Chapter 1.28 - Eternal unity of love

Son of holy love. Born of the Mother of all creation. And of the eternal Father. I'm here. Always by your side and in you. I observe you at every moment of your life. There is not a single beat of your heart that does not have an echo in mine, because each of its beats resonates and reverberates in the heart of God, in whose center we exist forever in the light of holiness. Stay here, in the union of the human and the divine. Put aside all your fears. Your worries and your anxieties, whatever they may be. As long as this dialogue of love and truth takes place, I ask you to trust fully in divine mercy. Leave your life in his loving hands. And get rid of everything, to be fully present in this communion.

I know that in your mind there are still the echoes of certain mental and emotional patterns from the past, which seem to scare your heart. I have come to embrace it together. To bring light to that aspect of the mind. That part that still fears novelty. Remember that the mind clings to what it thinks is known and fears what it perceives as new. Not because the new is fearsome, but because the thinking mind seeks to create its own laws to ascribe meaning to reality and thereby control it. Being in control is the goal of every separate mind. Letting go and trusting God is the reality of the pure soul.

You have traveled a path full of life, until you reach this moment. Did you ever miss God? Was love absent from you? Was there even a single instant where Christ did not hold you and accompany you, embrace and speak? No. You know very well that not. As the world went round and round, changing and changing over and over again. As events unfolded one after the other, a driving force within you carried you forward. Maybe sometimes you were not aware of it