Chapter 1.30 - A new Pentecost

Actualizado: 18 de may de 2021

Son of the light. Listen to what I have come to tell you from the heaven of your holy being, where everything beautiful, the perfect, the divine lives forever in the glory of perfect love. These words come down from on high. They flow to you from the holy abode of Christ. There where the light never goes out, and the beauty extends to everything without end. They have been waiting in time - up to this perfect moment - to be received, accepted, and embodied with a new understanding. When received by you, they illuminate the entire Universe. They allow creation to be embraced by the beauty of truth. And may its power transform everything into more joy, more light, more beauty. In short, in more holy love.

Put aside your interpretations. Make an empty space in your mind, so that these words - descended from heaven, as if they were morning dewdrops -, can gently penetrate your soul and become one with you. Close the doors and windows of the bodily senses and the thinking mind. Leave the world out for a moment. Stay in the silence of the heart. Get rid of everything, and listen to how my voice speaks in favor of what you are.

In truth, I tell you that what you will hear is not something that comes from me - properly speaking - but rather that the truth has protected it in the inviolable reality of God, so that it may be received by you forever. With them, you were created. By embracing them in your heart, you bring heaven to earth, you allow the new earthly kingdom to shine in the beauty of its divine source. And you make yourself accompany forever by the greatness of the truth. In a sense, by hearing and receiving them now, you are being reborn to grace through a new Pentecost.