• Sebastián Blaksley

Chapter 1.21 - The sign of times

Little daughters and sons of perfect love. I have come to console humanity through the knowledge of the sign of times. This knowledge will give peace to troubled hearts. And it will help you to remain in the refuge of divine love that exists in the center of your being. There, in the depths of the soul, where each one of you remains eternally united to the love of God, in Christ, together with all creation.

You are living in times of great transformation. Times of birth of the new earthly kingdom. Truly, truly, I tell you that the kingdom of peace that Jesus Christ has announced is ready. It will arrive much earlier than you imagine. It will manifest itself in the blink of an eye. Suddenly the pieces will begin to move one after the other, at such a speed that you will not even notice. And you will look back and you will realize that the old has passed, and the new is here, in front of you, to be lived in the fullness of love, even while on earth. You will not suffer anything for it, quite the opposite. It will be like a sweet awakening from a dream that will not even be remembered.

The time period that you are living now is nothing other than the time of transition, which will not be long. Indeed, we can say that you are in the end time of it. In order to pass through these times of light and love in peace, it is necessary to immerse yourselves more and more in total trust in the heart of Mary Immaculate. It is She, who through divine love that constitutes her very pure being, by design of the Creator, is giving birth to the new heaven and the new earth, with you and in you. Her work is not disconnected from your will. She, as the Mother of creation, gives birth to the earthly kingdom of Christ. A kingdom where there will be only peace, abundance, laughter and merriment. A time where the temporal and the eternal will be so similar that it will not be possible to distinguish one from the other, since both will be seen as the unity that they are.

Daughters and sons of the whole world. Listen carefully. The time of the kingdom of peace on earth is at hand. It is no longer necessary to continue proclaiming the transformation, even if there is still a short time to finish it. Now, your divine Mother asks you for unlimited trust in her perfect love. Trust her. Truly I tell you that you enjoy immense divine protection, such as has never been given to humanity before. This is also an act of justice. To more challenging times, major thanks.

Your Father and creator of the Universe, knows how the transition can affect your minds and hearts. Knowing this perfectly, he gives you unimaginable blessings so that you can be serene. The fears that you can feel now come from the fact that; the thinking mind, so clinging to the known, finds it difficult to feel comfortable with the disorganization it sees around it. Watching events rush forward, and profound changes unfold, he realizes that he is unable to process all the novelty that he no doubt can no longer deny. And yet the new will soon be the new familiarity of him. And he will be able to rest in the certainty of the light.

These are times of light and love. This is the reason why you will observe more and more, as everything comes to light, nothing is hidden. In other words, how everything is brought before love. What does not come from him will not remain. This is the reality of the end times, as it is also for the new earthly kingdom. Those who do not understand this will suffer trying to work hard so that things do not change, but they will not succeed. They will be trying to stop the wind with their hands.

Love has made an appearance in the physical universe with its light of wisdom, and nothing can prevent its advance. More and more will accept this truth, as they will see it and receive it with joy. It will be an awakening.

It is certainly not necessary for everyone to accept the light, for it to shine in the world. I assure you, even if no one accepts her, she will shine in all her glory and magnificence. I tell you this so that you may be serene and calm, and do not worry about how all this is already happening. But I also tell you that there are many, uncountable, those who already shine in the light of truth, even while on earth. There are many more than you can imagine. There are them all over the world. They are spreading love, through who they are. They are co-creating with Mary Immaculate, in perfect union with the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the kingdom of Christ on earth. Among them are you who receive these words with an open heart and full of desire to live in the light.

Blessed souls who are in the world, without being of it. When fears assail you, which will not happen for much longer, remember these words. And throw yourselves safely into the arms of Mary. She is present on earth as well as in heaven. There is not a single one of her sons and her daughters that remains outside her Immaculate heart. She embraces everyone equally.

And he nurtures them with his divine love. Not only so that you may enjoy eternally in heaven, but so that you can still live it on earth. Put your sons and daughters in his hands. Your work. Your homes. Your relationships. Your assets, whatever they may be. Your awakenings, sunsets and nights. Your minds and hearts. Everything, put it in His hands. She will take care of you without delay and with total loving dedication. Do not forget that in Her resides the power of God in all her power.

I tell you to put everything in the hands of Mary, not because it is not already in her. But so that you become aware of the presence of it acting on it in your lives. You are an essential part of the awakening of humanity. You are doing it with her and with heaven all, because Christ and you are a unit. You are in the world to promote the return to divine consciousness, of the material Universe.

Go forward with serenity and unlimited trust in your being, in God's plan and in the love of your heavenly Mother, who watches over each one of you and holds you within her maternal embrace.

I thank you for having come into the world to make the light of Christ shine in it, and thereby be reintegrated into the kingdom of heaven. Thank you for your love of God. And for your invaluable service to creation. Thank you for being the co-creators of the new heaven and the new earth. Together we are carrying out the plan of love. We will bring all of creation to the fullness of love.

Be in peace.

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