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Chapter - 1.31 Towards the Fullness of Being

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Blessed soul. Light that you shine in a world thirsty for peace and truth,

You have to know that Heaven is all here present with you. And that, wherever you go, it goes with you because it is what you are, and you cannot separate yourself from it. You may find that the doubtful thought pattern about your purpose manifests itself from time to time. With love, I tell you that this does not mean that the reason for your existence is not realized. Once you have said yes to the truth - and I assure you that everyone who receives these words has done so - there is no going back.

I have come to remind you that no one can fail to fulfill the will of God. His Will is that His daughters and sons be free to be what they really are. Obviously, this is a matter of free will. The decisions of the sons and daughters of God will always be respected, the Father does not force anyone or anything. In what sense would he do something like that, if the only thing you can do is express what you are, in one way or another?

Living against divine plans is not a sin in itself, although it has effects contrary to the joy of love, since his divine will is perfect love. But still, it is a permitted option. Otherwise, it would not exist, not even in the thinking mind. Remember that God is the mind you think of. Therefore, he is the source of thought. Even in cases where you decide to think differently than he thinks. If you couldn't think differently from Him, what kind of freedom would you be given?

There are children who decide to move away from their parent's home, despite the fact that they find comfort, love, and security there, in order to embark on a path that helps them to know themselves in the truth of who they are. That distance is necessary for that son or daughter because his soul has decided to undertake a journey towards the definitive recognition of his true identity, in such a way that he can live together with it. That path, by which the soul moves away from the parental home to find itself, is always transitory. This is why God has put a limit on time.

Finally, the soul returns, knowing the truth about itself. Then it can be authentic in its expression and fullness. She will have fulfilled the purpose of that trip, which although it may seem uncomfortable and challenging many times, is the one that leads her to recognize the greatness of her true self. Without him, she couldn't have done it; because that is the path that soul has chosen in its perfect wisdom. Remember that the soul knows who created it, it always returns to its first love, and that is God.

What does a wise and loving father do when his daughter announces that she will go to distant lands, to separate herself from the known, and thus know herself in spirit and truth? Aid. Respect his space of freedom. Encourages her to fly her flight. He accompanies her with the prudent distance that love demands so that respect and trust are manifested. And she is always available, so that she knows that there are no reasons not to go to him as much as she needs, or for what she may need, until her return. He will not go beyond the limits that the daughter is needing. Well, you know that distance and path are perfect for its realization. The daughter knows that she unconditionally counts on her father. While this is a limited example, in a way the same is true of you and creation.

We have used a case of everyday living, from your own experience. Something that you can easily contrast. And whose shape is quite similar to what happens in the journey of souls towards the fullness of what they are. All are born in the womb of the Mother of all creation. They remain with her until the Spirit of wisdom takes them gently, taking them out of her arms, and accompanies them to carry out the path that will lead them to the fulfillment of her fullness. During the journey, all Heaven is involved in it, so that the soul receives the assistance due. And receives it. Indeed, this work bears eloquent witness to this, just as every circumstance of earthly life does. Can that path fail? Are there really risks on that trip? Of course not. Nothing fails in creation. Everything comes from love, in it moves and in it exists.

There is a difference between the example used and the reality of the journey from creation to fullness, and that is that even the path itself is enhanced in God, and with it, because love is the source of all creation, and its only reality. . That is why you have been told that, wherever you go, Heaven will go with you. The father is not separated from his children, although he may remain silent to respect his distance when they think they need it. But he is never absent from the reality of the soul. He is in every petal of every flower that he knows, in every little ray of the sun of every sunrise that he will contemplate, and in every speck of dust that sticks to his feet as he walks. He is in every star of every night, and in every living thing In the memory of her love and in the desire that the heart has to be happy. There is not a single step that the soul takes that is not in union with God, for the simple reason that both are a unit.

You may think that the path you have traveled in your life has been too challenging or painful. Or maybe you say you don't like it. But it has been the perfect way for you to reach the fullness of who you are. Could it have been different? No. It could not have been, because it was the path that your soul chose in perfect communion with the divine Will, and with holy wisdom and benevolence. Everything that was in your life has been as it had to be. It could never have been otherwise. Nor was it necessary for it to be. I assure you that the day will soon come when you will see this sweet truth with perfect clarity. That day, your soul will sing a new song. A happy song of perpetual praise to endless mercy, which will never cease to be sung.

Choosing the path of separation from the Father's house to find oneself is a choice. And one that is within sheer divine potentiality. It is not the only one, but it is an option. And it is the one that you have taken because you knew that your Father would be unconditionally by your side. That he would be taking care of you, respecting the limits of freedom. And that at the end of the road you would return to Him, whom you have always carried in your heart, and with whom you have always been in one way or another, to meet in the fullness of love. And begin to co-create together - consciously - a new holy love for all eternity.

Remember that you have come into the world to remember who you are, and thereby help others to awaken to the truth. By doing so, creation returns to the light of Christ, Heaven and earth become one again, just as they always have been, and you achieve the fullness of love.

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