Chapter 37 - Resurrection and Life

I. New humanity

My son. In these times of great confusion, I invite you to dive deeper into the depths of my divine heart each day. In it you will always find the wisdom of heaven, which must be the only source of your knowing and acting. You have to remember that whoever comes to me and remains in my divine love, already lives in the light. He ceased to be a child of the flesh born of the perishable to become a child of eternity, born of the spirit. Perhaps this distinction is a difficult thing to accept for the intellectual mind that has not yet made the wisdom of Christ, which dwells in all souls, its only source of knowledge. But it is perfectly understandable for those who have created in their soul a space of acceptance for the mystery. They know that not everything can be explained by the thinking mind. They have learned to appeal to the wisdom of love, whose voice they listen to and follow with joy. That is why their hearts sing, vibrate and calm when hearing the truth that is revealed in these dialogues of purity and holiness.

In your hearts there is a knowledge that is not of the world. When you appeal to him, you find the answers that come from the source of beautiful love. When I say heart, I do not mean a sensitive aspect of your soul, without connection with the rational aspect of your human nature. The heart is the center of your being. Therefore, it is the union of mind and heart in the fullness of being that you truly are. There is no such thing as the separation between the mind and the heart. You know this very well, because nobody is capable of thinking something that does not have an impact on the heart and vice versa. Both aspects, the rational and the sensible, of your souls are actually the soul itself, always united to the spirit that gives you life, since it is the breath that gives you existence.

As human beings that you are. You have been endowed with everything that God has ordained that you should have as human creatures. Born of Him, for and in His Glory. And as such, you are a mind-soul-body unit. Delete one of those dimensions; or to consider them inappropriate to your existence, or of a lesser quality than the other, is to disintegrate. That is to say, it is to annul the unit that you are. And with it, your humanity. Your body is as sacred as your soul and your spirit. Everything in you is sacred because of its origin.

The world has had a troubled relationship when thinking about the body and the spirit. This is nothing other than the externalization of the inner conflict. In many cases, it has been related to both aspects as if they were opposite and irreconcilable realities. Those who think that way cannot help exalting one aspect to the detriment of the other. This is how the thought systems have appeared that made the body an idol that largely nullified the spirit, and those that tried to make the human spirit your only reality by nullifying the physical body.

But my children. If the body were not an integral part of the unity that you really are, for what purpose would I have become a man? Would the incarnation of God in matter, that is, in a human body, make sense if it were a divine union that would end in the disintegration of the physical body? To what end will the eternal unite with the finite, if the latter were simply something like a sigh of illusory reality in the infinite existence of the eternal?

I have said that God does nothing in vain. And it's true. Vanities belong to the realm of choices far removed from the wisdom of heaven, which is the source of creation. Therefore, they are not part of Me. The hypostatic union between the divinity of my being and the corporeality of human nature is an eternal and heavenly union. Remember that no one can separate what God has joined. Therefore no one can separate the reality of the body from the reality of the soul and spirit and remain in the truth.

II. Eternal life

If you immerse yourself in the depths of your hearts, you will be able to recognize that you love your body and that you do not want it to cease to exist. You identify with him as much as with your soul. This is because deep down you know that the body is a constitutive part of who you are. Not just yours, but everyone's.

My sons. There is nothing in you that is not part of your reality as human beings. Both the soul; - endowed with a heart, a mind, a memory, a will, an imagination, and a consciousness capable of knowing itself, others, and God; as well as the body with all its components, and the spirit that animates your lives, have been created by love. And therefore, they are eternal. That which is part of your reality may not be put at the service of love, or it may be distorted in its purpose. But that does not make what God created as a unit can disintegrate. The awareness of the perfect integrity of your being as humans that you are, is what the return to love is about, or return to the virginal state.

I give you this revelation, full of love and wisdom, to make you more aware that the world needs to appeal to the true knowledge that comes from heaven. And because of this, what you understand as body and spirit is returned to the truth. The world needs a new approach to its relationship with the physical body and its undivided union with the spirit from which it receives life. That new understanding, coming from the Holy Spirit is what you have been asking for. And therefore it is given to you.

Until now you may have conceived the body as your center, without giving much space to the spirit, or the opposite. You may have thought that taking good care of your body was a way to love each other. Or that the body does not require any attention, and for that reason you have denied it care, under the understanding that, if you did, you would take away the attention from the spirit. In both cases - and you have all walked through one of them, or continue to do so - the unity is annulled in the particular consciousness. Being spiritual would seem to some that it is a matter of being not being very physical.

Or the opposite. And yet the body is part of the aspect of the expression of the spirit as human beings. In fact, without both you would not be human. You would be something else, which is not what God has conceived as your human reality. The body and the spirit are one and the same. They cannot be dissociated. Trying to do so is like trying to separate the molecules that make up the ocean water in which that water exists, moves and is.

Your bodies do not perish. They are transfigured by the glory of eternity. This expression is not a metaphor, it is the simplest and most direct way to express the truth about your physical body, and its reality within the continuum of eternity as an integral part of the mind-body-soul unity that you are. If this were not so, you should accept that my humanity as Jesus Christ is not complete since I would not have a body. And yet I am the Man-God. The risen one. I have a human body and a divine spirit, just like you. And like all corporeal-spiritual beings.

Notice that I have said "like every corporal-spiritual being". I do it so that you remember that there are material things that have no spirit. As is the case of a statue, whose human form does not imply that it is a manifestation of the spiritual and bodily unity that is proper and unique to the human being created by the Love of God.

I have revealed to you that I am the resurrection and the life. With this I have wanted to tell you that everything that is part of Me; my body, my spirit and my soul are eternal. They are clothed in the perfect holiness that I am. In this truth resides the truth about you in Me. Your body is as much a part of you, as your mind, your heart, and your human spirit. In our unity, all of this is reintegrated into the unity of being in which you were created. In this way, you joyfully remain in the integrity that you eternally are, not because of your way of seeing things but because of God's will for you who are his beloved son.

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