Chapter 2.29 - Glory of Beautiful Love

My beloved,

We are coming to the end of the second book of this work. How much joy there is in our hearts, to walk the path of devotion together! A path full of love. United we stand in the truth. We are happy to be able to walk with God. Talk to him. Live in his heart. Hearing his voice, reminding us how much he loves us. And how great is the work of his hands in us. We carry on high the memory of the eternal embrace of his divinity. We trust in his divine goodness. We make that trust the treasure of our existence. We know, because the truth reveals it to us, that the day will come when our faith in his love will be transformed into a love without borders, because in the end everything will converge on him.

We will continue walking on the paths of the world, spreading the light that dwells in our being. Calling everyone to remain in the holy abode. To know the delights of God. We will share, with whom Heaven disposes, the knowledge of beautiful love. We will move forward safely, because we know that the sanctity of his divine being is with us, wherever we go. Our beloved Father will always be our strength. In his omnipotence we take refuge. We give our hearts to Him. As divine Mother, she will keep us, and she will feed us to our satisfaction. As the creator of our being, he will fill the measure of our fullness.

Beloved of Heaven. Love is transforming thought patterns, and emotional response, to a degree that the thinking mind cannot yet recognize. Do not worry about it, for its fruits it will recognize it. Listen to what I say next, with all the love of my heart.

When the thoughts of discouragement seem to approach, remember that the mind has been in a process of deep transformation of its way of thinking. Before, its thoughts were built on the cornerstone of survival, in the illusion of a being that is not and never will be. Now shine in the light of truth. This, although not always fully understood, is a leap of gigantic dimensions. And of unimaginable effects. You cannot give yourself an idea of ​​how much you have been transformed by love. And how deeply the Universe is being transmuted, because of your yes to love. Allow your humanity to rest in peace. Let the mind go free. Embrace in love, every aspect of who you are. Bring serenity and sweetness to your hearts. Fill your lives with light. Let yourselves be loved.

Truly, truly, I tell you that this work is a perfect medium for the creation of the new in and through you. The power of his words de-programs the mind and the heart, and brings them together back to the original state. That is, to a state in which the ability to think, feel, and see is regained, in perfect unity with Christ. In this way, your humanity is gently brought before the majestic cathedral of eternal truth. To the holy tabernacle, where God himself dwells in union with the soul.

Do you perhaps believe, that a conversion of such proportions can be easily assimilated, by that part of the mind and heart that was for so long attached to the things of the world, valuing what has no value, and looking for what cannot be found because it is not true? Certainly not. Remember that, in the realm of time, there is a time for everything.

You who receive these words. Be glad you got to this point on the road. Truly I tell you, a new light descends on you. That the deafening screams of the past, and the creaking of old thought patterns, are already far behind. So much so that they can hardly be seen or felt. And if sometimes you perceive them more strongly, it is not because they have it, but because you have decided to see in the light of truth, everything that must be vanished for the holiness of your being. What was hidden before is now seen. What was denied before is now accepted and delivered. That which was feared has been brought before the throne of Christ consciousness. There, divine love has transmuted him into more awareness of the love that you are. That is, in more perfect knowledge.

I give you the angelic song that springs from the happiness of my heart.

"Hallelujah sings Heaven. A soul shines in the glory of holy love. With its light, illuminate minds, heal hearts, and renew the face of the earth. Its beauty is the fruit of divine union. Blessed gift of the Mother of the living, for all creation. It roams in the heights. Christ has been recognized. Love, extended. Truth, honored. "

Rest in peace.

Thank you for answering my call.

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