Chapter - 1.31 Towards the Fullness of Being

Actualizado: 21 de may de 2021

Blessed soul. Light that you shine in a world thirsty for peace and truth,

You have to know that Heaven is all here present with you. And that, wherever you go, it goes with you because it is what you are, and you cannot separate yourself from it. You may find that the doubtful thought pattern about your purpose manifests itself from time to time. With love, I tell you that this does not mean that the reason for your existence is not realized. Once you have said yes to the truth - and I assure you that everyone who receives these words has done so - there is no going back.

I have come to remind you that no one can fail to fulfill the will of God. His Will is that His daughters and sons be free to be what they really are. Obviously, this is a matter of free will. The decisions of the sons and daughters of God will always be respected, the Father does not force anyone or anything. In what sense would he do something like that, if the only thing you can do is express what you are, in one way or another?

Living against divine plans is not a sin in itself, although it has effects contrary to the joy of love, since his divine will is perfect love. But still, it is a permitted option. Otherwise, it would not exist, not even in the think