• Sebastián Blaksley

Chapter 51 - The Reality of the Kingdom

I. The heaven of being

Beloved of my being. Delight of a God who is infinite love. If you knew the gift these words signify, you would sing happily every day of your life. I live by your side and in you, I am the source of beautiful love. Our reality is beyond the world. From its infinite light it illuminates the world. She reaches out to him, embraces him in love. What joy is our divine relationship! What a blessing it is to know that we will willingly remain united for all eternity! Nothing and no one can separate us from our love. Together we are the unshakable beauty of truth.

The world turns. And it will keep spinning. The history of nations will take its course. New flowers will be born. New waters will flow through ever new rivers. Everything will continue to be renewed on the face of the earth. And yet, after the passing of history and the hustle and bustle of humanity, our unalterable being of holy love stands radiant, ineffable, beautiful.

Today, as two thousand years ago, the world receives the light from heaven, coming no longer from my birth in a manger, but from our divine union. Extension of that glorious moment in which the word dwelt among men. We are light. We are the word of eternal life. We are the pure potentiality of love unfolding incessantly. Heaven and all that emanates from it resides in the unity of our being. In her we are truth, holiness, compassion.

Well beloved son. These words spring from the source of our being, united in the holiness of who we are. I have come once again to spread love and wisdom. So that minds can find light and hearts peace. I have come to reveal a great truth to you. Listen carefully and open your heart.

Heaven is not a place where the good guys go. That is, the souls that have met certain standards of conduct, or adhered to certain beliefs. If so, what difference would there be between the kingdom of heaven and the kingdoms of the world, in which an authority determines how to think, feel or act, and demands on the foot of lead and iron hand that all conform to this, or else are they punished in innumerable ways? Ay, peoples of the earth. Have you not already realized that you can be so similar to heaven that your happiness would be perfect?

My dearly beloved souls. Heaven is not a system. Nor a place. It is the realm where everything created eternally dwells in the state of consciousness of truth. It is the reality in which everything lives in perfect harmony with what it really is.

Those who comply with a certain conduct do not enter heaven, but rather those who have accepted the truth of who they are, and consciously choose to live forever united to that truth. Naturally, since the truth of the soul and of every creature is to be perfect love, in the kingdom of heaven only kindness, magnanimity, compassion and the other virtues derived from love and holiness extend.

To you who receive these words I say. Doing good, complying with certain guidelines is important because it is what allows you to extend love in your human form. Remember that love only seeks and does good. In this way you contribute to peace on earth and in your conscience. All of this is very important. However, love is not a norm, nor is it a structure. Love is what you are. It is the foundation of creation. Because of this, the essential thing is that you live in harmony with the holy love that you truly are.

You can do a lot of good in the world without being who you really are. Still, the goal of self-realization would not have been achieved. What you are being told is that heaven is the full realization of the truth that you are. In other words, the expression of God's love that only you can be. This is the reason why in him, which is the reality created by God for his holy creations, only perfect love and extensions of it can exist. There can be no opposites, because there is only perfect unity. In him there is only the light of Christ, from which emanates all holiness and its infinite effects or creations.

II. Love: fullness of the law

Daughters and sons of the whole world. I invite you to live in the truth that tells you that you are just as God created you to be, that is, love and nothing but love. If you comply with this premise, you are already living in the kingdom of heaven, because you are being the kingdom, by living in the truth.

What is revealed here is of great importance, since it allows you to clearly know what the goal of the souls in the world is. And with it, yours. The goal of every creature is to reach the fullness of love. Once achieved, it reaches the fullness of the law. Therefore, those who live in the love that they are, always perform loving acts. And they do everything well. This is because love can only extend goodness and holiness.

Son of love. Remind yourself that by living in harmony with the truth of who you are, you extend holiness, thereby fulfilling the purpose of the Universe. The acts will be the invariant effect of the love that you really are. In other words, when you live united to the truth of who you are, you do loving things. It is for this reason that I said two thousand years ago that love is the fullness of the law.

What else can mankind need but to live in the truth of what it is? When the created is separated from its nature, that is, from what it was created for, it is disconnected in some way from its true identity. What you are and your function are a unit. Therefore you cannot fulfill God's purpose if you are not who you really are. Or more precisely, if you live in harmony with who you are. You certainly cannot stop being who you are, because your identity has been created by God and that is unalterable. The point is whether you are living in union with it or not. This is true unity.

You don't need to think like everyone else. Nor feel like them or them. In fact, nobody can do something like that, because they are all unique. Even in the cases in which they say that they "adhere" to certain modes of thought, each one gives it its distinctive or unique touch. Everyone responds differently to things because everyone is different, while sharing the same being. What is being proclaimed here is not a new identity model based on the rebellion of the surrounding thought or the confrontation of the ideas of the world, to modify things. God knows nothing about recycling, he eternally believes in the incessant novelty of love. Challenging ideas is not the purpose of this work. What you are invited to do here is to remain in the truth about your identity, which only Christ can reveal to you. And he does.

When you were created you heard the sweet voice of truth calling you to be what you were created for, otherwise you could not exist. She is the vital breath that gives life and movement to your soul. It gives certainty to the mind and joy to the heart. The truth is your identity. That is why it sets you free. Remember that only in the freedom to be who you really are can you be the love of God. Without freedom there is no truth, and without it there is no holiness. Isn't this what has characterized the human drama, the lack of freedom to be what one is?

I am the one who gives life to your existence. You know it well, because your being recognizes my voice. Truly, truly, I tell you that I have come to free hearts and to break the chains that imprison minds. I am the fullness of the law, of times and of life. I am the eternal realization of being. Remain in Me and you will see your existence fulfilled. Your souls will sing happily to the beat of eternal life. And the universe will dance the dance of joy, whose melody comes from love to serve you, and thus God. Have you not already realized that you are one with Him?

Let yourselves be loved. Let the creation unfold in front of you what you need to fulfill your purpose, for it has been created for that. So that you may reach the fullness of love and thus enjoy eternally in the happiness of my divine being. Allow her to serve you in holiness. In this way you will be allowing him to be free to be who he really is. You do your part, which is to always remain united to love. In such a way that creation is embraced in your consciences, and you live in the unity of love. By living in this way, you remain unscathed in the concert of life, in the harmony of the Universe, the sanctity of truth.

I bless you in the sanctity of being.

Thank you for answering my call.

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