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The Movement of Beautiful Love

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Accept your own resurrection now. Allow your very-human self to be integrated with the Spirit of Love and be gently transformed into a new life. That is the groundbreaking message from Jesus received by Sebastián Blaksley in Resurrection Consciousness: Portal to Universal Enlightenment.

To resurrect is to remember who you truly are. To resurrect is to begin, once again, to hear the music of the universe. This message is an invitation to go beyond what you have learned, beyond words and definitions, into a felt magnificence in which your very-human self is compassionately accepted—not denied, but transmuted.

Then your soul irrepressibly sings a song that celebrates the union of your humanity and your divinity. With that, you become an ambassador, bringing Heaven to Earth, inspiring resurrection among your brothers and sisters.

Sebastián Blaksley
David Lawler
Julia Montero
Sarah Zimmerman

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