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The Purpose of Returning, received by Sebastián Blaksley

Remember, sacred soul, you who receive these words, that time is not advancing but regressing, taking the universe back to eternal truth in which we all dwell in perfect unity, harmony, and holiness. Returning to the point where this truth dwells, which has never been eliminated from the soul, is what the becoming of time is all about. Once in truth, time will no longer be perceived as it currently is. It will simply no longer exist in the mind or in the heart. It will return to amorphous timeless eternity.

Can time disappear and still the life of the physical universe as it is known today continue? Oh yes, of course. To believe that the universe cannot be resignified by love, making the perfect trinity of time, space, and matter them something new, is to not comprehend the infinite power of being.

The difference between the universe of separation and the new Earthly Kingdom lies in the fact that in the first, everything served the purpose of accomplishing a return to unity. This, naturally, supposes that the created was not in it. Therefore, everything in that holy and blessed universe, so full of beauty and vastness, had to make use of separation to bring everyone back to union. In other words, it had to use wrong perception to bring all to holy perception.

The new Earthly realm will no longer require time, space, and matter to be used by spirit to return to unity. So what role will time, space, and matter play in it? You have been told correctly, though not exactly, that those three dimensions of the physical universe were mechanisms of separation, each separating in a different way. This was true within the will to live in separation. But it was not, nor is it, the essence of creation. Using things for which they were not created has been the basis of times past. It might be said that this has been the philosopher's stone on which the world's thought system was built: giving things a meaning that love would never have given them. This has been the course in which humanity has been trapped, but those times will not continue.

In the Age of the Heart, time, space, and matter will be used for what they were created: to express love. Everything will converge in love.

Remember—and this reminder is essential to this work—that love does not destroy but makes all things new. In this truth resides the peace that is needed to walk the path of life here and now. Think not, my daughters and sons, that this is of little relevance, for fear of life’s destructiveness has gripped human hearts. Letting go is necessary in order to dwell in the truth.

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