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The Reign of Beautiful Love, received by Sebastián Blaksley

I. Announcers of Peace

Child of my heart.

I have come clothed in the glory of my divinity, which is your inheritance. Out of love, I make myself present in this particular way, to reveal your role to you in these times. I come to give you a treasure of inestimable value, to you who receive these words of wisdom and love. You are called to be an announcer of the new Earthly kingdom. A kingdom of peace, love and harmony. An Earthly kingdom that out of love I have created for my beloved humanity, replacing the old world. This new kingdom is so close to Heaven that the distance between the two is even less than that between the air you breathe and your breath. The new Earthly kingdom we are talking about, beloved of Heaven, will come after a long period of peace in the world.

I tell all of you. An Earthly kingdom of unassailable peace, harmony, and holiness is coming much faster than you can imagine. Indeed, it is already here. It has been so from all eternity, because every thought that emanates from the divine mind is eternal. Understand it well. The veils that clouded the vision of Christ in the consciousnesses of men, women and other beings on Earth are being lifted. The beauty of the material creation, born of the love of God—and as eternal as everything that proceeds from Him—will come to light. No one will be able to deny this, after the universal awakening to love and truth. All will understand perfectly that this kingdom is the ineffable gift of the Second Coming of Christ. All will see the light emanating from the source of creation. And they will hear the voice of Heaven calling everyone to endless life. The truth emanating from His throne of glory, which always remains alongside the throne of love will be contemplated by all.

I am summoning the myriads of announcers of peace of the new Earthly kingdom, among which you are included. This is one of many invitations that my most sacred heart, always united to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, is making according to the divine plan arranged for these times, that humanity is going through.

The mission, so to speak, of the heralds of the new Earthly kingdom is to announce the imminent arrival of the peace of Christ on Earth. As well as the establishment of a time of prolonged harmony, in which people will live as brothers and sisters, and the lamb will graze happily with the lion. After that period, a new Heaven and a new Earth will come. Filled with the beauty that comes from the holiness and diversity of the eternal extension of the Father- Mother of life.

In this new Earth, united with the new Heaven, there will be no crying or gnashing of teeth. There will only be laughter and merriment. The light that will be seen for what it is, the source that gives existence to all living beings, shining without interruption, in and from physical bodies and souls. The colors will give a serene beauty without comparison, which will itself spread peace . Songs of praise to the love of loves will flow from the mouths of men and women All will live in the love that they truly are. There will be no death or pain. There will only be perfect bliss. Matter will be exclusively a means for extending love and the sanctity of being. Nothing will torment the human soul or any other living being.

In the new Earth, there are no nights to fear, because the light that envelops it never diminishes. It will be different to the light known before. Indeed, the entire Earth and its beings will be a perfect extension of that light of true light. That is why all live in the truth. Everything will be constantly new. Everything will live in the certainty of holiness. Food will be abundant, because bodies will feed on the love of God. This love, as always, will be manifested in countless ways. No one living in the new Earthly kingdom will be confused as ignorance will not exist. It will be a kingdom of wisdom and therefore, of complete abandonment to the love of God.

Perhaps you think that this kingdom is only a utopia, or that the promise is far too great? Or maybe you imagine that it will be established as a result of the improvement of the current systems of the world? Those thoughts come from the thinking mind that has not yet left behind the mental patterns of, "if this, then that", and conceives reality from its self-reference. I assure you that in your hearts, you who are chosen to be heralds of peace, there is the knowledge that the new Heaven and the new Earth already exist. You have come to the world today with this knowledge.

Do not worry about how you will carry out this sweet task that Heaven has entrusted to you; the task of spreading the joy of the Kingdom and the fulfillment of the divine promise of the coming of peace to the world. You will receive the grace necessary to fulfill your mission.

II. A Call to Joy

Truly, truly, I tell you, on this special and sacred day, that all who receive these words; not only through written symbols but also through the communion of souls, are called to be heralds of the long era of peace that will soon reign on Earth, as a gift from God in fidelity to Her promise made to men and women and everything that dwells on Earth. .

I invite you to remain united to the joy of your hearts. To extend the happiness of being alive and knowing that you are children of God. In your souls there is a joyous song that calls you to endless bliss. Hear their melodies. Do not stifle that song. Let it extend from the depths of your being to everything and everyone. Flood the Earth with your light, beauty and holiness. Do not get carried away by those thoughts you have already left behind. These are simply memories of an old way of thinking, which conceived reality in such a limited way that it was difficult to see the direct intervention of love in the life of each creature.

I tell you one more time. Your lives are in the hands of love. Do not be afraid. The times promised are coming. Very soon you will see the sun shine like never before. And consciousnesses will be awakened to the truth. That day is already here. Rejoice in and with me. I tell you in truth and love, that the angels of Heaven sing of joy for the arrival of this day. There is a celebrative party in the heights for that which, we could well call the phenomenon of the universal birth of Christ consciousness in the world. Or the universal illumination of the truth. You have no idea of ​​the magnitude of grace that this brings to Earth . You will be witnesses to it. This is a gift that has no way of being valued for the greatness of its munificence.

Joyfully prepare for the moment of universal awakening, a long period of peace in the world and the consequent divine gift of the new Heaven and new Earth where love will forever be lived. Go throughout the world announcing this good news, you who are the ambassadors of the peace and joy of Christ. May your faces reflect the affable smile of the soul that knows itself to be the daughter or son of God. In this way, the hearts of your sisters and brothers will be able to remember the promise of peace the Father-Mother of life has given you.

Make your eyes reflect the purity of the truth that you know in your hearts. Make also the desire for endless joy, no longer a longing or a cause of continuous disappointment, a present reality which extends from the now in which you live, towards the eternity of the eternal present of God. Not based on the criteria of the world, but on the certainty of knowing that you are the well-loved children of a God who is infinite love. Father and Mother of life and light. Source of the beautiful and creative love of each one of you and of all living beings.

May your joy be perfect, as is my love for you perfect. Live always united to my Most Sacred Heart and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and I assure you that the happiness that comes from Heaven will flow to you in abundance. So much so that you will not be able to contain it, and you will flood Earth with joy, love and holiness.

Don’t deprive yourself of being accompanied by the truth that dwells in your souls. In it you will live safely in the certainty of a love that has no beginning or end. Once again, I remind you that everything remains under the protection of love, including your existence here, now and forever.

I bless you in the joy of holiness.

Extend peace.

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Scott Welton
Scott Welton
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This is the light of eternity in words.

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