• Sebastián Blaksley

Chapter 1.29 - Party in Heaven

My sister. Holy soul. Why does your heart continue to fear? Hasn't the spirit of wisdom told you that no harm will overtake you, and no plague will come near your tent, because God has entrusted you to Angels to take care of you in all your ways?

Here is your Angel. The one who with joy and love comes to represent all the angels of Heaven. I am one and all at the same time. Each one has many angels beside him. All fulfill the same function of loving, guarding, guiding, respecting, collaborating. This is the function of every living being. We exist in a reality of union. Collaboration is the law of creation. God himself is part of it. Just as each of us, creatures created by love, collaborate with the divine plan, in the same way, the Creator collaborates with us. We are unity.

I remind you of these things so that you do not fall into the mental habit of believing that you are in a world full of dangers, through which you must walk alone and without the necessary means to live in peace, harmony, and fullness. What I come to remind you is that the belief that you have to solve your life in your own way, and that for this you must use the knowledge acquired through learning the thinking mind, is simply a belief that is not true. You have given your life to God, and he takes care of it. Divine love never fails. Do not give up. Nor does it neglect.

You have been called for the great, and that will be what will happen in your existence. You still cannot see the totality of things. But you will see them in due time. This is not a question of ability or inability, it is a question of love. Your heavenly Mother, who loves you with a supernatural love, knows what things to reveal to you along the way. Her perfect charity recognizes when to lift a veil and when not to. Everything has its time, on the plane of time. For this reason, I ask you once again to be patient with yourself, with God's plans for you and the whole world and with me as well. It is not necessary to demand anything. Together we will learn to flow with what comes into our lives.

Everything comes from love, it moves and goes to it. Be glad to know that the day will soon come when you can fully understand this truth. And you will see how everything in your life is perfect as it has been and is. How could it be otherwise, if you are nothing but the daughter of perfection?

Trust me. Give me your anguish, the limitations you think you have, the fears in relation to the world and the future. Give me the care of your loved ones. And also of those who are more difficult for you on the way. Share with me your joys and joys. Give me your smile. Make me part of everything in your life, just as I invite you to be part of mine. There is not a single aspect of my angelic reality that is not given to you. Everything that is mine is yours because I have nothing that is not God's. I give you my light to join yours. I give you my love to wrap your holiness. I give you all my power and my glory, my holy angelic intelligence, and the wisdom of Christ that lives in me. I give everything to you so that it remains united to you for all eternity. In this way, our being merges in the harmony of divine reality.

In truth, in truth, I tell you that when you said yes to love, you said yes to me too, your angel from heaven who loves you with perfect love. An ineffable joy enveloped my heart as I listened from the depths of your being, your irrevocable yes to the love of loves. Your heart noticed it, in the depths of your reality. There was joy, song, and party in heaven at that moment. This is a divine celebration that will last for all eternity. In it, we angels sing new songs of love, whose beauty is beyond all imagination. We are the singers of heaven, as are all beings who remain in the purity of holiness.

Heavenly melodies flow from our hearts. Because of our unstoppable joy, our song became one with all creation. And we sing a new hymn of gratitude to our Father and creator for your return, for your yes to love. In the name of heaven, today I thank you for having given us the joy of being part of your life, and of being living witnesses of the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in you.

Thank you, on behalf of all the angels of God, and of all creation. Thank you for your yes to love.

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