• Sebastián Blaksley

Chapter 1.33 Alchemist of Creation

Most pure soul. Daughter of the true light.

Today we come to the last dialogue of this first book, in which we delve more deeply into the knowledge of the purpose of creation, including yours as a daughter of God. Together we have brought more light to the memory that everything converges in love, and that in one way or another, everything is traveling towards unity with the truth. That is, towards the fullness of love. We have remembered that our role here is to remember who we really are and to bring heaven and earth back together. In other words, to bring all of creation - in union with Christ - back to the Abodes of heaven, to the eternal bliss of the holiness of being.

What a joy it is to be certain! How much peace the mind and heart feel, knowing the truth!

For love and with him I tell you that creation has been subjected for a long time to influences of fear, that is, impacted by its particular energy. As you already know, both fear and love are energies, in the sense that they have their own vibration or potency. Both have an effect. It does not matter if that effect is real or illusory according to the truth if for you they are still real. Remember that this revelation does not seek to create new theories or ways of thinking. It is addressed to you. It is only interested in your fullness, and with it in that of creation. Therefore, we recognize that if something is real to you, you experience it as such. It is from this dimension of personal experience that we carry out the transformation. In other words, we do not overlook anything that is part of your present humanity.

Listen to what I tell you below in spirit and truth. Just as fear creates an adjustment in the mind, the heart, and even the physical body - for the tension it causes have an effect on it - so does love. This is why - over and over again - you are invited to spread the truth. So that you dispel the illusion. This is also why you are called to share sincere joy. To remove despair from minds stunned by fear. My beloved, you are being summoned again so that, as a daughter of light, you spread light. And in that way, you banish the darkness. So that you bring love to the world, and as an effect of it, fear disappears. This is how the new mental pattern is established in the mind and heart, and also in the body plane. It is from this, from where the new humanity, the new heaven, and the new earth are born.

Every time you spread light, you create a reaction - so to speak - in your physical, spiritual, intellectual, and emotional body. That makes you extend, even beyond your human form, into space and matter that surrounds you, an energy that affects it. Every loving thought or feeling you have recreates every cell, every particle of matter that makes up your body, and every part of your human soul. That makes it impact everything else as well since you are attached to everything. Truly I tell you, you cannot move a single finger of your hand, without the entire universe being affected by it. You can't see this yet, but you will eventually see it. Everything remains united in creation because God is unity.

Can you now understand the importance of your role and the greatness of your power? Yes, you can. You are ready to accept your light, your holiness, your immeasurable strength, and your power to be the alchemist of creation, in union with Christ. You have remembered - and therefore accepted - what you are. And that, as part of it, you have the ability to make a whole sky. You have the power to transform coal into gold, stone into diamond, and the one that you tread with your feet today into a new land.

Being of pure love, you have always had the power to be an alchemist. You may not have realized it at times, but that doesn't make your power go away. In fact, I assure you that you have never stopped being one. You have always been transforming and being transformed. It is enough that you enter a certain place so that it is changed with your mere presence. In effect, it would cease to be the same without you. I tell you these things so that you can see, with this daily example, what happens at the level of universal consciousness, and your role within it.

Let us now return to the case of the alchemy of emotions. We have already remembered that emotions are thoughts reflected in the body, which are waiting to be transformed into feelings. That happens when you apply reason to them, that is, when you enter into a dialogue of love with them, accepting them, hugging them, and allowing the message they come to bring you to be revealed to you. Once you bring the emotions to your consciousness, recognizing them as a part of your humanity, and therefore worthy of being loved, you bring light to it. As a result, they stop being emotions, to be feelings that join the heart. Because of this union, they become extensions of love. The same happens with everything that you unite to your true being of light and holiness. Remember that everything that you embrace in the love that you are, is brought into your consciousness, and because of this, transmuted into light, that is, into more being.

Just as alchemy is carried out in the affairs of the emotions - and any other movement of the inner world - so it is with creation. When you extend the love that you are, it travels through all of creation. If you find love on your universal journey, then join it. From that union, a new holy love is born. More love spreads. More light. More joy. More life. If in its extension throughout creation it finds fear, it dissipates it by transforming it into pure love through its embrace of light. Nothing remains unaffected by love when it is extended from what you are.

Blessed soul. Once again I tell you that you have the power to be an alchemist of creation. You can make a whole sky. This is the reason why Christ has chosen you, and everyone who receives these words, as well as countless other brothers and sisters throughout the world and humanity, to co-create with Him the new earthly kingdom. . That is why I remind you of what is said below:

Spread light, to know the greatness of your glory.

Give peace, to dwell in the certainty of the children of God.

Share joy, to be happy.

Live in holiness, so that you can recognize what you really are.

Do this, and you will be living in the fullness of love.

I thank you for listening to my voice and following it.

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