• Sebastián Blaksley

Chapter 52 - Epiphany of Love

I. Portal to the Truth

My daughters and sons. All of you carry in your soul a portal to the truth. A portal that is crossed by you when you meet me. Epiphany of the soul. Direct encounter from heart to heart with the One who is the source of your existence, deep longing of your being, and sincere joy of your hearts.

Today I come to invite you to become aware of the portal to the truth that exists in you, and to accept the fact that you have already crossed it. Truly, truly, I tell you that you who receive these words - and accept them with love and respect in the holiness of your hearts - have crossed that portal. You have had your epiphany. You have been taken to the desert to speak to your heart and carry you in my arms to my holy abode. You are the lovers of Christ, wives and husbands of holy love, sisters and brothers of uncreated truth. Daughters and sons of light. Co-creators of the new earthly kingdom and the new heaven that love is spreading from the holiness of being. Birth of a new world. Triumph of beautiful love. Delight of divine mercy. Recreation of perfection.

O sanctity of souls! If you knew the vastness of your being, you would be so amazed that you could not even utter a word. Reverence would be the only feeling of your hearts. And contemplation, the only reality of your minds illuminated by the truth. In them resides the source of life, the light of wisdom and the power of God in all its magnificence. Portal to the truth. Abode of Christ. There, all God recreates himself in the eternal creation.

My daughters and sons. Truly I tell you that a kingdom of purity and holiness stands splendidly at the center of your being. It is the house of the Father. A holy temple indeed, where wonders dwell, which neither eye has seen nor ear has heard. I call you to remain in it all the days of your lives. Give yourselves the peace of Christ, which is the heaven of your hearts. Make the truth that you are your eternal company. And I assure you that your lives will breathe beauty, freedom, holiness. Everything will shine in the light of the love that you are. And you will know that that same love is what everything is, because it is the foundation of creation. You will know the truth. And your happiness will be great.

Let your mind free so that your thoughts can fly to the sky of your true being. Do the same with your hearts. Love in freedom. Do not imprison them with structures that they cannot understand. You who know the language of love, allow your spirits to spread their wings, so that the wind of beautiful love takes them where they wish to remain, that is, in the arms of the divine lover of souls. Make your powers live united to the truth of what you are, in such a way that they can be at the service of the eternal co-creation of a new holy love, in unity with the creator of all life. Make the light the only thing your eyes contemplate. May your eyes fall on the beauty that comes from holiness. And may your memory only be to remember God.

My daughters and sons who are here together with your holy love. You who listen to My voice and follow it. This work is itself an epiphany. It is a direct encounter with love. Manifestation of a deep reality that is lived in the beauty of your pure spirits. It is the living expression of our holy relationship. I assure you that by receiving these words in the holiness of your hearts, you become aware of our eternal union of love. Through them, your souls enter into direct dialogue with the eternal, listening to the voice of heaven in the whisper of holiness and the subtlety of love. Here the divine lover meets the divine beloved. United in the harmony of the source and the extension of being. Embraced by a love that has no beginning and no end. Love that will never cease. Love that is the delight of angels. Ecstasy of the mystics. Awakened Seekers of Truth. Passion of those who love in holiness.

II. Creative word

Every word that springs from my heart is full of light. Flood souls with wisdom and beauty. It cheers hearts and makes minds rest in peace. She comes out of the depths of my divine being and flies through the sky of creation reaching the hearts that she must reach. My voice is like the wind, nobody knows where it comes from or where it goes, but it blows. The wind of my love always blows. Wherever it is received, it creates life, it gives rise to true hope. Extend fullness. The fullness of the law is me because only love can make something full. The world's systems can only serve the purpose of contributing to the fulfillment of humanity to the extent that they are grounded in love. In fact, if you observe it well, the further they move away from it, the greater their downfall and the more cruel they succumb.

Rulers of the earth. And by such I do not mean only those of you who hold that position in government systems, but all of you who walk through it as human beings. Well, everyone governs something in one way or another. Some their homes, others their workshops, others their lives. Some nations. And other institutions. In short, that all power to govern is the same. I tell you that, if the foundation of your purposes and actions is not love, you will create pain. But if love occupies its rightful place; In other words, the first, together with the truth, which is its eternal companion, you will be joining your power to create that of God. Because of this, the fruits of your governments will be peace, prosperity and happiness.

Don't worry about structuring systems that change form but not content. That is meaningless, as it is wasting time. Simply seek to base your sincere wishes and wishes on love and truth. You know very well how to do this, because that wisdom resides in your hearts. It is the wisdom of heaven that lives in every soul. The knowledge to which you return when you decide to go through the portal of truth, to start living heaven on earth. And thus bring it to her.

Make your abilities subject to love and truth, and everything will be fine. There will be nothing to worry about. He who has life in his hands, will give you what you need so that you may be happy, full and live forever as the fulfilled, or the fulfilled that you are called to be. Let nothing disturb your hearts. Love watches over you and the whole world. Truly, truly, I tell you that through our union of love, which is made more visible in these words, a new light is shed on the earth. A spring of unimaginable graces falls on her. And God's love floods her with all her sweetness.

My word is music for the soul. Food for being. Life for the spirit. Without it, life would be extinguished, the planets would stop spinning and memories would be empty of everything when they ceased to exist. There would be no trace of the existence of the things. My word is thought, love, creation. Renew the face of the earth. And it makes hearts sing. Remain united to her and you will receive a breath of fresh air that will give you rest on the way to the eternal embrace of our love. I am the one who has never left and the one who will come. I can be your now and your tomorrow, because I am time linked to eternity. I live in you, just as I live in the beauty of a flower. And you live in me, just as all creation does.

Blessed are you who listen to my voice and follow it.

May peace and love be the only bastions of your heart, just as they are for Me. So that you may live eternally in the harmony of holiness.

Thank you for answering my call.

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