• Sebastián Blaksley

Capítulo 1.22 - The perfect plan of love

Beloved souls all. You who receive these words. Remember that nothing happens by chance. Neither is the fact that you are receiving these dialogues of love and truth, they are an integral part of the work given to this pencil in the hands of love, to be shared with those who have to be. Everything is part of God's plan for these times. Observe how everywhere there are clear signs of an awakening of consciousness that has no comparison in the history of mankind. Never before has light shone so clearly on earth.

Do not be afraid about the fact that the thinking mind, so attached to what is familiar, known, and frightened by the new, feels that it cannot process the new frequencies of thought energy that the newness that is being born carries with it. Soon it will. These are times of patience for you, pampering, and your inner processes. As well as for the world, which has its times.

Everything is following the paths traced by Christ from all eternity. You are not adrift. You are not immersed in formless chaos, traveling aimlessly in an incomprehensible reality. You are living in the times of the second advent. A time of birth of the new earthly kingdom. A kingdom of peace, harmony, and joy without equal.

Just as many did not understand the sign of the times in the past, and especially in those of the first coming of Christ to earth, so it is with many of your brothers and sisters today. But that doesn't have to be that way for you, nor does it have to be a cause for concern. Let everyone think as he wants to think. You live the present in the love of God. And stay united to the voice of love. She will reveal to you everything that should be revealed to you. Remember that there were also many who were open to accepting the novelty of the smoking God. They, together with Jesus and Mary, fostered the arrival of the fullness of love. That is the perfect realization of God's plan. They were the co-creators of the first coming, just as you are a co-creator of the second.

Perhaps some minds still cannot see the whole picture and continue to think in the old way of thinking, and that makes them see what is not true. But that does not make divine reality different from what it is. There is no chance. There is only the will of God. And she is always benevolent, loving and powerful. In truth, in truth, I tell you that the Great transformation that love is carrying out on the physical plane is what your souls came to carry out in union with the source of creation, that is, of perfect Love. And what they want, for your Spirit knows the divine plan. You are not where you are by chance. Your being knows about this truth perfectly.

I reveal these things to you, or rather I remind you because I know that many times you forget how important you are for creation, and your role in the vast divine plan. I told you, at the beginning of this first part of this work, that I would reveal to you precisely the purpose of things. And so I am doing. In truth, we are doing it together, because we are one mind, one heart, one holy being.

These words are not directed at an idea, set, or abstraction. They are directed very particularly to you. From all eternity they have been conceived so that you receive them where you are now. Love - which is the source of creation - has known you before time exists. And he knows very well why and for what he has chosen you. You are not receiving this revelation for the sake of it. You do it because you yourself have co-created it with the One mind and the One heart. That is, with Christ.

And you've called them to come to you at the right time. For they are part of the perfect means for the birth of the new universal consciousness that is being born. This work is an essential part of it. And your heart knows it. For he has known it even before your thinking mind reads the words it carries. The works of the spirit are not subject to time, space or matter. You neither. Just as you are not subject to the laws of men or time. You are subject to the laws of God. Your life is in his hands. And it will always be in them.

God does nothing alone. He does everything perfectly with his Daughters and Sons. Among them, you are. No doubts about that. This truth leads us to recognize together that your presence on earth in these times is not an accident or something that does not make sense. It is part of a loving plan that the Father of lights has designed together with you. And to all those who are here so that his will may be fulfilled, that creation may return to his arms and enjoy eternally in his divine love.

The accomplishments of the plan of atonement are shared. They are so yours, as God's. As yours, as they are of Mary Immaculate. We are not only a single soul, but a divine family. In other words, filiation as a whole realizes, in union with its source, the plan of perfect love. This is because love is union and God is love. Therefore, it is also union. Being so, he cannot - nor does he want to - do anything alone. You neither.

From before you come to time, you knew that all this that is happening, both in your private and collective life, would happen. And you know, deep in your heart, that everything is going to be fine. You came at the time with that knowledge. And its reality remains in you so invariably that nothing can make it separate from your being. You came into the world to collaborate with the transformation of universal consciousness. In this way, from the small atoms to the stars, the planets, and every living being, they are transmuted by the light of Christ.

Creation belongs to God, not to human beings. Your life too. So there are no real reasons to fear. The fear that you sometimes feel is simply the reflection of the last death throes of the energy of fear, reclaiming your being to continue existing. But there is no turning back. The darkness will not prevail. The light has come and it will never go away.

Love is transforming everything. Your hearts are the vehicle through which it is healing, restorative and re-creative force is being poured into everything that exists, in each time that has existed or will exist, and in each space of the entire universe. Truly, truly, I tell you that the new earthly kingdom is here. Very soon it will be recognized by all. The light of the glory of Christ will illuminate the earth from heaven. Every aspect of creation will happily sing a hymn of gratitude and praise to the love of loves. And peace will reign forever. It is God's promise.

Blessed are you who live in love.

Thank you for co-creating the new heaven and the new earth. Thank you for bringing the light of Christ to the universe.

Be at peace.

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