Chapter 3.3 - Heaven is Love

Beloved of the light. Created in the holiness of Heaven,

What happiness it is to dwell with you! How much joy there is in my heart, for the time we spent together! I thank you for opening your heart to me. And allow me to dialogue with you. Through our union, we extend love to the whole world. What more sublime aspiration can the human heart have, but to reunite with God, and return to direct relationship with Him? Can there be a more desirable goal than to live forever in the love of Christ? What other search can make more sense than to be happy and live fully? What other purpose can this work have, but to live in direct relationship with God, that is, with perfect love? All these questions are one and the same.

In unconditional love for yourself is where the new earthly kingdom and the new Heaven dwell. It cannot be inhabited if the past is not left behind, whatever you think it was. Nor can you enjoy it, if you cling to a supposed future that does not exist, since it only lives in the imagination. Heaven is now, as is eternal life. To dwell in the abode of the living, is to remain forever in the eternal present of holy love. God has no past, no future. He does not have time. Be happy with me for it. In his arms, all time collapses. Every brooding of the mind is submerged in the silence of reverence. Emotions serenely sink into the stillness of truth.

Living forever in the heart of the Creator is what the soul longs for, because it knows that this is where the kingdom of Heaven exists, that it is the means in which it can find its fullness, just as a fish finds it in water. Love is the natural condition of what you are. In other words, it is your being, and at the same time the ecosystem in which it can unfold its powers. This is the reason why you reach your fullness in love. Doesn't this make sense? What can be in harmony with a being of pure love, like yours, and everyone's, but love?

Love has created you. Love is what you are. And love is the only thing that can make you live in the realization of your being. Outside of that, there is nothing that can make you happy, because love only rejoices by loving, that is, giving and receiving what is. To love, to be loved, to extend love, to receive love, to create a new holy love. This is the reality of being. Everything else is so alien to itself that he doesn't even stop at it. Not because you ignore it, but because you simply know that it does not exist, nor is it real.

Sisters and brothers of mine in Christ. In the depths of your hearts the new Heaven is being lived. The majestic banquet of creation unfolds at every moment. Diners rejoice in the beauty of Christ. Peace reigns without opposites. Love paints divine realities in colors. You are flooded by the grace of holiness, which flows from the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, into all creation. All of that, and much more, exists at the core of your being. There, where the divine beloved of the soul rejoices with his beloved, in the delights of a love that has no beginning or end. Creative love. Salvific love. Love that extends life.

You have heard a lot about the duty to love others. And made sincere attempts to fulfill it. All of which bestows you blessings, because of your holy purpose to extend love. Rejoice of it. However, we are not talking about that dimension of human experience here. We are living in the essence of things. Dwelling in the center of reality. Because of this, we have recognized that everything begins with oneself. And that you cannot love others, neither God, nor his wonderful creation, if we do not begin by loving ourselves.

Love yourself without limits, nor measure; with a pure love, full of tenderness and wisdom, is what we are talking about. Truly, truly, I tell you that this is how the new earthly kingdom begins to be seen and experienced, and with it the new Heaven that is already here.

Thank you for answering the call of love.

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