• Sebastián Blaksley

Chapter 12 - Humility

My little children, today as always, I invite you once again to be humble of heart. Do not seek perfection in the manner of the world. Perfectionism comes from fear and is tinged with pride. Rather accept your condition with love. Do not be overwhelmed by guilt. When you perceive thoughts of guilt, bring them to reason. In it lies the truth that Christ is. There you will see that many times you worry about things that make no sense. And if your pangs of conscience come from actions that have caused suffering to others or to yourself, you will understand a loving lesson: Love forgives and corrects everything. You will witness the divine mercy.

Humility is the ointment to heal wounds because it is linked to the truth. To remain in Me is to recognize that by yourself you can do nothing. Not a single beat of your heart would be possible without the consent of the Creator.

Striving is fine but not at the cost of losing peace. In order to understand this source of wisdom and live it, it is necessary to be humble. You have been endowed with a conscience capable of discerning a moral scale. Do not deny that gift from heaven. Everyone has been given the holy ability to know where good resides. Do not forget that love and benevolence are one. If you can not recognize kindness you can not recognize love. And yet you know where sweetness resides, where tenderness dwells. You know it because you are bearers of the wisdom of the heart.

My children, all is not well. If it were, the world would be a paradise and it certainly is not. I tell you this so that you do not put aside your moral discernment. Virtues beautify the soul when tempered with meekness and humility because they come from Christ. It is not necessary to dive into the marshes of lovelessness or to experience a painful reality that makes no sense to know what is holy.

I invite you to live in the purity of love. The pure in heart are happy because their consciences do not admonish them to make them return to true charity. To love with purity is to love for the simple reason of charity. It is giving everything of oneself to get out of the confinement of the lacerating egocentrism that does so much harm to souls. It is also to stop thinking about oneself as the center of the universe. It is to understand and accept that only love is central. It is not to continue exalting the little me. It is giving space to Christ to dwell in your heart and enlighten your reality.

Cultivate meekness in your hearts so that you can be like God who is always meek and humble of heart. Peace is the home of the humble because their minds rest peacefully in the calm waters of love and forgiveness.

Do not do anything for yourself. Do everything with your heavenly Mother. I assure you that if you act in this way, your lives will be a serene transit to heaven. I always wait for you with open arms. I invite you to cultivate our intimate love, spending time to talk with Me. In our love dialogues you will find great spiritual treasures. You will see everything in a new light, the light of truth.

Come to Me every day of your lives until our relationship is the reality of your existence. Make Christ your center. Give Me your tears, your frustrations, and your dreams. I will transform them into pearls of holiness.

Do not be distressed for the future, for this is what Mother is taking care of. Rather, dedicate yourself to living in the present in My love. There is nothing that you worry about that my Immaculate Heart cannot take over. I know very well that you are living in difficult times on both an individual and collective level. For that reason I manifest myself more and more and I remain close at your side.

Hard times are times of Mary.

True humility will lead you to live life as children in the arms of this Mother of pure holy love. That way you will put aside your material, moral, and spiritual concerns. Do not deny your feelings but become aware of them, whatever they may be. Give them to Me. Together we will do with them what God disposes for your good and that of all.

I speak to you as a Mother because that is what I am, Mother of all and everything. I want to get intimate with each of My children. I thank you for listening to My voice and receiving My messages of love and truth. In these simple dialogues, without stridencies or great revelations, I want to dwell with you in the simplicity of the truth.

My beloved, I invite you all to live in humility, the treasure of being simple at heart. A simple life is a life in freedom. An existence in the purity of love is the greatest grace that can be conceived. I am the Immaculate Heart. I am the concord of love. In the union of our hearts lies the truth, united to the heart of My divine son Jesus. Remain in us. We are the reality of one love.

I bless you in Christ’s love. Raise your eyes to the sun and you will not see the shadows. Embrace My love and the flow of divine union will fill you with blessings. Do not focus on the passenger. Live thinking about the things of heaven. The Most High is occupied with the rest. See that your Father has given you the kingdom of heaven so that you die eternally in the presence of love. Start living your heaven now.

I extended love to all of you that receive these words They are for those who want to live in My love. Call Me and in the blink of an eye I will enter and make a dwelling in your heart. And together we will sing forever the wonders of the Lord.

I love you all.

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