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2.25 The new is Love

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Little child of Heaven. Pure soul. Love made humanity,

I come to our meeting holy, overflowing with joy, and full of gratitude, for the grace to experience and extend the beauty of our love. A love that is also manifested in these light-filled dialogues.

Today I invite you all to immerse yourselves more and more in the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Mother of the living, and co-creator of the new earthly kingdom. She is the pregnant woman who has gone to the desert to give birth. The desert represents the virginity of untouched space. There where the old order established by the world has not made an appearance. It is the perfect setting for the birth of the new. Just as the first creation was born from the breath of the life-giving spirit on the barren land, the new creation arose from Mary, who is a breeze of grace and holiness.

Truly I tell you that the birth has already occurred. The Christ reborn on earth is already here. These words bear witness to this. They are an annunciation of the second advent. If you give your minds and hearts to Mary, mother of creation and queen of peace, you will be able to see things through the eyes of love. That is, as Christ contemplates them. Because of this, you will recognize how the Spirit of God is transforming everything. You will also see that this is the effect of the birth of the new.

The new is not an idea, a belief, or a system of thought. Nor is it something that grows out of the old. The past cannot create the future, because only God creates. The new is something so novel that it cannot be put into pre-existing words. Its reality is so new that there are no traces of the old in it. Not because it was destroyed, but because it just vanished, just like waking dreams do. This is how new is the novelty of Christ.

It is true that a new language will be created - and indeed it is already being -, to be able to say what today can only be felt. And yet we will speak of the new earthly kingdom born of perfect love. We can do it, because the knowledge of its reality resides in our hearts, which is the source from which the words spring. Remember that the mouth speaks from the depths of the heart. With love I tell you, that if you make enough interior and exterior silence, you will be able to become aware of what the wisdom of your hearts knows about the new earthly kingdom. You will recognize it, by reason of your yearning for fulfillment. Listen to your deep desires for harmony and holiness, for joy, purity and happiness. In them resides the truth of creation, and the purpose of life.

In the new earthly kingdom - united with the new heaven -, happiness and peace will be your sun and moon. Beauty and purity, expressed in countless holy ways, will be the stars of your firmament. The truth will be the light that shines on it. Wisdom will constitute the firm ground, on which bodies walk, and souls express themselves freely. The colors will create new nuances at every moment, in union with the sanctity of the mind and the heart of each living being. It will be a world of peace, in a heaven of love.

The land will be as fertile as it has ever been before. Nothing will come out of it that can harm. There will be no poison or cataclysms. There will only be the serenity of Christ and the sweetness of God, creating and re-creating life without ceasing. Since truth is the foundation of its existence, and love its reality, there is nothing but laughter and merriment. Everything shines in the beauty of Christ, source of true light and foundation of being.

In the new there is no separation of any kind. Therefore, the heavenly and earthly realities consciously live in perfect unity. Every aspect of creation relates to everything out of love, and nothing but love. All will live in peace. It is the word of God.

I bless you in the sanctity of being.

Thank you for answering my call.

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