Chapter 51 - The Reality of the Kingdom

I. The heaven of being

Beloved of my being. Delight of a God who is infinite love. If you knew the gift these words signify, you would sing happily every day of your life. I live by your side and in you, I am the source of beautiful love. Our reality is beyond the world. From its infinite light it illuminates the world. She reaches out to him, embraces him in love. What joy is our divine relationship! What a blessing it is to know that we will willingly remain united for all eternity! Nothing and no one can separate us from our love. Together we are the unshakable beauty of truth.

The world turns. And it will keep spinning. The history of nations will take its course. New flowers will be born. New waters will flow through ever new rivers. Everything will continue to be renewed on the face of the earth. And yet, after the passing of history and the hustle and bustle of humanity, our unalterable being of holy love stands radiant, ineffable, beautiful.

Today, as two thousand years ago, the world receives the light from heaven, coming no longer from my birth in a manger, but from our divine union. Extension of that glorious moment in which the word dwelt among men. We are light. We are the word of eternal life. We are the pure potentiality of love unfolding incessantly. Heaven and all that emanates from it resides in t