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The Movement of Beautiful Love

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Thank you for walking together!

I would like to thank every one of you for your yes to love. A yes that leads us to walk together on a path of transformation and illumination in Christ. A journey that is traveled in union and relationship, where there are no teachers or students but rather incessant dialogue in unity, and in which discernment and devotion to divinity come together in the same dimension.

In this way, we co-create the new together. We bring Heaven to Earth. We unite in each one of us the human and the divine. We help to heal by healing. We are transformed by our Divine Mother. In other words, we are reborn in the spirit of love.

Thank you to each one for your role within the Movement of Beautiful Love. Everyone is of great importance.

With joy and gratitude,


Scott Welton
Kevin Streitwieser
Lourdes Flores

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We are a global family gathered by the Universal Love of our...


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