Capítulo 1.22 - The perfect plan of love

Beloved souls all. You who receive these words. Remember that nothing happens by chance. Neither is the fact that you are receiving these dialogues of love and truth, they are an integral part of the work given to this pencil in the hands of love, to be shared with those who have to be. Everything is part of God's plan for these times. Observe how everywhere there are clear signs of an awakening of consciousness that has no comparison in the history of mankind. Never before has light shone so clearly on earth.

Do not be afraid about the fact that the thinking mind, so attached to what is familiar, known, and frightened by the new, feels that it cannot process the new frequencies of thought energy that the newness that is being born carries with it. Soon it will. These are times of patience for you, pampering, and your inner processes. As well as for the world, which has its times.

Everything is following the paths traced by Christ from all eternity. You are not adrift. You are not immersed in formless chaos, traveling aimlessly in an incomprehensible reality. You are living in the times of the second advent. A time of birth of the new earthly kingdom. A kingdom of peace, harmony, and joy without equal.