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The Time of Peace - Part I

I. Times of Fullness

Holy soul, creature of light, now that you know that humanity, as part of creation, has been making a journey without distance from the maximum allowed unconsciousness towards full consciousness of unity with Christ, that is, with the whole, we are in a position to speak of what will be part of the world from now until the advent of the new Earthly Kingdom.

Why do this so that our brothers and sisters can know and leave behind the uncertainty in which many would find themselves without the existence of this work. Without this revelation, many would rush to discouragement, and others to despair, because the changes that will unfold will seem more and more rapid, profound, and confusing. However, as I have promised, I will be with you until the end of the world. Remember, my beloved, that love will never leave you.

Creation has entered the final phase of time prior to awareness of the fullness of love. In other words, you are entering the age of consciousness of the reunion in Christ of all creation. As a result, there will only be room for everything that comes from love; the rest will be dismantled more and more quickly. Unity will be the hallmark of this phase which we call the Age of the Heart. You may wonder why we chose such a name. Answering this question is the purpose of these words that Heaven gives to everyone out of love.

The Age of the Heart is an age in which humanity will live more and more centered on being, understood as the union of reason and love, mind and heart, human and divine nature. This means that the more subtle capacities of the soul will be revealed as an expression of the indwelling Holy Spirit. Intuition, sensitivity, knowing that it is not of the world and yet perfect, the ability to love all things in God, and many other characteristics coming from perfect charity which have not yet been displayed collectively by humanity will begin to manifest. There will simply be no room for systems based on the rational mind separated from love and compassion. They will find no means to continue to exist, nor emotions disconnected from reason.

Those souls will save themselves great suffering who understand that love, and only love, is what will rule the time of creation from now on and until its fullness in Christ. This is because the universe has been created with corresponding laws that support all that is part of truth. That is, creation carries within itself the laws that sustain the being of pure love that each created thing is in truth. The rest, what is not love, has no law to support it. Accordingly it will fade. It has always been this way. The difference is that now what is not love will no longer return to restart a loveless cycle. Beginning in these times, everything that vanishes because it is alien to love will never return. The wind of infinite mercy will carry it away, to be burned in the fiery furnace of divine love.

Systems not anchored in love, and therefore not in truth, will crumble. This includes everything that structures the life of the world: families and their structures; the laws of men and morality; their vision of the universe; their understanding of life; relationships between brothers and sisters and nature. The list goes on until the entirety of what humanity has reflected so far is complete. Finally peace will reign in hearts, and, as an effect of it, on Earth. The conclusion of the sixth wave of consciousness is peace, which will immediately give way to love.

II. Harmony: The Reality of Truth

In order for the peace of Heaven to enter the abode of the soul, it must first be purified. Otherwise, there would be no harmony. Then love enters by itself. That is why the Age of the Heart is characterized by an insistent call to live in peace. Truly, the presence of peace in your lives will bring you the treasures of the Kingdom. That is why I extend my invitation to all humanity to do everything in your power—in union with my Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary—to remain in peace.

Peace is the calling and sign of the Age of the Heart. I invite you to meditate on it. In truth, I tell you that you will see more and more manifestations of searches for peace, longings for peace, spaces for peace. It will be the great transformer of creation. Peace does not come alone but with all of Heaven, for she is the spouse of the Holy Spirit.

What you are being told is that the era of the Holy Spirit is over, and now the Age of Peace has begun. Holy Spirit came to put the house in order. Peace came to calm hearts and fill them with light, so that love may make an appearance in all its glory and splendor. Let me say this another way. Jesus has given you the Holy Spirit, which has given you Mary, mother of all creation and Queen of Peace. She will give you Christ again—no longer as a being that emanates from her blessed womb, but in everything created.

Divine Motherhood will be made fruitful by the hand of peace. As a result of this, Christ will shine in everything; divine light cannot be hidden. Happy is they who understand this sweet truth. They will live with the serenity that comes from certainty of purpose. Their minds will be still and receives answers to their questions. And their hearts will overflow with joy.

What is united will remain; what is divided will succumb. This eternal truth has been unequivocally manifested throughout human history. Now, however, it will take on a new force. The union will now be one of love. Any other type of union will be destined to disappear because the Age of the Heart has no room for anything other than the direct experience of truth. And the truth is that love is union—not because one is the cause of the other, but because they are the same.

Nations that do not seek unity will disappear. Laws that do not reflect equality before the truth will cease to apply because they will not be followed or supported. Even the jobs of men and women around the world with companies or industries that do not extend equality in love, will not survive.

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