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The State of Grace

I. Words of Eternal Life

When I inhabited the Earth in the humanity of Jesus, I who am who I Am not only showed the way to the resurrection but also made it a conscious reality for the universe of time, space, and matter. Remember, I said that I was the way. In doing so I not only pointed out the path to the fullness of being—that is, the resurrection—but I created it, for in me there is no distance between saying and doing, between my will and its realization.

What is being remembered here, beloved of divinity, is that the plan of reconciliation, the reunion of the human with the divine, has always included respect and integration of everything on the material plane of existence. By this, I mean that the way back to love, back to truth, would be—and indeed is—one in which the laws of time would be placed at the service of the truth. Nothing in the physical universe has been or will be destroyed by God. There is no reason for that.

Love has the power to make all things new. Therefore the temporal plane can be renewed through the divine embrace of love. And that is what happened while also respecting the original need of the sons and daughters of God to have time for their return. Time is used, so to speak, for the purpose of guaranteeing their serene arrival at the house of the Mother, thus reaching the state of Being in Christ. This is why you experience your resurrection in successive phases. To be more precise, it is not your true self that experiences sequences or stages, but that part of the mind that created the psychological time to experience the separation. Everything else of you lives eternally in the resurrection.

Time will collapse. Actually, this is what we call the achievement of the new Earthly Kingdom or the end of time. There is no proper “end”; in creation there are no endings, since God is eternal, infinite reality. However, the mind created a state in which it sees from a temporal perspective, in which it seems that everything is born in one moment of time and ceases to be in another. But none of that is true.

II. The Unity of the Resurrection

What is born and then dies is not real. It is simply an illusion, something like a movie where a story is created that has a beginning and then ends. Or if you prefer, an empty canvas, created by the separated mind, where it paints and unpaints figures. This is how the son of God entertains himself, building sandcastles on the seashore, all of which vanish after being hit by the waves that come from the ocean of my divine love, or by the wind that stirs up the breath of my spirit. All this happens until the soul—in union with its divine Source—determines that the endings are no longer only for all the things projected in that false reality, but for the experience of separation itself.

The time from the separation experience to the return to full resurrection consciousness is something each soul has arranged in perfect harmony with its holy Source. When you made that choice, you knew that you would return, and that the resurrection would be Divine Mother's gift to you whom she loves with a love without beginning or end with a love so great that it surpasses all understanding of the thinking mind. This happened not only in your human singularity, but in the collective, universal human nature.

In creation all is unity. Therefore, when the human was submerged in separation consciousness, every aspect of reality—each person—was also submerged. That is what the myth of Adam and Eve tries to describe, representing all humanity as a whole and also each part of it.

In the story of the so-called “fall" described in Genesis in the Bible, it is said that the woman and her offspring will crush the head of the serpent, a symbol that represents the universal separated mind. What was meant? They wanted to express clearly what is revealed in this work: that ultimately, a woman, the feminine aspect of God, would bring about the restoration of the state of separation.

The “woman and her offspring" refers to me, your Divine Mother speaking to you now, as well as to you and all my daughters and sons united in the fullness of love. It refers directly to the time of Mary, the time of the entire history of creation, which recently is manifested in a more evident way.

In the very instant that the mind created the state of non-being—the consciousness of separation—creation was given to divine motherhood in a new form. Creation had always been hers, because everything belongs to love, but a new dimension of the feminine aspect of God was set in motion: the birth of Christ in separated humanity, which would open the portal of consciousness of resurrection, opening the floodgates of the universe deified in its entirety.

III. Resurrect in Me, Now

Daughter, son of the light that always shines! Can you begin to see how great is the mercy of God? Can you understand why hope is always justified? And also endless joy? Is it possible for you to understand now to a greater degree why discouragement has no place in truth? You have already risen—not just you, but all of creation, and not because of your merit or effort, but for the simple reason of love. So big is the heart of this Divine Mother who has created you in the infinite joy of truth! She knows that your true being rests in Her arms, always loving Her.

Here is a question that I invite you to return to: Why has humanity focused so much on the guilty, condemnatory aspects of history, despite the fact that from the beginning it has been shown that the resurrection and eternal life would be the convergence of creation, anticipating the sovereignty of the heavenly Mother over all creation? The answer is in what you believe. And since humanity’s beliefs bear witness to what their will yearns for, we can say that the will to be special and live apart from love has kept the mind trapped in the experience of a reality that, although illusory, engenders suffering.

Once you have answered the question of who you really are, you put aside the state of separation and return inexorably and immutably to the state of grace. This happens when in the depth of your heart you decide to drop the defenses against love and truth; consequently, you immerse yourself in the experience of Christification. That is, you resurrect.

How you choose to express your resurrection is a matter of your uniqueness. Not everyone expresses it the same way. This has also been demonstrated in Jesus and Mary, who each expressed the resurrection differently. Jesus demonstrated that his being—both human and divine—is unlimited, therefore nothing and no one can hinder his glorious body or his holy spirit. Mary, the Assumption of God, expressed in her glorious elevation that death does not exist and that the dimension of Earthly limitation is far from the end of the road. She is the ever-living, always pure, eternally illuminated. She is the woman whose offspring heal the separated mind and elevate it to the mind of Christ, whose humanness becomes full in God.

To you who receive these words, I say lovingly, if you have said yes to love and have decided to live in the truth—which I assure you that you have already done because you have made the fundamental choice, otherwise you would not be here—you live now in the resurrection. In other words, you are resurrected.

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