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"My dialogue with Jesus and Mary: a return to love", received by Sebastián Blaksley is an invitation to walk a path hand in hand with the Holy Spirit, listening to the voice of love that lives in our hearts. A journey that takes us back to the direct relationship with God, and to the recognition of the holiness that constitutes our true identity. It does this by activating the divine memories of our human consciousness, so that we can return to the love that has no beginning or end. In other words, to our true being. And in this way, we can live in perpetual bliss, from now and forever, by reaching the fullness of love.


"Book I: Song of Forgiveness" is a path of redefinition of the contents of the thinking mind by the hand of the One who is the interpreter of the truth, that is to say, the Holy Spirit who dwells in our hearts, and from whose divine being spread the wisdom of heaven in every living being. It is a journey hand in hand with forgiveness that leads us to the acceptance of the Christ that we truly are.


"Book II: Dialogues of a soul" is an expression of the awakening of consciousness, through mystical union. A manifestation of the life of Christ in human nature. It reveals access to divine knowledge through a new way: the direct relationship with God here and now. A work of heaven given to the world so that we can rest in the certainty that Christ lives in everyone and everything.


"Book III: Dawn" is an expression of the awakening of consciousness in light of the truth about the innocence and holiness that we are. It is the end of the path of forgiveness and the beginning of the path of love. This is a dawn that grows more and more, until it becomes an eternal noon of wisdom and perpetual joy, in which the soul remains forever in the arms of love.


"Annex: Messages from heaven" sweetly leads us to the recognition of the integrity of being, through the revelation and acceptance of the union of mind and heart, in the unity that they have always been. With this, it helps us to heal the state of separation or identity conflict. Once we have accepted the unity that we truly are, we are ready to live in the fullness of the love that we are.

My dialogue with Jesus and Mary: a return to love - Book I: Dialogues of a soul

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