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Chapter 53 - The Work of My Hands

I. Soul of Christ

My sons,

Love does not abandon the work of its hands. Carry this truth high up in your minds and deep in your hearts. Sometimes you may not understand the totality of his works and therefore you consider things with a certain lack of wisdom. Still, the work of love continues, without detours or delays. No risk of failing at anything. Love always triumphs. He never fights. It always wins. He never defends himself. He knows that nothing can obliterate him. He knows the truth, because he knows himself. So it rests in the unshakable peace of its eternal reality. He knows that there is nothing that can oppose him. Not because it is powerful or not. But because it has no opposite. There is only its eternal extension, in the bliss of life without end.

Love is what you are. Love is creation. Love is the source of life and life itself. Love is divine thought. And love what springs from his heart. Truly, truly, I tell you that love awakens all forms of life that your eyes see and beyond. Every little bee, every heron that crosses the air with its majesty, every cetacean that dances in the vastness of the seas, and every child that is born every day. All of this, like every ray of light and everything else, is nothing but the living grace of love spreading. Life, love, extension. This is the reality of God.

Soul in love. Isn't it true that the idea that there may be a force superior to God that is capable of bending him, overturning his plans, and laughing at his failure, is something that lacks sense? What source could have that which would have the power to destroy the works of love? For what purpose could love, the only source of creation, create something like this? My love. How simple is the truth! How certain wisdom! What a joy it is to know that you are never alone! What joy does the soul experience when it recognizes that love will never leave it, knowing that it is the work of its hands!

The works of love are born from silence. In it they develop and create. Like everything that flows from life. This is the reason why many times you feel that my presence in your life has withdrawn. Or that I am absent from you. Today I have come to say once again to you, and to everyone who receives these words, not to be afraid. There is not a single moment of your lives in which I am not by your side and in you. Watching, creating, recreating, adjusting and driving. Widening. Extending your lives beyond all limitations. I assure you that My heart plots for you things of love that you cannot even imagine in its greatness and holiness.

Don't worry about anything. And when I say nothing, I say nothing. Your beloved Christ. Your brother Jesus, he is always alive. He eternally united to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Mother of the living. It is with you. Not as a simple traveling companion that illuminates. But as the unity of what you are. From which life is created in abundance. I am the life of being. The source of beautiful love. And the perfect will of a consciousness so pure and holy as it cannot be described. I am the soul of Christ made living and life-giving word. I am the source of miracles.

Everything that happens in your lives belongs to me, because you have said yes to love. And in doing so, you consecrated yourselves to Me. You believe us concerns about how the manifestation of it should take place in the world. I tell you in holiness, that nothing can take away the joy of your yes to Christ. Nothing and no one can take away the treasure you have found. Truly, truly, I tell you that the found drachma cannot be lost again. God does not make things and then undo them. He knows nothing of coincidences, nor of playing dice. God is perfect certainty. Unbreakable security. Endless joy. His only game is of beautiful love. Which consists in eternally extending the beauty and sanctity of her divine being of pure love. From it springs his perfect joy. And the joy of creation.

II. The silence of love

Those who live in God have no reason to fear. It may be that because of certain habits, or mental and emotional patterns, they become confused from time to time and return to fears of the past. Many times this comes from a memory from such ancient times that it cannot even be fully understood. It may even be due to memories of a collective nature, experiences that have been lodged in the memory of the human species. In short, learning about the world, which you share in certain aspects with almost all creatures on earth. Don't worry about it. Let him come if he comes and let him go when he has to go. It always goes away.

Fear is an emotion. And emotions are as fleeting as a tiny spark of fire is within the vastness of the cosmos. Do not identify with it. Does the universe do it? Your knowledge of the world cannot make them know what love is plotting for its consecrated persons. Some of their plans are shown to you to calm the anxiety that sometimes the fear of uncertainty causes you. But not everything can be revealed to you. The thinking mind cannot understand the language of God, because it is a language without words, and it only knows about symbols. Everything created is created in the silence of love. Your lives and realities too. Look around you, everything grows in silence.

Once you give me your lives, you are no longer the owners of them. It is Heaven that directs them. Not according to their whims or games. But because of divine wisdom, always loving, safe, blissful. The angels are more present than ever in your walk, since you have opened the doors wide for them, and you have invited them to be part of your relationships. They guard, not only so that you walk on the path of holiness towards the Father's house, but so that you may be happy in love from now on and forever. That is their way of serving the child of God. Holy service in which your endless joy resides. Everything has been created to serve. Including your lives. Everything has been created to serve love.

Love works, that's why it creates. For creation serves the purpose of its eternal extension, which is the essence of creative power. Without creation, the creative power would not be manifested and with it, something of God would remain undisclosed. Something that in itself would be impossible. I tell you this so that you could realize that there is not a single aspect of creation that is intended to serve, including your lives. If you understand it well, serving is the joy of being, and what gives peace to the heart. Undoubtedly the service we are talking about here is not that of the world. It is serving as the cause of that which gives you existence. Just as you serve the creator's purpose by being what you are, your creations serve your purpose by reason of what they are. They extend your being, creating in union with the ever fruitful Holy Spirit, a new love. Which is the effect of the love that you are. And at the same time the cause of a new holy love.

I reveal these things to you so that you may live in the truth. And do not be afraid. Your souls sing, vibrate and rejoice when they hear my voice. Your hearts recognize it as they are sweet offshoots of the Divine Word, which gives life to everything that exists. I invite you to remain in My peace. So that the light of my gaze illuminates you. And you remain fused to my divine being in an eternal embrace of love. I assure you that in our direct relationship dwells Heaven, and all that emanates from the perfection of holiness. There is nothing to which his beauty, grace and perfection can be compared. It is the joy of creation. Remain in it consciously, and let the eternal lover of souls do in you, and for you, what neither eye saw nor ear heard.

I assure you that my love will continue to do wonders for you, every day of your lives.

Thanks for your yes.

Abide in peace.

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