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United in the Resurrection

I. I Looked and Saw You

Soul loved by the whole universe, once again I tell you, you are the resurrected of love. Note that I have not said you are resurrected or that you have risen, but that you are the risen. This is because your being and the resurrection are one. You could not be resurrected if resurrection wasn't an aspect of who you are, and not just you, but the whole universe. Just as you can return to love because love is what you really are, in the same way you rise to eternal life because you are the resurrection and the life.

What is being brought to collective consciousness here, to the universal mind, is that in the center of the heart of every living being, regardless of its form, is a spark of eternal life which constitutes its only reality. In it resides the infinite power of perfect love, which includes every holy virtue, every beauty, every truth manifested and yet to manifest, as well as the resurrection to eternal life as one of the treasures of the Kingdom.

The time in which you are living, daughter or son of eternal light, is the temporary space that exists between the event of your resurrection and that of your glorious ascension to Heaven. This path, which is experienced as if it has phases, is what the entire universe travels, individually and collectively. I was the first to walk and show that path. I did so in the figure of Jesus. Remember, being the first does not mean being the only one; it simply means that others will follow me, you being among them.

When I was resurrected, or more precisely, when I opened the door of resurrection consciousness for the universe, I saw your resurrection next to mine. I looked at you from the glory of my being and saw you shine forever in the ineffable beauty that you are. I looked and saw you. Yes, you—very specifically you who receive this revelation now. Remember, there is no “everyone” to whom I speak. "Everyone" is a concept. I speak to you, and I do it heart-to-heart. You know where these words come from and you know they are true.

In the center of your heart is the knowledge of your resurrection in union with mine. We speak as if we were two separate beings so that this can be understood by the thinking mind, but in truth there is no distance between one and the other. We are united.

II. Yours Is the Resurrection and the Life

Truly, truly I tell you, there is no such thing as “my” resurrection or “your” resurrection. What exists in truth and not in illusion is a totally loving consciousness that gathers within itself all that exists, sustaining it eternally in a life that never ceases and a bliss that never diminishes. That consciousness is God Himself, perfect Love. It is the Source of creation—who you are.

If Christ rose, you too must have risen with him, in him, and through him. You know, since you are already well grounded in truth, that the resurrection cannot have been for God, nor exclusive to His incarnation in human form. That would make no sense. Can what is eternal resurrect? Hopefully not.

What was resurrected was that small part of the mind of the son of life which had denied eternity as his only reality. In order for this to be possible, he extended to the plane of form the redemptive power of Christ, the capacity of love to make all things new, bringing them back and sustaining them in the state of grace.

If Christ lives, you also live, for you are nothing other than the Christ in you. How many times do you remember or think about my resurrection? Infrequently, right? Can you see how little room is in your thought system, and in the world's, for resurrection? I have already spoken of this, but I return to it here to look at it in a new light.

If there is a belief deeply installed in the thought structure of the world, it is the reality of death. Whether you realize it or not, the faith that death is real is the cause of practically everything the world does or does not do. All fear finds its root in death, as well as all lack of love. There is not a single thought of the ego not oriented to the belief in the inexorability of death.

It may be that various spiritual paths teach of eternal life and a Heaven, regardless of its name or the attributes ascribed to it. Nevertheless, the belief in Earthly death as real remains installed in the mind and heart of humanity as a primary pattern of thought. Transmuting this is the purpose of this revelation.

It is of little use to recognize the truth if you do not make it the point of convergence of your mind, your heart, and everything that you are. Knowing that there is no such thing as death, that it cannot come from God and therefore it has no foundation, no substance, or reality, and yet to continue living as if you did not know it, is foolish. That would be to know what you are and live as if you were something else.

III. A New Holy Being

The resurrection is the gift that, as your Divine Mother, I have always given to you and to everyone, for the simple reason of love. It did not happen in time, but at the very moment of your creation, since it is part of who you are. What happened in time is the awareness of it, or its manifestation on the plane of form or consciousness of separation. What is manifested comes from the unmanifested. Therefore, there must be in you a center whose divine power extends resurrection.

To resurrect means to call back to life what died, what had ceased to be. We could say that it is to revive, to be reborn, or to "be again." Isn't that what already happened when I created something new out of you? When you left behind the cloud of amnesia that made it difficult to see and accept your true being, which made you believe that you were what you never were nor will be? You know that you no longer live but it is Christ who lives in you. And that you have been reborn from above. You know that you are a new being. What you have not yet accepted is that therein lies the resurrection.

Ask yourself: What is it in you that one day ceased to be, and then needed to be embraced and revived by the power of resurrection? The answer is obvious: everything not real. This is because all that you are is holy, eternal, and unchanging in God. And yet I rose again. How is this to be understood? It is understood when you remember that the resurrection is the embrace of love which extends towards illusions and dissolves them forever, leaving in the soul only that which is true, the pure extension of Christ, the essence and being of all creation.

Energy that emanated from love—"resurrection power”—transmuted everything it touched, causing that which was dissonant with the loving will of God to be recreated into perfect communion with Her. Remember, truth has no parts into which it can be divided. Although we use different expressions such as divine will, perfect love, or resurrection power, they all refer to the same thing. They speak of that which is the Source of all being, of all life.

My love, where does your knowledge of the resurrection reside but in your longing to be? In that irresistible force of being who you really are beyond all contradiction? That desire to be, even where it seems to be diminished to almost nothing, contains within it all the power of God, including the power to give new life to all things. In it dwells the creative force that gives existence to everything holy, perfect, and loving. That power resides in you and everything. This is why the resurrection reaches everyone equally.

Son, daughter of life! What is being remembered here is that there is not a single living being that does not resurrect. Everyone and everything will rise in love. In fact, all has already risen, even though the awareness of this may take as long as each soul decides. Once again, you have been created by the Mother of the living in whom death does not exist. She is life without end, love without opposite, and infinite bliss in which her creation lives forever.

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