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The Time of Peace - Part II

III. The Expression of Unity

You may be wondering how all this will come about. The answer is that since human life is a manifestation of its consciousness, the hearts of sons and daughters of light who are already here and will continue to arrive and inhabit the Earth will not tolerate anything incapable of creating harmony, peace, and happiness in their lives. Such will be the preponderant criteria of the men and women who will walk the Earth. As a consequence, systems will have to adapt. This is how the Spirit of Peace is co-creating the new Earthly Kingdom with humanity.

You may argue that humanity has always been seeking happiness, albeit in different ways and with different challenges. However, the harmony, joy, and peace that will be sought in the Age of the Heart will be linked to the perfect knowledge of Christ. This means that the search, although it may appear to be the same, will not be identical. Different efforts, even if named the same, do not create the same effects. Remember, my sons and daughters, that form cannot cause content to cease being what it is. We could affirm with certainty that the searches for fulfillment and survival, even those for the improvement of quality of life and other similar lives, although their purpose was to create a happier world, could not help being embedded in a disconnected human-centric idea of the unity of God.

A humanity over here and a divinity over there has been the way of perceiving and understanding life as consciousness passed from one wave to another in its awakening to love. I assure you, pure soul, that the effects of living in unity are very different from those of living in separation. For the purposes of truth, what has happened along the path of creation is that it has gone from not recognizing God to recognizing God’s existence as separate from human reality. Now that changes forever.

If you listen carefully and calmly to what is being said, you can see that the gap of separation has been narrowing, wave after wave, until it reached the current point where humanity is ready to live in unity with Christ—or more precisely, to accept that unity is the only reality. To live united in God is to live sensibly, because it dwells in reality. When the mind and heart are disconnected from reality, there is endless disharmony because no laws can support what is not real. Everything disengaged from love is madness precisely because it has no foundation in reality. This truth will be fully recognized.

Living without God has been the way of humanity until the Age of the Heart. This statement may seem a bit of an exaggeration since you think that there are clear expressions that humanity has venerated and praised God for many centuries. That is true to some extent, but not fully.

The God that mankind has hitherto known and whom many have worshiped was not the true God of the true God because none of them have been the Mother-Father God of love. It could not be otherwise, according to the state of consciousness then existing. However, past ages gave rise to the present one, each like a link of light that allowed humanity to stay united to the source of truth. Step by step, step by step, creation returns to love. This allows us to understand, beloved of my divine being, that it is not necessary to examine or judge the past. Everything contributed to our being here, you and I united and embraced in the unity of everything created and its Source.

When the light of life makes an appearance in creation, it does so through very concrete beings. They are part of the plan of restoration of the consciousness of the created. This work, although it seems something that reaches but a few minds and hearts—since every written work reaches a minuscule number of beings compared to the totality of creation—is nevertheless a beam of light of consciousness expanding throughout the universe. These words manifested here are the expression of a universal state of consciousness. By bringing them into expression, the whole of creation receives them. They could not have been written a single instant previously, nor after this time. By such, I do not mean only the writing itself but the reception of them.

IV. Heaven Is Here

Beloved of my divine heart, this work has been written from the realm of no-time for each one of you who receive it in time. By welcoming it with love and openness of heart, you extend it into universal consciousness. Your “yes” to love has brought you together with divine power. Because of this, it flows from the source of eternal life to you, and from your center to all created things, a power that is beyond all possible worldly understanding and imagination. Together we are opening consciousness so the light of Christ shines as never before in the world. You will see how it grows and grows until it becomes a radiant sun which no one can fail to recognize as the source of their being.

Become one with the peace of God. Look not for anything else. In it you will obtain not only the treasures of the Kingdom, but everything necessary for the new Earthly Kingdom to shine in all its beauty and holiness. Never forget that peace is the calling and sign of the Age of the Heart, which has already begun in humanity. Trust in its benevolence, in its divine power, and in its holy face. It, and only it, will bring love in all its breadth to dwell forever on Earth as it is in Heaven.

The Age of the Heart will not be based on intellectual flow. No, that path, which was called the Age of Reason, has just ended to give way to these new times in which the unity of the soul will express itself as never before. It will bear witness to the union of mind and heart in perfect unity with Christ. What can be deduced through mental learning will not occupy the central place it previously did, although it will be valuable as long as it serves to manifest love.

In the peace of God you will find the eternal wisdom that lives in your being. And you will act because of it. For this reason it is fair to say that the Age of the Heart will be an age of the wise, not the learned; of divine lovers, not of romantics; a time in which the divine Spirit will be heard in the depths of each soul without interference. Out of it the new Heaven and the new Earth will emerge in due time.

I can never tell you too much about the importance of staying in peace. When you create an inner space to welcome peace, you are expanding universal consciousness. This enlargement allows creation to reach a greater knowledge of the love of God, and with it, to live in the truth.

Can you now, all humanity, realize the importance of peace? Through it, not only do you feel better about yourself, but you renew the Earth and allow the love of Christ to flow from divine being into creation. I ask you with humility and gentleness to make peace your only treasure. Give it your hearts. Give the sweet presence of it with every step you walk. Take it wherever you go so that it can heal the hearts that still need healing, clarify the minds still asleep the dream of oblivion, and expand consciousness not yet open to the eternal novelty of love.

Embrace the mystery so that the breadth of your minds and hearts, always united to Mother-Father God, can touch the truth. For this it is necessary to live in peace. Disharmony causes confusion and leads the soul to the terrain of conflict, all of which prevents its full attention to what sustains its reality, the truth of what it is. Truly, truly, I tell you that the new will be born of peace.

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Scott Welton
Scott Welton

Step by step, step by step, creation returns to love. This allows us to understand, beloved of my divine being, that it is not necessary to examine or judge the past. Everything contributed to our being here, you and I united and embraced in the unity of everything created and its Source.’


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