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The Shepherd’s Gate

I. I Am in All Things

My daughter, my son, listen carefully, for I tell you out of love. Heal yourself and you will be healing others because of communion. Beloved ones of a light that never wanes, I remind you that often certain people, circumstances, things, or even societies are blamed for various painful issues. Normally, the leaders of different orders in the world are blamed. They are scapegoats. Blaming others, or something external to oneself, is an old and pervasive mechanism.

Blaming someone or something for your misfortune prevents real transformation because there is no such thing as someone or something outside of you that can cause you to do anything. As the blessed soul you are, you rule the Kingdom of your mind and heart. Only there can you create. Within its realm you can extend the healing power of resurrection.

Does all this mean that you do not have the ability to heal others, much less the entire world? Of course not. If so, what would be the sense of resurrection? Because reality is communion, when you remain in the healthy state in which your being exists forever, you cause the healing power of the soul to extend itself by reason of what it is. You need not to speak or make gestures for the salutary flow of your being to move incessantly and to embrace others.

Beloved daughters and sons from all corners of the world, truly, truly I tell you that from your heart emanates a spiritual force that surpasses the limited confines of your body and extends to everything around you. Whenever you anchor with your true self, when you embrace in the light of truth, you allow the power of love to flow from Heaven.

Your true being dwells forever at peace in Heaven. You cannot dwell anywhere else, nor can anything separate you from my divine Source. My love, itself, is the Heavenly Kingdom in which you and I live in eternal harmony with all creation. Nevertheless, the physical aspect of who you are does not necessarily become aware of it or accept it, for separation is a consciousness of dissociation between your human being and your divine being—between your true being and your humanity, that is, the psychosomatic being to which you have given an individual identity disconnected from everything.

Sometimes words or gestures are helpful or even necessary in the healing process, yet the healing power of being does not need any of it.

II. Heaven and Earth in Unity

You can allow the power of love to flow from Heaven because in the Kingdom where your being dwells, forever united to truth in Christ, souls extend beauty, peace, creation, and wisdom, because of the love they are. A force flows from their hearts causing them to sustain themselves in the grace and purity in which they were created. And since they live in perfect communion with all that is true, that flow of love extends from them to everything. In perfect reciprocity, they receive the power of being from all creation. They give peace and receive peace; give harmony and receive harmony in an infinite, unending holy flow.

Blaming others is a mechanism of the old and does not belong in the new. Observing that pattern of thought and emotional response will help you break free of the habit of looking for causes that cannot be found. To believe that a leader, of whatever nature, is to blame for the ills of the group or society they lead denies the participation of the parties. There is no person who, by himself, can generate anything. Creation happens only in unity. This is as true on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Thus, healing in the new times will have a new dimension. It will encompass not only individuals but the collective mind. It is necessary to understand that it is not possible to heal a group if the blame continues to be placed on the leader. Rather, the restoration of a society will come from the recognition that, if a person or group has led a nation to experience things that love would never do, it is because in some way that society as a whole is part of that expression. Looking the other way and assigning fault to this or that person, regime, or system would be like trying to cover the sun with one finger.

If you live in a nation, religious group, family, clan, or the like whose mental and emotional patterns depart from love, it is important that you recognize that you have a powerful contribution to make by taking care of your affairs, meaning to keep growing in unity with Christ, your true being, living in the love that you really are. Why is this important? For multiple reasons, but here we will give one in particular: because by doing so you keep open a portal between Heaven and Earth.

Opening a door between the reality of the Kingdom of Heaven and the Earthly one is just as possible as doing the opposite, given the state of duality in which you now find yourself. The separation blocked the flow of eternal love to the universe of time. Closing the door of unity between the two dimensions of existence—spirit and body, Heaven and Earth—created an experience of the absence of communion.

Can you begin to see why the condition of guilt, or dissociation, is something that can be changed? Remember, form can be transformed and a lack of unity can only exist in the plane of the form, never in its essence. God remains forever immutable in the eternal unity of love, in perfect communion with His holy creations.

III. Extension of Holiness

It is important that we go one step further in this dialogue. Opening a door is not the same as being the door. My loves, my daughters and sons full of purity, you have no idea the immense joy it gives me to have reached this point of our journey together—the moment in which you can recognize to a greater degree the deep meanings of the exhortation that I gave to the world two thousand years ago with these words: I am the door.

I invite you now to make those words of eternal life your own, and to understand that your call is not to create simple bridges of union, channels that can be full of light and holiness and be a blessed gift of beautiful love. I am calling you to recognize that you, as the Christ you are, are also the door that allows souls to dwell forever in the fullness of love. Your being has the power and also the will to allow the flow of divine love to extend to every aspect of the material universe, just as occurred in the resurrection.

Is what is being said here not the same as saying that you are the way, the truth, and the life? That you are mine, and I am of you? Being a portal between Heaven and Earth is your reality. It is the reason you have freely arranged to be present in the world in perfect unity with my divine will. This is what guarantees that the new Earthly Kingdom will appear radiantly before all consciousnesses in due time. This is the reality you are called to establish in your life here, now, and always.

You may be wondering—how? Do not worry about it. Your being knows how, perfectly. I was just waiting for your “yes,” that is, for your willingness to remain united always to the Christ that you are. Once united, the rest follows.

Please close your eyes for a moment and say to yourself this prayer that for love I give you. It will allow your mind and heart to be aware of the power of which every soul is a bearer to bring Heaven to Earth.

“Divine Mother, Source of my being, let me be a light link in a chain of holiness.”

Thank you, holy child of my divine love. Thank you for spreading the truth.

Blessed be the resurrection.

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