothers, as in both cases you are pretending to make different what is the same, and cannot come from the truth.

Those who are of the same nature cannot be different. Therefore, there can be no levels between divine creations. They are all daughters and sons of the same God. They are all extensions of holy love itself. They are all loving expressions of the one truth. When I say all, I mean every thought that comes out of the divine mind. That is, all the infinite creations of the Father of creation. In other words, to every aspect of parentage, including you who receive these words.

I invite you to make wisdom the only source of your knowledge and action. If you do so , I assure you that you will see things as God Himself sees them. Everything will make sense in your lives. You will understand that everything is in the hands of infinite Love, that is, of the Creator. And with this knowledge, you will be able to travel any path without losing your peace or getting lost along the way. Listen well, as what is being said to you remains united to the truth of the holy love that you are, healing you from the source of all fear, which is the fear of not being.

III. Refuge of Holy Love

The fear of losing yourself in the world and having to pretend to be what you neither want to be, nor are , is the source of all fear. And how could that fear become aroused, if what you are is the greatest wonder of creation? You are the living miracle of beautiful love. Have no fear of something that would seem to have the power to make you not be what you really are, since you have been created in the perfect knowledge of the beauty of the holiness of Heaven that you are?

You know who you are. That is the reason why, in your souls, there is a force that makes you not willing to allow yourself to be prevented from being what you are. You can feel this when you somehow perceive that you are being nullified or that you might be. Listen to that song of being that incessantly calls on you to be yourself. To live in the authenticity of the heart. To return to the ancestral knowledge of the sanctity of your spirit, your mind and your body.

The Christ within will always illuminate you with the light of truth. There is no need to live in darkness. You were created to remain in the radiant luminescence of love. In it your true identity lives, which has no relation to the criteria of what you have been taught. This is because what you are cannot be taught or learned. How could it, if you are love and nothing but love?

My daughters and sons. Maybe you still don't value yourself enough. Or you have not let go of the totality of thoughts that hurt your esteem and sense of worth. And continue to believe that sanctity and the perfect harmony of being is something worthy of being longed for but does not yet belong to you. Does not matter. I assure you that the day will come when the light of your glory will shine forth in all its greatness. And your holiness will be honored for what it is, the only truth about yourself and all life. You will recognize this truth because what you are cannot be hidden. The knowledge of your being has been given to you to be the source of your joy and the certainty of your reality. In such a way that nothing can prevent the children of the light from coming to light, among whom you are.

Be patient with yourself, as is God. In the realm of time, everything has its time. I assure you that this is not a matter of divine whim, but an act of infinite goodness. Time works together with everything created for the good of your realization.

It is true that you are the realized ones. That the healing has already occurred. Otherwise you would not have become aware of the need for healing, nor would you have asked for it, providing means for its realization. However, humankind’s times are not always the same as God's. This means that in most cases, if not practically all, there is a time between the fact of healing, which is instantaneous and does not require any time, and the realization of this truth in your consciousness. The time between the two is the time that requires patience on your part. And because it is required, then love provides it. So that in this way, love may be brought to your sometimes suffering humanity.

Patience with your path of fulfillment, or healing, is a way of integrating into loving consciousness the wounded self that you still perceive. I have said "that you perceive", to imply as clearly as possible, that this feeling is just that, a feeling of lack of healing or fulfillment. However, your inner child has already healed. And shines safe and sound in the light of glory. I invite you to become aware of it within the union of our hearts. Rest in the arms of my divine love. Always remain united to your Immaculate Mother, source of joy of the pure heart, and refuge of the souls that yearn to live in peace. Truly, truly, I tell you Mary Immaculate is the Queen of Peace. Herein you will find not only the comfort you might need, but the love that has no beginning and no end.

I bless you in the light of the holiness that you truly are.

Sing, praise, and live in the joy of the beautiful knowledge that love reveals to you.

Thank you for listening to my voice and following it.

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"The wound of the soul with which it enters the world, is healed through the path of life in union with the Holy Spirit, the source of all true healing. To do this, the events of the life of the world make you aware of your spiritual pain. Indeed, the pains that are experienced in human life are nothing more than echoes of the pain of the soul that has been wounded by the loss of consciousness of the truth that it is. That state of unconsciousness of what you are hurts the heart, the mind and everything that you are. That is the wound you are healing." 💓


Thank you for the constant assurances of our divine reality.

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