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Will to be - Part II

II. Harmony of being

The separation, or state of loss of the integrity of the being, has been explained as a lack of unity between the mind and the heart. Here we will take this statement to another plane. And we will say in spirit and truth that separation is a disconnection of thought with the will. Remember that after all the mind and the heart are an undivided unit, just as everything in you is. This is the reason why thoughts elicit feelings and in turn these have effects on the mind, in one way or another.

The truth is that there is no such thing as a separation between feeling and thinking. Never existed. But what did exist was a certain degree of division between the aspect of the mind where the will resides and that where the creative capacity of thoughts and feelings resides.

The will to create thoughts alien to love and truth is what creates the effects of nonloving thoughts. The will to remain in love is what creates the effects of holiness. This matter can be easily understood when you become aware of the dichotomy you perceived between desire and its consummation. Wanting what you don't want, need, or care about has been the basis of the experience of separation. And the most plausible example of the bewilderment of the soul.

The will neither wishes, nor thinks, nor feels. The will simply disposes. This means that it is what determines to give things the power to exist. God's will is that you exist, that's why you exist. His will is that you be eternally free, that is why you are free forever, at all times and in all circumstances. If you were not, you would not be like Him. You are free to love or not to love. That is to say to establish with all things, including yourself and life, a relationship founded on love or fear.

When the option that is made is to remain in love, the will empowers the love that you are, which is where it comes from, to stop manifesting and extend its loving reality. When the choice is made not to live in love, what is being done is denying the will. Or put more simply, nullifying it, taking away all its power to give life. It is reduced to being a pure and holy potentiality, which will not become an act until you choose love. Will and being are also an inseparable unity. Indeed, it is the will to be what makes you be. This will to be who you really are is the foundation of your existence. You cannot nullify it from yourself, although you can make it not manifest.

The will has to wait for your acceptance and determination in order to give life to everything that extends from your humanity. In such a way that it is always subject to your free will. If not, it would not be loving. And since will and love are one and the same, it is incapable of imposing anything on you. Not you, not the others. Can you begin to glimpse, how far from the truth of being is the idea of ​​imposing an alien will on something or someone? Can you understand now why not even God would force you to do something? Do you realize now that love, will and freedom are a holy trinity that; united in Christ, do they make up the beauty of who you are, and the magnificence of your reality?

Now I tell you all:

Love one another, just as I have loved you. Love each other in the freedom of the children of God. Love each other in the holiness of your being.

This is not a new commandment. It is the living expression of your true and only will. The will to be who you are. The will to be as God has created you to be. In other words, the will to be love and nothing but love. And the freedom to be it now and forever.

I bless you in love.

May peace be your only reality.

Thanks for answering my call.

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