3.30 A New Order

Beloved daughters and sons of the whole world,

Certainly, religions have lost their way since they forgot that love, and only love, is the reason for their existence And that what is not love could not be part of them, because it was nothing other than fear. Still, in truth, I tell you, that all of them will return to love. This is as certain as the whole world will. Once again, the new is love.

In the kingdom of Christ on earth, there is no room for anything that does not come from God. Therefore, structures based on fear will not exist. This not only concerns religious systems, but also the way humanity is organized, at all levels. A new humanity has been born. And with it, a new experience.

How will this great transformation happen? The world will finally accept the only message that Jesus came to reveal, which constitutes the essence of truth. In other words, humanity will finally joyfully accept that God is love. The lack of acceptance of this essential revelation of Jesus Christ is what has caused us to lose our way. Remember that actions bear witness to beliefs. And that every belief system has a cornerstone on which it stands, and this is what you believe God to be.

If you believe that God is the Lord of hosts, your religion will be that of holy war. If you believe that he is the mighty Arm that extends from generation to generation to make sinners pay for their malice, you will have a religion based on guilt, and you will create the idea of ​​heresy. As a result of this, you will search every corner of the world for those who do not behave in accordance with the law, to eliminate them in one way or another. But if you believe that God is love, the religion that will emerge from it will be that of truth. In it, each one will be allowed to express himself as he wishes. The little ones will be shown the path of revelation, which is traveled in union with the true being that inhabits each soul. It will teach more to know oneself than to impose a revealed truth on others and by others.

In a religion based on love, there is no external authority as a source of imposition, but it is made up of loving spiritual fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters in holiness, equals, and alike. They teach that there is right consciousness and that following its light is the criterion to be used for discernment. They do so because they have accepted that there is Christ in every heart. That the soul only belongs to Him. And that his voice can be heard without any difficulty by all, with the simple condition to do a little bit of silence, which everyone does in one way or another. They know that there is no one who has stepped on - or walked - the earth who can completely deny the voice of truth. They are all sons and daughters of love itself.

Finally, in a religion based on love, each one flies his own flight. A flight that is known, accepted and savored, within the dialogue that exists in the direct relationship of the soul with God. A relationship as eternal as love is. As holy as its source. And as real as Christ is, cause, reason, and sense of reality. Within the divine Union, is where human nature is realized. In other words, it is within the direct relationship with God where you reach the fullness of your existence, you realize yourself as God has always arranged.

What is the purpose of looking for something else, than living in unity, if outside of it there is nothing that is real, nor is it true? This is the cornerstone on which the new is built because it is the cornerstone of existence. I tell you with love that creation has been built on this truth. Immerse yourself in it, and you will remain in Heaven. Be accompanied by her, and you will be walking hand in hand with Christ. Let yourself be absorbed by its immensity and beauty, and you will be one with the source of life, just as you are eternal. For this is what you were created for, to enjoy eternally in the love of God.

The example of religious structures has been used to imply the novelty that is manifesting itself in all orders of the world. Every system will be led towards love. Not only those that concern spirituality, but everything that is part of the human experience. Naturally, this includes communities, organizations of nations, families, and relationships. All this is happening now, as a prelude to the full realization of the new earthly kingdom. Be glad that you are not only witnessing the birth of the new but the propitiator of its reality together with Christ, source, and substance of love and truth.

I give you my blessing.

Thank you for answering my call, and sharing my messages.

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