Chapter 2.31 - Christ is reality

My beloved in the love of Christ,

Today I invite you to question the interpretations that the thinking mind presents to you. None of them are true. The truth is not something that can be interpreted, but it is revealed to the soul each time it is shed of its own beliefs, and ways of seeing things, to allow the wisdom of love to show reality.

The truth is Christ. His divine being was revealed in the consciences throughout the centuries, and became one with your humanity, so that all that you are is imbued in the light of eternal truth. Be glad to know that your interpretations are simply not true. They are the fruit of a learning path of the human mind. Which has been acquiring content, and has developed over millennia and millennia, to try to understand reality in its own way. None of this can lead you to the certainty that it comes from the truth, because, as has been said, it cannot be learned.

Get rid of your old ways of thinking right now. Not giving up the thought, or attacking the mind. No. That path will lead you to nothing that gives you peace. Therefore, it cannot be the path marked out by love. The most direct way to detach yourself from your own interpretations is by being humble of heart. Remember that humility is to walk in truth. What do you mean by that? That you develop the habit of being impartial observers of your thoughts, emotions, and everything that happens within you. And tell you often.

What my mind thinks has no meaning. The interpretations it brings me are simply not true. I'm wrong about everything, and I'm glad about it. I will wait for the truth to be revealed to me, in all its glory and benevolence.

I assure you that when it makes an appearance in you, you will jump for joy. You will sing a new song of praise and gratitude, to the love of loves. You will feel the joy of the certainty of the truth. And for this reason, peace will reign in your pure hearts.

Once you have recognized the meaninglessness of the thinking mind's interpretations, rest in the serenity of your being. Let Christ do for you whatever he chooses to do or not do. Put everything in his hands. This is true humility. Don't tell him what to do, or how to proceed. Simply, surrender your thoughts to Him, and you will see how they are transmuted into the light of consciousness. Be patient with yourself, and with the revelation.

I assure you that in due course, things will present themselves before your spiritual eyes, in such a clear and pristine way, that you will not have the slightest doubt. By now, it is quite likely that you have already realized that, in interpretations about events, behaviors, or even what you think you are, or what others are, there is never perfect certainty. This is the reason why there is no peace to be found in them. This should already tell you something. That which does not bring peace to the soul, sincere joy to the heart, and certainty to the mind, does not come from the truth of who you are. That is, it does not come from Christ. Therefore, it is unreal.

I remind you of all these things, not so that you think that there is something in you that is not lovable, or that it works badly. We bring it together in this dialogue, because it is important to remember that the function of what you call intellect is not to be a lord, but a servant. Everything created has that function. Including myself, as an angelic being, and you as created beings with human nature.

One of the fears that usually occurs, when you decide to distance yourself from the thoughts and interpretations of the thinking mind, is to believe that you will be left without an anchor with reality. The mind says to itself, at this point: "If my interpretations are all false, how can I understand reality?" Do not worry about it, because the reality is Christ, and it will be revealed to you with such love and clarity that you will not need to reason anything. You will simply know. Indeed, when you let go of your attachment to your interpretations, as a means of understanding how things are, you are opening the doors of a return to true reality. That is, to sanity. That is why I tell you with all the love of my heart:

Abandon the world of interpretations, and abide in the realm of truth.

I bless you in the love of God.

Thank you for answering my call.

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