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The Movement of Beautiful Love

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Invitation - ZOOM with Sebastián Blaksley at  Living Truth - Wednesday 19th June, 5pm (Pacific Time)

Everyone is welcome to join us.

The event will not be recorded.

Email sent by  Living Truth:

Dear Friends of Living Truth,


We are honored and excited to extend a rare and beautiful invitation to all of you.

 Sebastián Blaksley will be joining us live on Zoom for our Choose Only Love – The Divine Relationship class on Wednesday 19th June at 5pm (Pacific time.) Zoom information can be found below.

 Sebastián is the "Receiver" of the 7 Choose Only Love books which are described as an "astonishing, most beautiful, and uplifting series of messages from Heaven" We, as the Living Truth group, are devoted to studying these texts and currently join together 3 times a week to study 3 of the books (the link to our class schedule is below.)

 A truly remarkable gift for all of us, Sebastián continues to actively Receive, recently publishing "The Age of The Heart", "Truly Beloved", and most recently (published this week in fact!) "Resurrection Consciousness."  The Angels lovingly refer to Sebastián as "a pencil in the hands of God" and also "a pencil in the hands of Love". You can read more about Sebastián here and here is a very short video from him

 Please note, you do not need to have the book to join this session! But if you would like to, it is available in hard copy, Kindle and Audible on Amazon.

 How to Join:

 Zoom Link:

Passcode: iamlight

Date: Wednesday 19th June, 5pm (Pacific Time)

 Please try to join 5 minutes early so we can start on time and feel free to extend this invitation to others you feel would resonate.

For those of you unable to make it we will try to record the session. 

About Living Truth:

Our purpose is to create intentional space where we can immerse ourselves fully in the Truth through highly conscious texts. We freely and joyfully make this offering available to others who wish to join us on the journey.

 Here is a link to our website to learn more about us:

 We look forward to seeing you there or in any of our other classes. 

 With Love,


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Sebastián Blaksley

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