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The Path Is Completed As You Tread It, received by Sebastián Blaksley

The way of being is the way of the new. In the new, the past does not exist at all. The way of being has no anchor in the old. It does not use the past to project an unknown tomorrow. It does not use experiences as a frame of reference, as if the years could offer wisdom. It is a path of truth that comes from Christ. This path is one of eternal novelty. Its expressions of love have no beginning and no end. Its source is God. It is the beautiful, spotless extension of the living Christ in you—living life as you really are according to God’s knowledge of you.

We could say that there is no such thing as a path. We use this allegory because it serves our purpose. However, it is important that you do not think of it as a literal path, for to believe that, you might stop walking. After all, walking can be very cheerful, relaxing, and healing, but sooner or later you get tired. To think of an endless path would sooner or later leave you exhausted.

You have nowhere to go, for you are the way.

If we connect the dots once again, we can begin to see the new fabric we are knitting. There is no path. The way of walking is done. Every day, every moment, you are creating the way. Each step is the beginning and the end. Right now you are creating your tomorrow. By joining me in these dialogues, a new tomorrow, full of wisdom, love, and truth is manifesting through you. You are joining more and more in divine essence. You are becoming more and more yourself. You immerse yourself more and more in the depths of beautiful love. You discover a new reality within the only eternal reality that encompasses everything. You are creating new life.

Even the way of being is not a way, but a state of being in which you are fully aware of your unity with love. From that state of consciousness, or reality, you radiate your Christ being. Since manifested consciousness is all that exists, what will now manifest is the union between your human consciousness and divine consciousness, which have merged to become a single unified consciousness. This new consciousness is called the consciousness of the god-human. That is, this path which is not a path creates an inseparable unity, the manifestation of the being that arises from the will of God to reunite human and divine natures.

Since your logical mind can yet remain a little active, and it is not necessary to deny or turn it off, we can provide the food it needs, leading it to live in the truth just as does the rest of mind. I want to make it clear that there is no longer any reason to fight the mind. Even the limited thinking systems of "if this, then that" have been reintegrated into being in such a way that they will be very useful for the way of being, as is the body. We no longer need abandon or separate ourselves from logic. Now logic will be one with Christ. This will lead you to accept with joy the truth that “God is logical. Love is right."

The way that comes closest to what arises from being yourself, as advocated in this work, is the exemplary lives of Jesus and Mary. Both have shown precisely what is being presented here. They have shaped the way of being what God's will had arranged for them to be. They remain the beacon that illuminates minds thirsty for truth. Their love attracts hearts in love with Christ. I am not saying that you should be like them in form. We have passed that stage.

Now that you can see beyond the surface and go to the depths of meaning, you will know how to be authentically yourself and simultaneously one with Christ. You will know how to express love itself in your own way, without pretending to perform or imitate that which cannot be imitated.

To believe that what you really are can be altered by any human experience is to misunderstand. You do not stop being yourself because one day you went on a trip and wandered through foreign lands. Nor can the passing of years make a dent in who you are. Time cannot alter eternity. Your true Christ identity, a reality of pure eternal love, is as immutable as God. It cannot be stained; it is forever immaculate.

When it is said that the way of being is not a way, that means that in the state of being in which you have arrived, you have become aware of the eternal reality being lived in you and that flows through you. You became aware that God's will for you has always been accomplished; only you were not be previously aware of it.

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Thanks a lot for your words and the beautiful image


Why are we not surprised? Was meant for Scott's sharing. 😊 My heart is full. Thank you everyone for Being part of this beautiful communion. Feeling blessed.

Mike Franzwa
Mike Franzwa
Jan 27
Replying to

Thank you Scott. The picture of Mary is other worldly!


Why are we not surprised! 🌟


"When it is said that the way of being is not a way, that means that in the state of being in which you have arrived, you have become aware of the eternal reality being lived in you and that flows through you." Yes, I feel this. This is my "reality". It is living through me. I wake up with it. 💗


Right before reading this, I had the thought that ‘the way’ in ‘the way of being’ doesn’t need be there because there is no ‘way’, only being, then read about it. No coincidence, of course.

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