• Sebastián Blaksley

Chapter 2.28 - Love, Refuge of Being

Daughters and sons of the highest,

I come full of joy and gratitude for being able to dwell with you, and bring Heaven to earth, through these dialogues of love and holiness. I give you a song of beatitude. A praise of love, which springs from the heart of the Father of lights. Make it yours, for it really is. Carry it in your hearts every day of your lives, as a gift from Heaven. Let its sweetness embrace you. May the truth of these words resound in the silence of your holiness. You will hear in it the voice of the beloved of your being. And you will remember the beauty of the first love, which is God. Listen to the wisdom of love speak to your soul, in the holy tabernacle, from where everything created is called to life.

“You who live under the protection of love. May you warm yourself in his holy name. And you rest in the shadow of its wings. You who have made it your food, your firm rock, your stronghold. Tell God: My refuge. Alcázar mine. My love, I trust you.

He will deliver you from the snares. No plague will fall on you. Nor will domination overtake you. He will scare away the dragons and lions. He will shelter you in his feathers. He will be a shield and a cloak. He will protect your soul, as if it were a matter of honor. He will accompany you in tribulation. And no drop of the flood will touch you. On his shoulders you will be carried. While he crosses mountains and slopes, until he arrives with you in the valley of peace. Wherever milk and honey flow from the earth, and the waters dance to the beat of life. He will fill your days with joy. It will be a tower of gold and ivory. Crystal castle. Holy abode.

In him you will find your comfort, refuge and joy. You will fear no evil. Nor to the gloomy nights. Nor to loneliness. Abandonment will not knock on your door, nor will it nest in you. The fear will dissipate, because He will always be by your side. He will take care of your days and he will guard your nights. He will cradle you in his arms. It will be a blessed temple of your heart. Certainty of your mind. Peace of your soul. Wisdom of your being.

Open your eyes and you will see the wages of the saints. God's wonders. The miracles and portents that he brings down from Heaven for you every day. Because you made his love your refuge. From his hand your defense. From his voice, the source of your knowledge. His angels surround you. He has given them orders to protect you, accompany you and guard your ways. They will carry you on their palms, and you will not stumble. You will tread the asps. The thorns will be like a soft cotton blanket. You will cross the fathoms, as if it were drops of morning dew.

She has made Me, her refuge: I will liberate her. I will feed her. I will satisfy her in my joy. She will call on my name and I will answer her. She will call me and I will come. I will be for her, a caring Mother. A loving Father. I will fill her days with tenderness. I will make her see my glory. I will pour out a flood of love on her house. Because she has made Me her refuge, her rock and her bulwark. She said: My God. My God. My love and my strength. I trust you."

Blessed are you, who make trust in love, your life, your reality and your livelihood. Every day dawns with this song, which Heaven gives you, as a sample of what is sung in the depths of your heart. And of those who receive these words. Before going to sleep, hug it, so that he accompanies your dreams. When you walk, recite it. When you wake up, sing it, and your days will be happy.

Rejoice in the light of holiness.

Thank you for receiving my messages, and sharing them.

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