• Sebastián Blaksley

Chapter 1.28 - Eternal unity of love

Son of holy love. Born of the Mother of all creation. And of the eternal Father. I'm here. Always by your side and in you. I observe you at every moment of your life. There is not a single beat of your heart that does not have an echo in mine, because each of its beats resonates and reverberates in the heart of God, in whose center we exist forever in the light of holiness. Stay here, in the union of the human and the divine. Put aside all your fears. Your worries and your anxieties, whatever they may be. As long as this dialogue of love and truth takes place, I ask you to trust fully in divine mercy. Leave your life in his loving hands. And get rid of everything, to be fully present in this communion.

I know that in your mind there are still the echoes of certain mental and emotional patterns from the past, which seem to scare your heart. I have come to embrace it together. To bring light to that aspect of the mind. That part that still fears novelty. Remember that the mind clings to what it thinks is known and fears what it perceives as new. Not because the new is fearsome, but because the thinking mind seeks to create its own laws to ascribe meaning to reality and thereby control it. Being in control is the goal of every separate mind. Letting go and trusting God is the reality of the pure soul.

You have traveled a path full of life, until you reach this moment. Did you ever miss God? Was love absent from you? Was there even a single instant where Christ did not hold you and accompany you, embrace and speak? No. You know very well that not. As the world went round and round, changing and changing over and over again. As events unfolded one after the other, a driving force within you carried you forward. Maybe sometimes you were not aware of it, while it was happening. But when you plunge into the celestial depths of your heart, and remain silent and at peace, you know for a fact that you are not alone. That nobody is. Nor will it ever be. What God has started He will finish. Love does not abandon the work of its hands.

Many times you have felt abandoned. This feeling may have manifested itself in various ways. Why else would you be so dedicated to seeking all kinds of security? This does not refer only to you as an individual, but to everyone as humanity. Not infrequently, that abandonment has been projected onto the One who is your source and creator. And yet reason will tell you that abandonment of God is as impossible as the continuity of life would be without Him. Just because you have a feeling that something is in a certain way does not necessarily mean that it is true.

Child of God, you have been reacting - and even responding - until recently, on the basis of your emotional memories, rather than on what comes from the wisdom of your being. This is because the emotional memories of the past - close and ancestral - had not been recognized for what they are. But now we are in a position for that to change serenely. And we will, because we want to live in the truth, and now we know that emotional memories are not necessarily based on it, although they do have a purpose.

Remember that emotions are thoughts reflected in the body. All of them are based on survival. Naturally the fear of abandonment is rooted in it. No being can live completely isolated. This is because the laws of nature mirror those of heaven. Life is union, because love is its foundation. Therefore, the thinking mind, the part that focuses on protecting the body and its survival, developed mental and physical mechanisms to adjust to this. Young are born with the knowledge that they need a senior to care for them, at least for a time. This is necessary for that stage. However, to continue living as if that risk continues to exist when it does not exist, is to maintain active a mechanism that stagnates the mind and the heart in illusion. This applies to all unrecognized emotions, not just the fear of abandonment. They all stem from ancient fears. They are there as part of learning as humanity, and as a living being that inhabits the earth. None comes from your true self. Although it can be reinstated to him.

Now the function is to transform emotions into feelings. This is achieved by applying reason to them. In other words, recognizing them, embracing them and entering with them in a dialogue of love and truth. It is within the state of union where the transfiguration of souls and bodies occurs. That is, the resurrection. This is because it is in life where everything melts in the light of love. The only thing that really exists is life, because Christ is life, way, truth.

Don't be afraid of what you experience. Rather, sit serenely on the throne of your being. There where you are the sovereign of your soul. Watch in silence, and learn to listen in peace. Allow them to enter into a dialogue of love and truth with you. You will see how many wonders they have to reveal to you. How much benevolence there is in what you are. And how much holiness exists in you. As a result, your emotions will be reunited with your being, through the awareness of their existence. The life they carry within will return to you. And you will enjoy the bliss of the integrity of being. In other words, of the joy of living in a state of union.

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