Chapter 53 - The Work of My Hands

I. Soul of Christ

My sons,

Love does not abandon the work of its hands. Carry this truth high up in your minds and deep in your hearts. Sometimes you may not understand the totality of his works and therefore you consider things with a certain lack of wisdom. Still, the work of love continues, without detours or delays. No risk of failing at anything. Love always triumphs. He never fights. It always wins. He never defends himself. He knows that nothing can obliterate him. He knows the truth, because he knows himself. So it rests in the unshakable peace of its eternal reality. He knows that there is nothing that can oppose him. Not because it is powerful or not. But because it has no opposite. There is only its eternal extension, in the bliss of life without end.

Love is what you are. Love is creation. Love is the source of life and life itself. Love is divine thought. And love what springs from his heart. Truly, truly, I tell you that love awakens all forms of life that your eyes see and beyond. Every little bee, every heron that crosses the air with its majesty, every cetacean that dances in the vastness of the seas, and every child that is born every day. All of this, like every ray of light and everything else, is nothing but the living grace of love spreading. Life, love, extension. This is the reality of God.